It’s Friday, isn’t there a song about that? Anyway, happy Friday evening, everybody it’s getting late now. And I kind of got lost in a world of pain, which is why I haven’t done my Live yet, which has prompted me to talk about what I want to talk about tonight. So have you heard the saying, “Zone of genius”? We’ve all got one.

My zone of genius. Well, I think I’ve got a couple. Oh, I miss you too, Yvonne. Thank you. What is not my zone of genius is tech stuff. So what was my world of pain this afternoon that I spent hours lost in a vortex doing? Setting up a campaign in my CRM, which if you don’t know what CRM is, it’s Customer Relationship Management, blah, blah, blah. It doesn’t matter.

Pinterest -- If you are human, you have a calling to live your genius - Samantha LeithBut I was trying to do it because I was like, “I’m at home all the time. I’ve got more time. I can just do that and save a little bit of money.” Or [inaudible 00:01:10]. Do that now is actually not the time to be… Unless for absolute financial reasons, you can’t afford to do something which I completely get, or if it’s about bringing someone into your house, which you don’t want to do during this time, but I don’t have my cleaner at the moment. I don’t want someone else coming into the house. If it’s something you can outsource, which is just the best invention ever: do it. Don’t try and save that 20 bucks, that 50 bucks, that 100 bucks now, because you should be spending more time doing the stuff that you’re actually really bloody good at.

It’s crazy. We think, “Oh, it’ll only take an hour,” but you know what? It would take someone else 10 minutes. Now I’m talking about any area here. If cooking is not your zone of genius and the idea of getting out a recipe book and going, “I’m going to make it beautiful chicken and leek lasagna tonight” makes you feel a bit ill having to do that. Then don’t do it. Get Hello Fresh or Marley Spoon or one of those delivery services, which is actually really a great idea at the moment, because you’re not meant to go out shopping. So that’s what [inaudible 00:02:24] and I are doing. We usually get Hello Fresh, a couple of meals a week, just to save him at a time. Doing five meals a week at the moment, because it makes life a lot easier, and we’re not going out and interacting with people.

If your zone of genius is doing your own hair, for example, then do it. But if it’s not, put it up in a pony tail and pay someone else to look after it. If your zone of genius is speaking, speak more. If your zone of genius is writing really, really great books, great fiction, great nonfiction, whatever it is, and the idea of standing up and training people, how to do it makes you feel a bit on the green and queasy side, don’t start thinking because of this crisis that you might be able to add that into your toolbox and start training people on how to be writers. Don’t do it. You will fail. You might fail. You’ll be plenty frustrated, and you’re going to waste a lot of time.

So that’s just my words for you tonight. I have obviously now sent off something to my VA and gone, “Can you please fix this because I can’t do it.” And I wasted hours. Do you have many good things I could have been doing on those hours? Oh, crazy Samantha. Crazy, crazy, crazy. So what have you do this weekend, if your idea is to Netflix and chill, then do that. If your idea is to be productive, stick to your zone of genius and get someone else to do the rest of it, but whatever you choose to do this weekend, A stay at home and B, do what you want to do. Don’t listen to outside forces telling you that now’s the best time in your life for you to read the whole of the Encyclopedia Britannica. It’s really not. Okay? Do what makes you feel good in this time, because we all need a bit more of that. Happy Friday. Cheers, if you’re having a drink tonight. I didn’t, but I’ve nearly got through all my water. I’m trying. And I will see you all tomorrow night. Bye.