Good evening. Little bit late tonight, Monday night. I wanted to give you five things I do to keep motivated, one of which is actually surrounding myself with positive things, which includes people, which includes the conversation I just had with my bestie, which is why I’m late. And that keeps see, conversation with her, motivated, spring in my step, which is great. So it’s one of them, but first I want to, I digress. I got started there.

First I want to say a lot of people actually think motivation is bullshit. They’re like motivation, you know, inspiration or you’ve just got to good habits or it’s about being strong or willpower or something like that. I’ve actually always said I have lots of willpower. It’s the won’t power. No I won’t have that chocolate. No, I won’t go out. Not good at that. Anyway. I do believe in motivation. I actually think it’s a really strong thing. I do believe however, that we need internal motivation rather than external motivations.

We need to be able to motivate ourselves rather than, than having someone else motivate us, which doesn’t mean we can’t have motivational speakers or books or content to help us. But when we learn those skills and the kind of embedded inside us, it does make it easier to get motivated. So how can you do it? Well, be kind to yourself. Number one. Cause you can’t be motivated all the time. You can’t be switched on all the time. You can’t be go, go, go, go, go, go, go all the time cause you just fall over in a heat. So be kind to yourself. Sleep, food, gratitude, positivity, exercise, sex. Why is it, when I say sex I get a little distracted.

Books, music, God, motivational music. Like pump yourself up. That does wonders when you feel on a little bit of a [inaudible 00:01:52] or you got to get to the gym or you’ve got to write some content and you can’t be bothered or you’ve got to go to your day job and you’re like, oh these people suck. Have amazing music or podcasts in the car or on your air pods as you’re getting there to motivate you.

You know that motivation will come from inside, but you might need that external trigger to help with the motivation and other thing, as I said before, surround yourself with things and people that motivate you. Stay away from the Debbie Downers. You can’t, I’m not going to tell you to cut out all the Debbie Downers. Yeah, a little distracted Sarah. Boom, boom. Ah, now man, it’s so you can’t get rid of people out of your life. He can’t come. Not one for going. You know what? Anyone who’s negative in your life, just get rid of them. Don’t say them, don’t talk to them. He can’t do that. Cause you know some of them are your relatives, some of them being your mothers, some of them, your work mates. You can’t actually ask them all, but you need to put up a bit of a filter with dealing with them and have more positivity to help balance out some of these[inaudible 00:03:01], maybe the phone, like I’m balancing out that negativity. You need to and surround yourself with positive things.

So I’m just going to take a little bit of walk. Show you all, you’re coming with me. Oh yes, yes, yes. Coming into Smith as a bedroom. How exciting. So my wardrobe, motivation, motivation, motivation, motivation, motivation, motivation, motivation. My bathroom, mirror , motivation, motivation, motivation. It’s surrounds me everywhere. And you know what’s really funny? When I used to have people come to my house, I would be so embarrassed that I had those things in my house. I’d take them all down.

I’d be like, Ooh, someone’s gonna make a judgment call. Oh my God, she read so and so. Or she believes in this and like, oh, I can’t have that around. So I’d get rid of it all. I’d literally spent half an hour with getting all the blue tag off and hiding things away because I didn’t want to be judged for having that stuff around. Well, F you, everybody, that stuff keeps me motivated. So I am going to have, hey, here’s something to motivate me. I have a thing that I want to be on speaking on 2,600 stages before my demise. So I actually had the seating plan for the Opera House concert hall there and every time I’m on a stage at a speaking Gig, I put a little cross and one of the seats. So there’s gonna be 2,600 seats stages rather. That’s motivating. Hello. Nothing you need to do.

Number three is let go of the past like of obstacles that are in your way. Drama. It’s going to keep popping up. Take the time to digest them. Come up with a combat plan or let it go and yes, you could start singing frozen, let it go. Let it go. Don’t hold of me. Anyway. Set goals. You know a big, big, big, big goals that are like goal, goal, goal, goal, goal. Now that works. Set them, break them down and get to it. If you’ve got a goal, that’s insight and you really believe in your gut. You can get, they’re not the big, big, big, big dream ones, which are great to have, but ones that can actually kind of see are going to happen that will absolutely help keep you motivated. So go, go, go, go, go. For that.

And the last thing I do, which helps me stay motivated when I’m, if I’m getting in one of those, especially winter and I get very, if it’s dreary, I get really[inaudible 00:05:26] can’t be bothered. Sunny and cold, not a problem. But if it’s rainy and dreary, my motivation goes out the window. So I really, I walk my talk on this one. I really do believe it. Do something really, really effing fun or charitable. So dance, go to a party, go to a movie. If you’re a dear fan as a burlesque class, do it. If you’re a dear fun is cooking an incredible cake. Do that. If, oh, do something charitable, have a Huck out at home. Get rid of stuff, give it to charity. If you’ve got the financial ability to do it, give some money to charity. Go spend a day working in a soup kitchen. Anything like that will help motivate you.

So then my five things, be kind to yourself. Surround yourself with positivity. Let go of the shit. Set goals and action them. Don’t just set them and let them go into the ether and do something fun or charitable. That’s it. My five tips to stay motivated, and right now I’m so motivated to eat my soup, my cauliflower and blue cheese soup. So have a great night everybody, and thank you for watching.