Why I’ve got that song in my head, I just watched The Rock doing, “I stay up too late,” on Lip Sync Battle. That’s why it’s in my head. The things that you do. So, it’s Saturday night, guys. I wanted to talk tonight about being okay with 50/50. Now, we all know it’s good to have 20/20 vision. Well, in life, life’s 50/50. So, what do I mean by that? Well, it’s 50% happy, 50% sad. 50%, “Yeah, let’s go.” 50% grumpy. There’s 50% good stuff going on and 50% bad stuff in the world, all the time. At some point you might be feeling 80/20, or there might be a 99/1, there’s going to be a different ratio. But if we even at all out, life’s pretty much 50/50. Nobody can expect to be happy all the time. Likewise, no one should want or should be sad all the time or angry all the time or any of those more negative emotions. And with everything going on at the moment I think we’re all…

Well, many people I’m coming in contact with, clients, friends, family etc, we all seem to be pushing to change that statistic and to fake our way to be happier, or pretend that things are better, or we’re getting more overwhelmed and feeling worse about things than we should possibly need to be. So, we need to reel ourselves back in and remember that it’s okay to have good, it’s okay to have bad. Likewise, when all this stuff’s going on it’s, 50/50 people are going to love what you’re doing, 50/50 people are going to hate what you’re doing. 50/50 people are going to think you should be putting your head under the blankets and hoping it all goes away, and the other 50% thinking you’re ridiculous for not getting out there and doing everything. And all of those reactions are okay because everybody feels something different, and that’s the most beautiful thing about it.

What we need to remember is that if we’re in the 50% of life where we’re feeling love and happy and excitement and joy and all those great things, and this person we’re interacting with is on the other end of the scale and they’re feeling more of the negative emotions, we can’t expect them to change because of where we are. Likewise, they can’t expect us to change because of where they are. We have to be respectful and compassionate about how other people are feeling, what other people are dealing with, what other people are going through, without going, “No, you’ve got it all wrong. You’ve got to be happy. Come on, be happy,” all that stuff. We can’t do that to people. And when you’re a person like me, who I’m guessing, if you’re watching my live, you’re interested in personal development, business development, all of those things that I am as well because it’s what I talk about a lot.

Pinterest -- Thank you for life, and all the little ups and downs that make it worth living - Samantha LeithAnd when you do go down that road and you learn stuff, like my manifesto behind us. You can’t be out there being Preachy McPreach Preach about all of those things, because you want someone to change the state they’re in or how they’re feeling about something, or their perception of what’s going on in the world. All you can do is offer them how you’re doing, how you’re feeling. But I, hand on my heart, have been over the years the worst… Shall I say the worst? I’ve been very guilty of seeing someone in pain or seeing someone going through something, and because I happened to have just learned about that in a training, or I just read a book that covered that, or I’d just seen a blog post or a video or anything, I’m like, “Yeah, this will help you. This will help you. This will help you.”

I’m like that eager child with that first finger painting going, “See, look what I did. See what I did.” And if someone’s not ready for that, you’re probably just going to piss them off. So, it’s taken me a long time and I still get it wrong, probably, you guessed it, 50% of the time. Where I have to go, you know what? All I can offer is maybe this is how I’m doing something, or I heard about this the other day, without actually telling them it would be good for them, or they should do it, or any of those triggering ways that we do things. You know what I mean? So, especially as restrictions… I thought about this today, because restrictions are being eased around Australia, around the world, et cetera, and not everyone’s at the same pace with all of that.

Some people are feeling the effects greater than others. Some people are more worried than other people. Again, 50/50. So, we have to be respectful of the space that other people are in, going through all of this as well. We can’t, just because we might think it’s okay to go and do something, the other person might not. And I posted about this the other day, about being compassionate and respectful, and it was a great post that I had copied and shared from somebody else. Can’t remember who now. Oh no, sorry. That everyone is at a different pace in this, and I think we can get through all of it if we remember the 50/50 rule. So, 50% of the time you can be happy, 50% of the time you can be sad. 50% of the time you’re going to feel in love in life. 50% of the time you get to feel not in love in life.

It just is. It just is. And when you know that it just is, and that 50% of the people you come across are going to like you and 50% you come across are going to think you’re an absolute dick, it’s okay. It just is. You stop searching, you stop being… I’m not going to say desperate, but you stop that craving, that need for everyone to like you. You stop wanting to be Sally Field going, “They like me. They really, really like me,” because you know that’s just not true. And it’s just not the case, and it’s never going to be the case. It’s all meant to be 50/50. Heck. It’s probably meant to be 50% of the time people are going to like my outfit, and 50% of the time people are going to think I should go back into my bedroom and get changed. And it doesn’t matter, because that is the beauty of the world. That is the beauty of human emotion. That’s the beauty of how we go about day after day after day, is in this cycle of 50/50.

If you want to have another analogy, it’s the scales. What’s the star sign? Libra. Should know that. The scales of life are balanced. Sometimes it goes up a little bit, sometimes it goes down a little bit, but generally speaking at the end of the day, it all is going to even out at that 50/50 thing. So, I promise you, when you can get that in your head, that those swings and roundabouts and the ups and the downs and the people liking you, people not liking you, people thinking you’re an idiot, people thinking you’re smart. You thinking you’re an idiot, you thinking you’re smart, because all of that stuff that’s external, you do that yourself as well. There’s 50% of the time where I think I am flipping amazing. And there’s 50% of the time where I think I’m a big dingbat that should probably go to bed with a good book, because nothing that’s coming out of my mouth is that interesting.

And that’s okay, because it’s that 50/50 thing. And the minute you’re okay with that, you stop chasing the perfection on either end of the scale. Promise… I make a lot of promises don’t I? But I’ll tell you, if you do everything I tell you, it’ll all come true in the wonderful world of Oz. So, yeah. Just remember that, 50/50. So, tomorrow, if you’re having a moment where you think, “I posted that great photo of that fabulous outfit and nobody loved it,” just remember. The next time you post a photo and a fabulous outfit people will probably love it because it’s 50/50. If you cook a meal tonight for your kids and they go, “Oh, mom, that’s awful,” remember, tomorrow they’re probably going to go, “Mom, that was amazing. The best spaghetti bolognese you’ve ever made,” because life is 50/50. Accept that, deal with it, and you will feel so much better about the world.

Have a great Saturday night guys. I think I’m going to watch Dead to Me. Is it Dead to Me? Oh, my God. Season two, Dead to Me. Yeah. I think that’s what it’s called. So funny, so good, got to watch it. On Netflix, just dropped apparently. Yay. Have a great night, and I will see you all tomorrow. Bye