Hey, I should be holding up my sign. I’m staying home for [inaudible 00:00:05]. Anyway, tonight, I wanted to do one of my things from my Samantha Leith manifesto, which I’ve got stuck up on the wall up there, which you can download on the website, if you do want a copy of it. It’s got lots of fun stuff on it, got some serious stuff on it. One I do wanted to mention tonight was right there. It says, “Be hopeful to those less fortunate.” And with everything that’s going on in the world at the moment, now it’s actually a really good time to do that.

Pinterest -- In charity, there is no excess - Samantha LeithNow, you have to protect. You have to look after yourself and your family first, first and foremost. But I was listening to a guy from the Salvation Army the other day and he said, volunteers have dropped like 60% because everybody’s doing the same thing, looking out for numero uno and those closest to them.

But we can do things, if we’ve got friends or family that have come back from overseas and are having to self isolate for a couple of weeks, we can drop food at their place because we know that now they can’t get deliveries for… Some places aren’t doing deliveries anymore and other places you kind of get a booking window for like 10 days, which is crazy. You could write a little note. The thing I mentioned the other day about I posted in my local area Facebook group, I was actually heading out to something, did anybody need anything? Could I hope anybody and get something for anybody?

And other things you can actually do at the moment, which is kind of nice is just spread nice stuff. There’s so much negativity in nastiness and doom and gloom out there. So, spread something nice, share something nice. I’m sharing a lot of music stuff on this page at the moment, because music makes you feel better a lot of the time. Some of it’ll be parody, some of it will be fun. Might start having to play Kenny Rogers stuff, that was really sad. Rest in peace, Kenny. But just do something nice for someone who’s not as fortunate as you are in this particular moment.

Write a note. Now, if we’re all spending more time at home, as we should be, maybe now’s the time to write a note, write a card to someone. We’ve probably all got a stack of those [inaudible 00:02:25] collect cards and you got a box of emergency cards for when you go to dinner or birthdays or things like that. Grab some, write a card to someone. How awesome would that be to get a random card in the mail going, “Hi. I was just thinking of you, hope everything’s okay.”

So, just spend some time over the next 24 hours… Actually, don’t ever stop doing this. You should be doing nice things for people forever. This should be a no brainer, it’s what you always do, shouldn’t actually need reminding to do it, but some of us do sometimes. So yeah, just do something nice for somebody else, someone less fortunate than you tomorrow. Pinky promise. Okay. Happy Saturday night guys and I’ll see you tomorrow.