Evening, all happy Wednesday. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands. Why I did that, I’ll never know. Tonight I wanted to talk about having confidence in a new day. So nothing’s guaranteed obviously in life, we all know that. But one of the things I think is really handy for us to do, is to wake up or go to bed with the knowing, with the confidence, that tomorrow’s a new day. So you can put to bed, put in the past anything that went wrong. You can forgive yourself for the stuff that didn’t happen. You can sit knowing that, yeah, it was okay to spend today watching Netflix, which I didn’t do. But if you did, it’s okay that you did that, especially at the moment. And I know I’m trying at the moment to meld, mix, a bit of the things, the content I wanted to cover, over this home run of the Facebook Lives with the stuff that’s actually going on in the world.

And on that note, I want to apologize a little bit, only a little bit, for my… bit of a rant I had last night about SkyMall Online. Because yeah, that negativity actually doesn’t do any good to anybody. But it’s a new day, I’ve forgiven myself and gotten over it. But it wasn’t just me. So we were kind of all doing it. And I think we all woke up today going, “Oh, has he changed anything? Is he… Or where are we going with this? What’s the direction? We need a bit of leadership, what’s going on?” So I woke going, “Oh Sam, that’s not your style normally.” But new day, forgave myself, move on. Confident that today I’d get done the stuff I needed to get done. I wanted to get done. I’m confident that I could make this space in my day for achievements, rather than negativity and doubt and fear and all the other stuff that’s going on.

Pinterest -- We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous’ Actually, who are you not to be - Samantha LeithSo tell you what I do today, one of the things I did today is… You’ve heard me talk about how I do brain dumps, and then they all get scheduled on the calendar, et cetera. That’s gone totally skew over the last couple of weeks. Totally skewered, because it’s been putting out fires, and being very over reactive to everything that’s going on. So today was my line in the sand of going, “Okay, we… I do believe we will be more locked down within the next couple of days.” Like New Zealand, I’ve been getting text messages from friends in New Zealand, and I want to be… Set myself up for success during that time. I want to be confident that my new day of tomorrow, good stuff’s going to happen, you know? I’m going to make the most of this opportunity. I’m going to work as hard as I can. I’m going to enjoy being at home with my daughter, listening to her do her online French lessons. That’s pretty bloody cool.

So I deleted everything in my calendar. So here I am saying you got to be confident that tomorrow is a new day, and great stuff’s going to be happening for you. And I went, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete. Because I wanted… The stuff that was in my calendar at the moment, for tomorrow, and the next day and the next day and the next day, was all based on where our lives were a couple of weeks ago. And that tomorrow was a different tomorrow to the one we’ve actually got. So then I spent some time doing a little bit of different kind of time management, with how the next… Especially the next week in particular is going to look.

So how can you feel more confident about tomorrow being a new day? First thing you going to do is forgive yourself [inaudible 00:03:46], a really big one. Forgive yourself for any of the crap that happened. Or like me, the rants that you may or may not have had. So what’s one way to forgive yourself? Yep, pick up the trusted journal, I’m going to say that. And I [inaudible 00:03:59] just to think about it. So if you go onto [SamanthaLeaf.com 00:04:02], and you go into the blog section, you can search forgive, and it’ll come up with a couple of Lives where I’ve talked a lot about forgiveness. So it’s… Especially self forgiveness, is really really important. And at the moment you can’t have confidence in a new day, or tomorrow, based on everything that’s going on around us.

So you have to bring that confidence through to your time from yourself. You have to be confident that you’re doing the right things for your family and for yourself. You have to be confident that the work that you’re doing is appropriate, meaningful, full of passion, life, zest, going to pay your bills, all of those great things. And all of those feelings will take you through to the next day and the next day and the next tomorrow and the next tomorrow and the next tomorrow. Because, you know what they say? Tomorrow never comes, it’s always today. But you’ve got to cut off that day, and move on to the next one in order to have confidence in that. So at the end of the day… You know how I journal in the morning? I talk about journaling in the morning, because I believe works best for me. But lately, couple of nights where it’s like stuff going on, I’ve done some writing at night time.

So it might be a good idea at the moment… Is a challenge for you, to actually for the next few days, take out a piece of paper, take out your journal, do a voice memo on your phone. And kind of put the day to bed. Much as you put yourself to bed, put the day to bed, end it, talk about what went right. What went wrong. Let it go, and go to bed confidently knowing that you’re going to wake up, and it’s a new day. You can do anything. You can achieve absolutely anything you want in that next day, if you’ve got the right [inaudible 00:05:52] behind you. And it’s not a crazy thought, you’re not going to get to the moon tomorrow if you’ve been an astronaut. Sorry dude. Have a great night and I will see you all tomorrow, tomorrow. Oh my God, there I said it. Tomorrow, but it’s not going to come, because it’s always today. [inaudible 00:06:09]. It’s a bit about quantum mind tree. Bye.