Good evening. I actually felt better this morning. Amazingly, I got up and made my bed for the first time in days. Now, if you don’t know who that well, I’m a stickler for making my bed. My house is my castle and everything always has to be exactly how I like it. It was the first day in days I’ve made my bed. Hey, Amanda. So I thought, “Yay, I’m feeling better,” and it’s now 6:00 and I feel like I’ve crashed again, but I’m sticking with it.

So I thought what can we do when we’ve been sick for a few days and are really run down to actually help ourselves bounce back better? So I had a bit of a Google and what I was really surprised by, well actually not surprised, is everything I read is actually pretty much what you meant to do to look after yourself anyway and I was glad to know that today in particular, I was doing a few of those things. I meditated again today for the first time in days. I wrote completely in my journal today the full two pages instead of just a little bit because I actually felt up to it. I am bouncing back, not long out of bed tonight though.

So what did it say? It said apart from don’t spread your germs, but the irony in that is, of course you don’t know you’re sick until after you’ve started spreading your germs. So whoever invented the human body didn’t figure that one out very well. So one of the dictates says, “Take time to look after yourself.” Which I’ve been doing. “Stay positive.” Really have been trying. “Rest.” Oh my God, I’ve had like 12 hours, 10 hours, so much sleep. “Hydrate.” Yes, drinking lots of water, baths, long showers, yeah love those. “Meditate.” Did it today. “Eat well.” Chicken soup.

Went to Harris Farm, bought their chicken soup, it was pretty good. “Drink lots of tea.” Been doing that. “List screen time.” Okay, I haven’t been very good at that. I had been Netflixing. “Fresh ai, stretch, less communication, ask for help,” which I’ve been doing. “Gentle exercise and take supplements.” Now I found this list fascinating because we’re meant to be doing all this stuff every day anyway. So if it’s what’s going to help me bounce back from being sick, sure as hell it’s going to make you feel a lot better the rest of the time as well.

So I kind of had a bit of a sit and thought, “What do I need to do more of every day to maybe not have got sick in the first place?” Obviously someone gave me cooties, but might’ve been an escalator. It doesn’t matter. Things I don’t do that well, I don’t ask for help very well, not very often. Crap at taking supplements. Screen time, way too much screen time. So I’m going to sit with this list over the next 24 hours and look at what I can do in the next couple of weeks, especially to look after myself a bit better. So I don’t get sick. So I don’t, this winter stuff doesn’t happen.

I get my Bark. “Send me the seal,” they used to call me. “Ar, ar, ar, ar, ar.” So what can you do to look after yourself a bit better? Mister Murphy, are you looking after yourself? And if you want to bring me more chicken soup, go for it. I am getting better. I might even put a face on tomorrow or the next day. Who knows? I’ll get there. So yes, they’re the things for looking after ourselves. Take time, stay positive, rest, meditate, eat well, supplements, less communication, less screen time and go to bed if you’re sick and just look after yourselves. So take some time to look after yourselves this weekend and I’ll see you tomorrow.