Hey, today is a quick live because I’m heading to a doctor’s appointment, so I’ve got to be quick. Want to talk about how much time you should spend on personal development? Now, confessions of a self-help addict over here would be my middle name. So I would go with as much bloody time as you can. But that’s not realistic for everybody. So in an ultimate world, if I could have a couple of days a week where I just read and meditated and did all that stuff that makes you feel good, I would be in like Flynn. Not always realistic because we have families, children, jobs, businesses, all those things that we can do. But it is really important that you carve out some time, every single day to build on the most important thing, which is, you. Yes. You.

Pinterest -- People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing … that’s why we recommend it daily - Samantha LeithSo what does that look like? Well, you know me, I schedule everything in my calendar. I’m a bit of a dag. So I have time in there for meditation. I have time in there for reading. I have time in there for self-reflection, journaling, all that kind of stuff. I break it down into chunks because it’s not realistic to go, “Okay, here’s my two hour sit down and work on myself timeframe.” Should see all the hand signals I’m doing over here. That’s so funny. I’m, ah, talking with my hands.

So what do I think you should do? Well, you’re journaling in the morning 10 to 15 minutes. Absolutely. And meditation in the morning, again, 10 to 15 minutes. Some people meditate for up to an hour in the morning and up to an hour at night. If you can do that, go for it. If you’ve got the time, go for it. I’m not so good at meditating that I can do that. So for me, that 15 or 20 minute mark is perfect.

And then set aside half an hour, every single day to read something that’s really good for my brain or my soul. Okay. So that might be a, depending on what I’m going through at the time, it might be a personal development book, might be a business based development book. Might be something really spiritual. Might be a more fun take on something. But it’s something that’s not fiction that is going to motivate me and build me up either physically, mentally, business wise or with my health. So that’s really important every day. And if you do that, you can generally get through about a book a week. Just that half an hour every day, more if you have got time to do it.

The other thing is, go through the podcasts that you’re listening to, because you might go, I don’t have any time for this personal development stuff. No, I can’t fit it in. That’s crap. Every time you go for a walk, every time you’re in your car, you are literally a walking, moving, jogging, dancing, university. Put on podcasts that are going to lift you up. Podcasts that are, again, personal development, business development, something about spirituality, motivation, health, fitness, something that is going to pour all that positivity into you. Because you’ve got to look after this noggin and you’ve got to look after this heart. It’s so important.

So my suggestion to you is minimum half an hour a day on personal development in any of those areas. If you can fit in an hour to two hours, tops unreal banana peel! Ooh, hello plane. So do what you can. And on days where you’ve got more time, slot in something extra. Read for an hour, okay, watch a video. Watch a really inspiring video. There’s amazing stuff on Netflix now on personal development. There’s so much everywhere. Thank gosh, people are finally buying into the fact that it’s not just for certain people. Personal development is for everyone. So I’d love to hear what your practices are every day and how much time you allow for personal development. Send me a message. Let me know. Bye. Have a great day.