Hey, you all. It’s Saturday. Just a quick one tonight. I wanted to briefly mention Earth Hour. I don’t know if you know, Earth Hour was started… Oh gosh, 10 years ago, I think. Oh dear. I should’ve looked that up before I started talking about it. It’s a great initiative where big cities turn everything off for an hour. And we look at the power saving, the environmental impact, all of that stuff that goes with us having these massive cities with energy bursts and energy everywhere.

Pinterest -- Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished - Samantha LeithA few years ago, Elodi and I were camping at… Oh. I’ve just forgotten what it’s called. That little island in Sydney Harbor where you can camp. Forgotten. Oh, bugger, bugger, bum, bum. We were camping there when Earth Hour was actually on. And that was quite surreal being in the middle of Sydney Harbor and the city went dark.

And tonight I want to encourage you. I’m doing this live now and then I’m switching off from online. My laptop will get closed. My phone will get turned off. We’re going to have dinner and hang out. And then we’re going to have an early night with everything off.

I encourage you this year, there’s been so much noise. I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted from everything that’s going on at the moment. Trying to work really hard. Don’t know when the last time I had a day off was. So I want to encourage you to switch off from more than just your lights for an hour. Why not turn off from the noise, turn everything off? Go to bed with a candle and a book. Have a bath with a candle and go to bed. Have a cuddle with your children or your partner.

And don’t be getting on the phone and yacking all night and doing all that kind of thing. Actually take Earth Hour… Part of what Earth Hour is for me, I think is watching what we could do to help the earth heal itself. And if you know me, I don’t often talk about environmental issues. But I think what the last few weeks has been the around the world has really shown us, is the collective power of the difference we can all make.

And for everybody that says we can’t fix climate change, we can’t take back the clock. Well, we can do so much to help it. Then if you look at what’s happening around the world with waterways and air pollution, et cetera, in places where they have shut down. Wow. Wow, wow. Wow.

So I, for one, am going to be turning everything off and I suggest you do the same. Take 24 hours away from the world. I said it last night as well. We need to switch off a bit more. So, this is a quick one. Have a great night, whatever you’re doing. Stay safe, stay well, stay home with the lights off. Bye.