It’s Tuesday night, it means crazy dance, right. Oh, I don’t know. There’s a crazy dance every night these days. It used to only be when I started these lives that I did crazy dances in the kitchen. Now I do crazy dances anywhere they’ll let me crazy dance. Woo. Happy Tuesday. Yes. So, tonight I want us to talk about the power of visualization. Visualization. Now you could spell it with an S or a Z because you know that’s what people do around the world. Doesn’t matter how you spell it, what’s important is that you actually do it.

So what do I mean by visualization? I don’t mean sitting down, eyes closed in a meditative pose envisioning turning into Rockefeller. I don’t mean that at all. I do mean thinking about things that are genuinely really important to you and making them grander, making them bigger, making them brighter, making them… Just expanding what’s possible for you in terms of what you want out of life.

So I have a saying that you’ve probably seen up on my manifesto. This is, dream, believe, act and achieve. And the big part about that, which is what I’m talking to you tonight about is that dream part. Okay. So you can’t go for anything, anything, if you don’t have an idea of what it is. If you just went for stuff, not knowing what you were going to do, I hate to think what we would all be doing in the world. Yeah, don’t like that thought at all. What is really beautiful is when we have this vision in our mind of what we want to go for. And it can be anything. I’ve got a thing on my wall at the moment and it’s got the seating chart for the concert hall at the opera house and capacity is about 2,600 seats depending on the stage, et cetera, pull out a few, add a few, et cetera.

And every time I speak on a stage, I put a little cross on a little seat. Okay. Because it’s a representation to me of how many stages I want to be on within a certain timeframe. That’s a lot of stages. You want to book a speaker? Book me. And yes, I am now concluding virtual events as stages that I can cross off on one of those seats. I’ve also got a pretend image of me on a massive stage doing what I do that makes me go, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm. I’ve also got a funky photo of my face on a, ooh-la-la, fabulous… My idea of a fabulous beach body. Might not be everybody’s idea, but that’s okay. I’ve got photos of Elody and I cut out of our pool and put into this pool that’s by the Hawkesbury. It Looks amazing. Could be Jennifer Hawkins house for all I know. But those powerful visualization aids, because they’re all things I want to attain in life. They’re all things I want to go for.

Pinterest -- Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible - Samantha LeithSo how can you do it? There’s many, many ways to do it. If you’ve never visualized anything in your life before, I really recommend starting with a powerful tool like a guided meditation, that’s really toned into doing visualization or else doing something like, you guessed it, grabbing a journal and writing out the things that you see for your life in five years time. Just go bonkers, crazy thinking about what you want.

Tell you a little story. My house. So it took me a couple of years to buy our house, I should say, because when I wanted to buy it, they took it off the market and they rented it. So I printed out a big floor chart of the house, you know, the floor plans that they do when they’ve got them for sale. And I wrote on it the date I wanted to move into that house and how much I wanted to pay for that house. I would pick up Elody from school, we’d drive past this house. She’d say, “Mummy, they’re going to catch us. It’s all a bit weird.” I’d be, “Darling, we’ve got to do this. We’ve got to do this.” Then one day we went to Harvey Norman and I bought this amazing outdoor seating sitting for 12 people that would look beautiful in the courtyard. And we got up to the counter to pay for it and it was going to be delivered on the date that I wanted to move into the house. Still hadn’t bought the house mind you. Just let’s remember that bit.

Still wasn’t on the market. The house was still being rented. People were living in it. Went up to the counter to pay for it and Elody, bless her cotton socks, this was eight years ago now, said, “Mummy, shouldn’t we buy the house before we buy the furniture? And I said, “No, darling, the universe works that if we get the furniture, we have to get the house.” But-a-bing, but-a-bang, we are in the house.

So that was when I really realized the power of visualization. But it’s not just the act of seeing something. It’s the act of, I believe visualization is an all body kind of thing. You’ve got to think it, you got to feel it, you got to see it. You’ve almost got to taste it. You’ve almost got to go to… Say it’s a place you want to live, you’ve almost got to go there and smell the salt in the air. Go and try the restaurants around where you want to live. If it’s shoes that you really… If they’re those Louboutons that you really, really, really want, go to the shop and try them on. Go to every shop and try them on. Okay. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford them, but put your feet in them. See them, feel them. That’s the power of it. Smell the leather, know what it’s going to be like to not be able to walk in those heels.

You know I’m joking because every good woman should be able to walk in heels. Now my cupboard door’s actually broken, so I can’t show you something. Damn. I also have a little book that I cut out images from. From magazines, from books, it might be in the paper. It might be something I’ve seen online. I cut it out, stick it in there and it’s all categorized for things that I visualize for my life. So there’s holidays, there’s foods, there’s clothes, there’s jewelry, there’s houses, there’s landscaping. You name thing I don’t have a lot of is cars. That’s not my jam, not really my thing. But that’s a great old fashioned way to do it.

You can then put those things on vision boards if that’s the way that your brain works. Last year, as I’ve shown you, I used to turn my diary into a carried around vision board, which I haven’t done this year because I’ve gone online, but that’s a really good way of really immersing yourself in those thoughts, 24/7. They’re there. Have it stuck up in your room. Another way is on your screensaver. Create a beautiful vision board wallpaper for your screensaver, or your screensaver, rather, of things you want. On your phone, on your laptop, on any screen, iPad, it’s really easy to use. Do Canva or pay someone on Fiverr to do it for you. That’s what I did with the stuff for the pool. I paid someone on Fiverr to do it for me because I couldn’t cut us out and stick us in this fancy ass pool. No idea how to do that. For five bucks I had this picture of my dreams. Awesome. Win, win.

Another great tool is Pinterest. So you know when you’re trying to save money for special things, a really good tool to do, again, it’s a visualization thing. You open your bank accounts on your banking app and you might see, holiday fund, spend fund, theater fund, fun fund, house fund, wedding fund, whatever, you might see all those funds. And banks these days make it really easy for us to do that. Well Pinterest is like the best visualization tool on steroids in the world. So a great thing to do is create boards for the different things you wanted to have in life. And they can be personal, business, love, family, books you want to read. Anything. There is no limit, okay.

And then I encourage you to spend 10 minutes a day, just 10 minutes every day. If you can do it a couple of times a day, even better, but 10 minutes a day, I want you to be in total thought about those visuals of what you want for your life. Either in meditation or in journaling or a vision board or picking it up and looking at it physically. Like I did, drive out there and see what it feels like or going onto Pinterest every day and just spending that 10 minutes going, “Okay, so when I’ve got that white kitchen with the black tile floors…” It’s not what I want, but anyway. “This is what it’s going to look like. This is the cutlery I’m going to have. This is the whatever I’m going to have.” And pin it into your kitchen board. Everyday, just 10 minutes. It’s just an idea to immerse yourself. Because the power, especially in times like these at the moment where a lot of people’s businesses going… And for some people it’s been really tough business wise.

If you have a really strong, cemented visual in here and in your heart about where you’re going, it makes all that stuff so much easier to deal with. I promise you. You have to have that idea of where you’re going in order to get through anything. Okay. In order to get through anything. So that’s what I want to encourage you to do. I want you to really… Don’t think of visualization as being that woo-woo, oh, I don’t want to do that. Just like where you dream of having a million dollar Porsche. Do they even make million dollar Porsches? I don’t know. It’s got to be meaningful. Don’t visualize something that’s not meaningful. And my last tip on that, there’s an awesome tool called Mind Movies. Have a Google. I think it’s just and you can do it on other things now as well, but amazing tool for putting videos and photos and making an interactive little video of your visualizations. Fabulous, fabulous tool to have around.

Another one, which I used to do, I haven’t done it for a long time, is you know those little photo books. I know I’m so old. You know when you print out photos. What’s that? Get the photo paper or go to Officeworks and print out the four by six photo card of things that you’re visualizing. Again in categories. I really, really recommend it. And then stick them all together or keep them in one of those little flippy things and have it in your handbag. Have it in the car. When you’re having a moment of… Instead of grabbing your phone and jumping on Candy Crush, which I hope none of you do. Pull that out and look at it, get absorbed again in what you want out of life. So jump online, have a Google, there’s so many tools for visualization. I really actually don’t care what tools you use, but do something about it. Just do something about what you want. Have that picture firmly in your mind in order to create the path to get there. Okay. Do that.

And the other thing you can do now. Woo hoo. If you go to So the number 365, I had to check it then, days. So 365days, there you can sign up for the invitation to the big celebration party, woo hoo, in 29 days. So excited. Hopefully I can get a few of you to actually join me live as well as the online component, but we are going to have an awesome night. I’m visualizing a really awesome night. So I’ll see you all tomorrow night. In the meantime, have a great night and watch Dead to Me. So good. Bye.