Hey gang happy Sunday night. Tonight’s live is brought to you by a woman who poked a finger in her eye and it really, really, hurts. I wonder if it looks bad? But anyway, it hurts. I feel like doesn’t matter. Don’t poke finger in eye. Bad idea. That’s your public safety message for the evening. And don’t, we might go into other public safety messages that are going around the world at the moment, shall we?

Sunday night’s Q and A, as you know and today’s question actually has been a conversation I had twice this week. Twice, so it must be important. With people about, how do you know if you should go after your dream? You pick something out of the sky and it’s your dream, but how do you know it’s kind of the right one? Now, if you’re one of those people that needs a divine sign from the universe that this is your dream, then that’s your jam. Absolutely, I’m very respectful of that and I hope to golly gosh you get the sign you’re after. As you know, I’m not quite in that spiritual realm. My take is, if you came up with the dream, it’s your dream. It must be important, go for it.

Now there’s rules or regulations or guidelines on that. If you’ve come up with a dream that you’re going to win the $80 million Powerball and you are spending all your time fixated on winning the $80 million Powerball, no, that’s not what I’m talking about in a dream. That’s winning the lotto is one of those incredible moments that I don’t think anyone’s kind of got a take on. Not those kind of dreams. If it’s a fantasy you’re having about, I don’t know, the latest the Bond woman, I’m not talking about those kind of dreams either. I’m talking about the dreams where you see yourself stepping into or being or becoming or doing something that really means something to you, but there might be other stuff going on in your life that makes you think, oh, I know it’s my dream to have a charity that maybe, for example, I want to do more work on confidence with 10 goals. Would love to be doing more of that. That is one of my dreams.

Pinterest -- If you give up on your dreams, what's left - Samantha LeithCan I currently do it? Tweaking a little bit, but it is a dream of mine. That’s a kind of tangible dream. I came up with it therefore I should go for it. Now here’s where it gets interesting. A dream and a goal is different. Very, very, very different. I have my five big dreams that I write in my journal every single day. And I’ve being open about them before and I write them every day and they don’t have a deadline. They’re things that I really want and can see me either doing or being or having. And they come from a heart centered place, each and every one of those, they’re a dream. No idea how to make them happen.

A goal you have control over. A goal is about taking explicit action daily, if possible, hourly, if need be. But it’s about taking that action that makes that goal happen. A dream you have less control over, but I do 100% believe that if you came up with the dream, chances are it’s for you. It may not come in the way you want it to come.

Funny story, when I was doing 10 big dreams in my journal, one of my dreams was I live in my dream house, my ideal house by the water. And then one day I was thinking about it and I was like, oh, well, I used to live on a boat so I probably kind of already done that one so maybe that’s not what I should be putting there. Again, with a dream, you’ve got to be a bit more specific in order for the universe or God or whoever it is, the greater higher power that you believe in to help you actually attain it, if you’re meant to. If you’re meant to. But here’s where, if you want to go back to one of my lives about how do you know if a goal is for you, very similar thing. There’s some questions you can ask yourself about to help you figure out whether that dream is actually really for you.

If you were on your death bed and one of your dreams was to the open a hotel, let’s just pick something. One of your dreams was to open a hotel and have this friendly dog friendly hotel that had a bar and a blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And you get to your death bed and you’ve never even worked in hospitality. Will you be devastated? Will you be devastated? Because if you’re going to be devastated, then yeah, maybe work on that dream. You can’t control your big dreams, but you can do things that put you in the right plane for them to be happening.

If your big dream is to live in Italy, for example and at the moment you’ve got no control on being able to do that. You can’t have a goal that says it’s the 15th of May and I’m on a plane to Italy to spend my gap year. You can’t do that, but you can spend an hour a day learning Italian and just show the world that those dreams are meaningful to you.

One of my dreams involves speaking and the number of stages that I speak on and the size of the audiences that I speak to and the number of people that I help throughout the world. Do I have any control over whether I get to speak at a 5,000 seat stadium? At the moment, no. But I can tell you every day I’m reaching out to people in the industry. Every day, I’m honing my speaking skills. Every day, I’m working on my craft. I have little tangible goals that are aligned with my big dream, but I take my foot off the pedal about the dream.

I think that’s where we need to be careful. When I was asked the question this week, well, how do you know if your dream’s for you? If you thought of it, there’s something in it. It may not be the exact thing that you thought it was, but if you thought of it, there’s definitely something in there for you so investigate it. Maybe try setting a couple of goals towards that dream and see if it feels right and then see what Mother Nature, the universe, whatever you think of as the higher power is going to help you achieve.

Two woo woo ones in a row. Oh my God, what’s happening? Happy Sunday night, guys. I hope you’re all really, really, really well and all your loved ones are safe and well likewise and I’ll see you all tomorrow night. Then in the meantime, if you need anything, give me a shout. That is what I’m here for. I’m doing these for myself to get over a whole lot of stuff, which I’m now over, thank goodness. Thank you for helping me with that, but really I’m here to help you guys. If you have any questions or want to know anything, let me know. Mwah. Happy Sunday night and night night.