(singing) Random. And that’s perfect for tonight because do you know what I’m going to tell you tonight? Five random facts about Sam. Yes. Never done before. Why am I… It’s been one of those days and I actually had something quite instructive that I wanted to share with you guys tonight and I’ve gotten to tonight and I’m like, “Yeah, nah.” Oh, I’m sounding like my daughter. “Yeah, nah.” That can happen tomorrow. And I won’t do an April Fool’s Day trick either.

So I thought I’ve been sharing things with you every day for 288 days now, and you know a bit about my business, you know a bit about my life. I talk about Elodie and Charlie and stuff. You know a lot about how I think about things. You know a lot of what my values are, how I deal with stresses, all those kinds of things.

And I thought let’s just make this a little bit fun. Why not? So let’s just do five really random facts about me that you may never have known. Claire, who just popped up, might know some of these. Maybe. Yeah. You never know.

Pinterest -- The main facts in human life are five birth, food, sleep, love and death - Samantha LeithOkay. So random fact number one. I lived on a boat for a lot of years. See, I was one of those, “Oh, oops. We’re pregnant,” children. So my parents had built a yacht and wanted to escape from the rat race. So that’s where I spent a lot of my childhood, lying on a deck of a yacht.

Oh, look, I’m getting tea delivered.

It’s very hot. Be careful.

Thanks, darling. Everybody say, “Hi, Elodie.”

Hello. I’m going.

It’s that nice Sleepytime tea, the service you get around here. I’ve trained her well.

So that’s random fact number one. I miss sailing, actually. To me, water is, and I have talked about this before, water is like the bee’s knees. That’s where inspiration comes, creativity comes, soul-searching comes. It’s where I can cry. It’s where I can laugh. Water is everything to me.

Random fact number two. It’s actually a party trick. Are you ready? I really am in a silly mood tonight. Random fact number two is I have a flat patch on my head. Yes, really. Handy if there’s no tables around. Don’t make any jokes about me being anywhere at la la la la la.

Random fact number three. I put Vegemite on my peanut butter. Oh my gosh. I know there are going to be people that watch this or read it on the blog. And they’re like, “That woman is mental. She’s got big problems.” If you think my biggest problem is the fact that I put Vegemite on my peanut butter, you don’t know me well enough. But it’s really good. It’s like that really, really crusty seedy kind of bread. Challenge you to try it, give it a go.

Okay. Random fact number four. If I could be the child of my dream combination, it would be… Bette Midler and Tony Robbins. Yes. There, I’ve said it. If Bette Midler and Tony Robins had a child, I would be it. Okay. “I will never forget it, you know,” but with a personal development twist. I think that’d be really funny.

And random fact number five, because I didn’t want to get deep and meaningful tonight. I know you find that unusual, is I have, wait for it, nine siblings, but I’m an only child. Figure that one out. Do, do, do, do, do, do. I can send you the chart if you need it.

Honestly, it’s just a bit of fun and a little bit random. And I’d love to know a couple of random things about you. I love, love, love, love, love, love the comments I get. I love the messages I get. I’m getting better at checking in Messenger for the other messages. So please, please keep sending them and take my apologies if I do, I’m a bit late getting back to them.

Tomorrow, we will return to normal broadcasting where I will bring you something deep and meaningful. And it’s the 1st of April tomorrow. We’ve got 91 days left until the end of the financial year, if you’re in Australia. So let’s kick some butt, people. Let’s kick some butt and get some stuff done over the next three months. Love you all. Thank you so much. Tell me something random and crazy about you. I’d love to know. Bye.