Hey guys, gals, happy Monday night. Yes. Losing track of days. Is anyone else finding that? It’s like, “Oh, where am I? Who am I? What am I doing?” It’s been chilly in Sydney tonight.

Tonight, I wanted to talk about something that came up in conversation with me today with someone. And that was this “how do you do things when you don’t know how to do it” conversation. They’re about to have a baby and they’re a bit nervous. Like, “Oh my God, I don’t know what I’m going to do. How do I do this? I’ve never done it before.” Well, no you haven’t. When you have your first one, you absolutely have not done it before. There’s many people that when they have their first baby, they get home from the hospital and they’re like, “I can’t believe they let me leave with this thing.”

The car seat had more instructions. Like, “What do I do? How do I do this?” You manage. You cope. You figure it out. So a lot of the conversations are happening in the last few days, last couple of weeks with people about, “Oh my God, I’ve never homeschooled a child. How do I do that? I’ve never worked from home. How do I do that? I’m nervous. I’m going to stuff it up. I don’t know what I’m doing. Help, help, help, help.”

Pinterest -- Try new things and discover yourself every single day - Samantha LeithGuess what? You can do. All of these things. The first time you rode a bike, you fell off and you got up and you fell off and you got up. You might’ve cried. You might’ve gone, “I’m never getting back on the bike again.” But eventually you did and you learned how to ride a bike by the end of it. You might be even riding down one of those fabulous bike paths in Sydney as I speak.

When you learn to write, when you learn to speak, if you learn another language. Every skill we have, everything we do, we at some point had no bloody idea how to do it. In some cases we didn’t even know we didn’t know how to do things until we had to do it. You get thrown into the deep end. Now this, what’s going on at the moment, none of us have really been thrown into the data and I think as we saw what was going on around the world, we could see where we were heading, I think, for a lot of people. In terms of working more from home and doing stuff like that, and a lot of people were able to start setting themselves up to make it easier.

Now, a lot of people weren’t able to do that. A lot of people might have lost a job. The number of people I know that are posting things going, “How do I get a CRN?” Again, something you didn’t know how to do and you figured it out. Now in this day and age, you can find out how to do everything on the Google. Go to Google and you can figure out just about anything. I could probably Google how to repair these glasses if they broke. Why did I say that? I don’t want my glasses to break. Look. Touching wood, touching wood, touching wood. But you know what I mean? We can figure everything out. Everything is at our fingertips. So don’t be scared of these new things. Don’t be scared. Read. There’s some great resources out there, especially about the educating your kids at home and trying to balance the you doing work while you’re trying to keep them occupied and learning.

There’s some fabulous resources. There’re museums that have opened themselves up online. There’re zoos that are live streaming feeding animals. You can do a geography lesson with your kids doing that. There’s so many things available to us. Don’t be scared of all these firsts. It’s really like the worst thing that’s going to happen at the moment with these kind of firsts, like the working from home and things like that, is you might not be as productive. You might feel like you’re sitting around on your ass a little bit too much and start Googling treadmill desks, like I did today. I think I need one. But don’t be afraid. Just show up, put yourself out there in the position to do things for the first time. I talk about it quite often, like do something for the first time. It’s a confidence booster doing something for the first time.

Don’t be nervous. Just remember people leave hospitals with babies and no instruction book. You will be able to manage any of these new things that are getting thrown at you. Now is an incredible time to be inventive with new things. If you have an artistic background, a creative background, do a livestream of doing a painting. If you’re a writer, do live readings of your books. It might be the first time you’ve ever done that, but people will feel connected to you and will think that’s awesome. So just jump in there, do something for the first time and don’t be scared.

I’m here to help. Google’s there to help. Your friends and family are there to help. There’s so many resources out there at the moment, especially with these new things like working from home and teaching your kids from home and exercising from home, all that kind of stuff that you’ll be able to find out the information on how to do it. So show up as confident you and get it done.

Bye. See you.