Hey, everybody. If you can see me, I’m on a mattress on the floor under some… I’ll turn it around. Fairy lights, having a Barbie movie marathon with [Elledy 00:00:19]. And look, there’s Ariel. Say hi, Ariel. I know, the things we do on a long weekend, huh? And what I wanted to mention was that inspiration is everywhere. Oh my golly, gosh, I was taking notes in a Barbie movie. Can you believe it? What was the first movie we watched?

Pinterest -- You can look anywhere and find inspiration - Samantha LeithPrincess Charm School.

Princess Charm School and there was this line that was, “confidence without character is dangerous.” And I actually wrote it down. I was like, Oh my God. That’s so… confidence without character is really, really dangerous. So, you know all those people that go, “Oh, look at me, look at me. I’m really, really confident,” but their character character’s a bit on the suspect side or their values, their ethics, their moral compass is a little bit out of whack with yours. Then that confidence can be dangerous and can actually be quite awful. And you don’t respect that confidence. You don’t trust that confidence. And generally people whose confidence comes without a good character come tumbling down. That’s my belief anyway, and it’s my hope that confident people without character don’t cut the mustard.

I never thought I would take notes in a Barbie movie. Seriously, that’s really weird. So this is our Easter plan. We are spending all of Easter catching up and watching old Barbie movies. And I’m going to be trying to get little snippets from all of them, because believe it or not, they actually all do have nuggets. It’s really quite incredible. Whether you listen to a song, or you’re reading a book, or you’re talking to a friend, or picking up the paper, or watching a Barbie movie, there is something to be inspired by. We get inspired every day by the people around us. The moment that inspiration from the caring and the stepping up to serve from people in the community is incredible.

I’ve seen my Facebook feed today, flooded with people who, because they can’t get out, their neighbors have dropped around with things, remembering to be socially distant obviously. People that have sent other people out to buy things, the loved ones that they can’t get to. Truly just open your eyes and be inspired by what’s around you. And remember, as Barbie says, actually it wasn’t Barbie. It was the headmistress in Princess Charm School that said, “confidence without character is dangerous.” So remember that next time you’ve got your confidence pants on, but not behaving very well. Happy Friday night. And I will see you on the flip side of, I think it’s 13 Barbie movies. Send help.