Evening all. So Tuesday back at home, obviously the world’s still going a little bit mad with everything that’s going on. And as I said yesterday, it’s made me really think what I’m doing over this last hundred days. So I’m still rethinking that because it doesn’t feel right to do a lot of the stuff I was going to. So what I did want to do, was actually help more. And I know at this time, some of my services are completely irrelevant and not really going to be reaching out to corporates at the moment and saying, “Hi, do you want me to come and do corporate karaoke? Raise a bit of a team building exercise?” because I can’t really do that at a meters distance. What I can do though, is if any of you guys are in need or help anything, I’m just going to open up my email. And if I think I can help you in any way, obviously I have business coaching qualifications, life coaching qualifications, financial services qualifications. I’ve got qualifications coming at my yin-yang and that’s kind of not really the point.

Pinterest -- We rise by lifting others - Samantha LeithI’m good at helping people. I like helping people. It I can say one thing or do one thing that helps one person improve in any little way or feel a little bit better in any way, I want to be able to do that. So you can either DM me here, or you can email vip@samanthaleith.com. Tell me a little bit what’s going on. And if I think we need to jump on the phone or Skype or Zoom and have a chat, or if you asked me a couple of questions and I can shoot you back an email answering those questions, that’s what I want to do.

This is not me trying to sell anything. I’m not going to get to the end of the process and go, “So you really liked working with me. Let’s work together more.” No. Got nothing. Absolutely no agenda whatsoever. I just want to help and I can help by doing this.

So if there’s anything going on in your life at the moment, whether it be business or life related. That’s really ironic given the circumstances, there’s a whole lot of shit going on for a whole lot of people at the moment. But if you would like in a more private forum, instead of sharing on Facebook, “This is going on.” There’s people losing jobs, there’s people closing businesses. Man, there’s so much stuff going on and if I can help you in a teeny tiny way, that would be my absolute pleasure. So please reach out vip@samanthaleith.com, as I said, or you can DM me on here through the page. And if there’s anything I can do that I think is going to help, I will do it.

So that’s all I’m going to talk about tonight. If any of my family are watching this. No, not you. No. You can’t message me and say, “Help.” But please do, because as you know, I’ve got bookshelves with zillions of books, done a crap load of training and there may just be one little thing in my brain that could help you. Or there may be one song I think you need to listen to that might make you feel a bit better. So let me know how I can help. And I’m just sending you all my love and best wishes. And please, please, please, everyone stay well, look after yourselves and I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Bye.