Good morning. Yes, we’re going back to mornings for a while. That is the schedule for the next two weeks. Remember, my 14-day sprint.

So, how badly does the world need your big vision or your goal? Simple question. You think. If it’s an amazing, true to your heart, true to your being, truly aligned with who you’re meant to be, what your talents are, your gifts, your X-factor, your passions, all of those things, you will be able to do this exercise.

What I want you to do, and just bear with me, okay? Because it can seem a little daunting, “Oh my God, what’s she going to make me do?” I want you to take out a piece of paper or if you want to type it, type it, but I find this kind of thing, these exercises, when you do them putting pen to paper, I do think they’re actually more powerful for you.

Pinterest -- Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive - Samantha LeithSo when you think of your greatest vision, like absolute clarity. Like, I want to be the next Beyonce. Okay, that’s not my vision, but we’ll go with that at the moment, okay? I want you to be able to write 52, not 50, not 55, not 100, 52 reasons why the world needs you to do that thing or to be that thing. Okay? Now, what we tend to do a lot of goal work, being really introspective. And we’re like, “What does this mean to me? What will it mean to who I am as a person? What will it mean to me financially, physically?” All of those kinds of things.

This is taking it to be bigger than you are. Taking it to be outside who you are. Why on Earth would everything … whether you’re religious … if you’re religious, why would … if you’re Christian, why is it God? If you’re an atheist, why is it mother nature? Whatever it is, the greater being that is out there and inside you, because I do believe there’s a greater being outside us and inside us. Why on earth would they move heaven and earth to conspire to help you achieve your goals, if the world doesn’t need it?

Why? Why would they do it? Why would they have allowed … I did a post this morning, about the beautiful heroes song with Mariah Carey. Why on earth would all the stars have aligned to help her be who she is, if the world didn’t need her gifts? Okay? So I want you to think, why does the world need this thing that I so want to do? Why does the world need me to step up and be who I know I can be? Why?

Who is it in the world that needs my special thing? Is it the charitable foundation I want to create? That’s going to provide fresh water in some towns. Is it because I’m really fricking funny and I’m going to make people all around the world laugh in the worst situations. Is it because I want to foster five children? Is it because I’m an absolute artist with my hands and the world needs to see my paintings to make them feel something different? What are the reasons? 52 of them.

Now they can be big ones, like the ones I’ve just named. Okay? They can also be the insy-bitsy, teeny-tiny ones, which are not insignificant. You might think they’re a little reason, but they’re not insignificant. That reason you need to show up and do the thing that you so desperately want to do in the world so that you get to work the hours you want to work and do [inaudible 00:03:47] duty. Yes. That is a reason. That is a reason the world needs you to show up and do what you want to do.

So take the time, get a coffee, glass of wine, whatever it is. Go for a walk if you need to, to get that creativity going. I encourage you to do this in the morning, because we all know the brain works more creatively in the morning. It’s all scientific, but it’s our circadian rhythms, blah, blah, blah. So in the morning is the best time for you to do this kind of thing. I want you to sit down and write down 52 reasons why the universe needs you to do that thing you want to do.

If you can’t do it in one day, that’s okay. Take a couple, but definitely come up with the 52 reasons. Now, if you need more help with any of this head on over to and you can see all the different ways you can work with me. Jump on the mailing list and you get a dose of sparkle in your inbox every week. Happy Tues- Oh, it’s Tuesday. I think I said Monday before. Ha. Happy Tuesday, and I will see you all tomorrow. Bye.