Hey. I am home and yeah, Penelope Positive has left the building. I can always find something positive. I talk about gratitude. I journal it. I can always, always find something positive. And I know I can now, I know I can now. But I have to say flying back from Adelaide tonight and being seated next to someone wearing a mask and someone behind me wearing a mask and then getting in my taxi and the taxi driver’s like, “Aah.” He’d had to wait three hours for a job because of so many flight cancellations. I’m like, “Oh shit.” Yeah, not feeling so positive.

Tomorrow is 90 days left till the end of my 365 days. I don’t know if I’m going to continue doing this after the year. It’s been the most amazing exercise and I will continue to do more video, but will I do a Daily Life? No, probably not. But I had this plan of what I wanted to do in this last 90 days, and it feels completely f-ing irrelevant. Like it truly does. There is so much going on for so many people. So many people have lost their livelihoods. People are sick. People are stressed. People are worried. People are locked up at home. They’re scared to send their kids to school. There’s all the stuff going on so my 90 day plan just seems pretty bloody stupid, I have to say.

So, I don’t know what I’m going to do. But I wanted to keep Penelope Positive in the house because I like Penelope Positive. But man, that is actually quite hard. That really, really is hard. My heart is breaking literally for people I don’t know, for friends that have lost employment, for people I know that are stuck on cruise ships going round and round, going, “I don’t know which country is going to let us stop so we can get on a plane and go home to our loved ones.”

Pinterest -- An optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist sees the hole - Samantha LeithSo me wanting to talk about how you remain confident when you walk in and meet strangers just seems bloody stupid. Oh, that was a bit ranty. Sorry. Like really, don’t know. How do we stay positive in this stream of what we do? How do we keep marketing our services? How do we talk about the topics we want to talk about when other people are suffering? Today, for example, I’ve been, and I’ve posted about it on this page, inundated with ads on websites and in my Facebook feed. Sponsored posts about these big… And I’m like, “Dude’s are you not listening? This is not the time to be marketing this stuff.” Now is the time to be empathetic and to think about the messaging you’re putting out there. Now is not the time to be spruiking some stuff. We need to think about it.

I understand in the marketing world, like in the news world, in all those things, there’s a cycle of things and some things you may have approved that it’s too late to stop. But I implore all of you, and myself included, to have a really big think about what we’re doing over the next, at least the next month. Because what you’re normally talking about, what you’re normally saying, is probably not f-ing appropriate. Like it’s just not. Don’t be a douche. This, what’s going on in the world, is bigger than you. It’s bigger than your business. It’s bigger than your message. There’s will bars and restaurants remain open? My family is greatly impacted by all of this. My friends are greatly impacted by all of this. People I don’t know are greatly impacted by all of this. So if you’re getting out there and going “Hi, I really want to encourage you to come to my yoga retreat.” No! Don’t do it. Ranty Sam. Ranty Sam got off the plane. Sorry. Yeah, Ranty Sam. Penelope Positive left the building and Ranty Sam’s moved into the house.

So the next 90 days, what am I going to do? Am I going to be having fun frivolous conversations with you guys? Probably a little bit, because I think we need fun and frivolity. I think we need love. I think we need laughter. We need entertainment. I might invite all those hundreds of unemployed musicians I know over to my house and we’ll put on a bloody concert and stream it live. That might make someone smile. And in the next couple of months I reckon that’s more important then you selling your ebook. No, no, because your ebook might be your livelihood, so I take that back. But not if it’s not an appropriate message to be selling. I don’t know. I’m confused about the whole thing. Because I’m actually not sure what is appropriate and what is not appropriate. And that’s weird for me. I normally have a good barometer of that stuff.

What I do know is that I’m going to continue to do my daily practices and trying to find, and I’ll know I’ll get there, the gratitude that I have every day and the good stuff that is going on in the world, because there is good stuff. But I’ll give you an example. A couple of weeks ago, I had a conversation with Elody’s dad and stepmother about what do we do if someone gets sick. We were talking in general terms, because of the virus, if anybody’s sick in any way, shape or form, you’ve got to be a little more careful. So we said look, whatever house Elody was in, if anyone got sick in that house, including her, then we wouldn’t swap houses. She’d stay there and we’d wait till all the gubies went.

So I’d gotten off a plane and Elody’s sick. She has a bit of a cold. 99.9% sure it’s not the C word, so she’s staying there. So I get to come home, but I don’t get to cuddle my baba. I hate that. I really, really, really, really, really hate that. The thing I look forward to most when I get home from anything is giving my daughter a cuddle. I’m going to cry now and that’s a bit dicky. But that’s the reality. We all have to be really careful. She has asthma. I’ve had chronic chest issues all my life, as I’ve probably mentioned over the last couple of days. So we all have to be careful and responsible and do the right thing.

Now is the time to not do the stuff that you think is the stuff you really want to do. Now’s the time to do the stuff that’s the right thing to do. Now’s the time to reach out in your community and do something for someone. Now is the time to tip the fricking Uber driver guys, because their livelihoods… I never tip Uber drivers. Oops. And I did today because I thought man, he’s not going to get that much work in the next little while. If there are places still open, tip them, those casual workers, tip them. And just look at what you’re doing in your business at the moment and ask yourself if it’s the right thing to be doing. That’s my only words for you.

I’m going to go to bed and I’m going to wake up as Penelope Positive again. I need an S word for that really, don’t I? I’m going to rethink my 90 days because what I had planned, no, not appropriate. So stay well. May your family stay well. May your businesses stay well. Okay. Much love to all of you. Bye.