Hey guys, happy Monday. The first day of winter. Yes, it’s just all of a sudden gotten really dark and cold. So I have put on a jumper. Freezing. Anyway. Tonight I want to talk about all how to celebrate when you achieve a goal.

Now, why do you want to celebrate it? You want to celebrate it because you did it. Goals should be achieved. Sorry. Should be celebrated. Achieving a goal should absolutely be celebrated. Now does every goal, no matter how small or how big need to be celebrated with champagne and parties and cork popping and that kind of thing? No, absolutely not. But you have to take time to celebrate what you have done, because that’s really fricking important. A question I often get asked is, “Do you tell everyone that you achieved the goal?” Like, “Guess what I did? Yay.” Now, that’s totally up to you. Because remember, as I’ve talked about before, we’re going to be aware of the dream stealers, because there are a lot of people that want to crush your hopes and your dreams and downplay any of your achievements. Thank you, Kim. But that’s about them. That’s not actually really about you. So you need to put them out of your mind.

Pinterest -- Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed - Samantha LeithRemember those …. Celebrating a goal is like those moments in a soccer match, or football for some of you who want to call it that, where they’ve literally got the goal and then they’re taking off their shirts and running around the field, hugging each other. Goals should be celebrated like that. If you want to take your shirt off and run around your neighborhood going, “Yay, I finished my book. Yay, I finished my book,” go for it. But whatever you choose to do, it’s a celebration for you.

Now have spoken before by having a little celebration jar. And I talk about it in my book, Go For Gold. And it’s important … I think when you think of something as a good way to celebrate or how you want to celebrate, and it might be booking in a massage, or at the moment it might be booking and getting your eyebrows done. Whatever little celebration it is, pop it in the jar. Or make a note of it if you want, on your phone, about ways you can celebrate. And then when you’ve achieved either a milestone in the goal or the goal itself, pull out one of those babies and celebrate.

If it’s a goal that you want to share, shout it from the rooftops. Achieving anything in life is something to be celebrated. And I promise you, the people that don’t want to celebrate with you, that shit’s on them. It really, 99.9% of the time, doesn’t have anything to do with you. And a lot of people go, “She so big. She’s got too big for a britches. Look, she’s just talking about what she’s done all the time,” all that stuff. Again, that’s on them. We get taught from such a young age not to be proud of our achievements, but counterintuitively, we then join the girl guides and we get little badges for our achievements. Or in school, we get badges for being a prefect or being good in sport or the choir or something like that. But then if we want to speak about it, it’s like, “Oh, no, no. [inaudible 00:03:10] doing that, you can’t be doing that.” No, you can. You absolutely can. Shout it from the rooftops. Throw yourself a goal party. I think goal parties are bloody brilliant.

When you do do it, a way to be really helpful in that moment is if it’s something, no matter how significant, talking about how you did it. Share how you did it. That sharing with someone how you achieve that goal may be so inspirational for someone. It might trigger them to go and do the same thing. It might trigger them to go for a dream that they’ve really, really, really been wanting to go for and haven’t had the guts to do. So if you’re scared to share, think about sharing for someone else. Can be a really powerful motivator.

So tomorrow, because at the moment it’s all a bit doom and gloom in the world, and I want to go into that here. It’s just hearts breaking everywhere about all the stuff that’s going on. But I want you to find something in the next 24 hours that you’ve achieved, no matter how little. If you wake up tomorrow morning and remember that you’re meant to be doing an 18 hour fast, celebrate that at the end of the 18 hour fast. Just do something to celebrate something you’re achieving at the moment. It’s so important.

So there you go. Happy Monday. Celebrate your goals people. It’s so exciting. I will see you all tomorrow, and happy first day of winter. And Gemini birthday month. (singing) Gemini. Can you tell I’m a Gemini? Woohoo. Exciting. Bye.