So a couple of people have asked me why I’m doing this Facebook Live thing that I’ve never done before. Well, I read this thing about doing a 365-day Facebook Live challenge, and I thought, “F it.” And no, I don’t like to swear on these things. “I’m going to give it a go.” And I thought, “When can I start?” So I did the whole, “Oh, start at the beginning of the new financial year, or the end of this one.” Or, “Start on January 1, or-”

Oh hi, Charlie. Yeah, I’m doing it at home. Then I remember reading a book from Gretchen Rubin about the Power of Habits. We have this thing in human nature where we think, oh, we have to wait to a specific date to actually start something, because we think it’s going to be more beneficial to us to do it on that day. Take New Year’s resolutions, for example. You know what? Not all people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions, and they’ve even forgotten what they are by about the 12th of January.

So I woke up on Sunday, the day after my 45th birthday, which was amazing, and went, “I’m going to start. Why not?” 365 days give me a year. I hope I’m going to get the hang of it. I actually have a lot of content that I do want to share, so some of it’s going to be fun. Some of it’s going to be crap. Some of it’s going to be business-related. Some of them I might even sing. But that’s what I thought. So I’m just going to start. Now is better than perfect. So I’m on day three, and hey, I’ve actually got a face on today. Didn’t just get out of the bath.

The other reason I really wanted to do it was I have affirmations that I say every day. I kind of believe in affirmations. No, I do believe in affirmations. One of them is actually about me entertaining, empowering, and educating people. My written word I don’t think is actually enough on that. So here’s my challenge to myself to be entertaining, educating, and empowering for the next 365 days.

Hi, Kate. Oh, so this is how it works. People type things, and then I get to say things. That’s so cute. Now I know. And look, I would make a great billionaire apparently, so we’ll keep working on that.

So that’s what I’m doing, 365 days. You’re going to see me warts and all, and I’ll see you tomorrow with actually some specific content rather than me just going blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Bye.