I pulled a muscle in my neck. Anyway, it’s Friday night. I’m doing this sideways, so I don’t know where to look, I’m hopeless at that, but you know that. Tonight, my life has been taken over by four fabulous teenagers. Take it away.


And they’ve got 10 minutes!

Okay, cool. I’ll set a timer. Okay, we’re setting a timer, setting a timer. Okay. The person setting a timer is.

Hi, I’m August.

That’s August. Hello, viewer. Hi, welcome to the club. I’m Elodie.

I’m Claire.

And I’m Bella.

Woo oo. We’re famous guys.

So we have 10 minutes and we’re not really sure what we’re going to be talking about, but-


I figured we could talk about maybe how we met and just kind of our-

That’s a really good idea.

Friendship. All right. So, August, Claire and I met in 2014 at drama, and Elodie came into our lives a little bit later.

Actually. I was there the whole time …you guys just didn’t like me.

Don’t expose us.

No she just…

Oh my God, someone left from viewing.

But yes. So we all met doing a singing, acting dancing thing called Triple Threat.

Uh-huh (affirmative) and it was fun, it was on Saturdays.

I came a week late and-

So did I.

They judged me for it. .

I came a week late.

I judged based on what she was wearing .

I wasn’t wearing the uniform. And they were like, what the hell?

Thing is, I came a week late. But the reason for that is because I was at my piano lesson and I, with this weird, creepy old lady in her house. And I, she was really weird, her house could’ve been flooded. And I thought the class started at one o’clock, but it ended at one o’clock and then they called my mom and they’re like-

That’s a little bit awkward.

Everyone, I will leave if you keep talking

That’s a little bit awkward, innit?

Okay. So, all right. Alrighty. Alrighty. So we’ve been friends for quite a while.

Yeah, quite a long time.

How many years is that?

Six, six years.

Six years and counting .

I’m sorry. Hello. This is Elodie’s home alone jumper by the way. It’s the bees knees. .

This is my Lola Bunny t-shirt. Will I get copyrighted for this mom?.

Well, no.

I don’t think that Cartoon Network is watching your mothers They’re just going through all the Facebook lives, making sure that all the people .

Okay, guys. Okay. So what I’m going to do right now is I’m going to read to the wall.

Fabulous. Do what makes your soul happy.

Okay. Is your soul happy now, are you content?. Can we, can we not? .

Four people.

No, it was five and someone left. .

I’m sorry, guys I’m really sorry. .


Pinterest -- There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate - Samantha LeithHope you’ve all had a great weekend. After the long weekend. I know but like we had a long weekend and then we’ve had a nice four day week. And so I hope that it’s been great for everyone. Yeah. Cheers. Nice. Whoa.

Whoa what? The candle. I bought that for mom and she never burns it.

Does it have boiled lollies in it? .

It looks like it has gems.

Why would you put lollies in a candle?

Why don’t each of you share one amazing thing about each other?

That’s a really good idea!

Shall we go, do like the person to the right or left or something-

Or, we’ll just pick a person. .

No, I feel like that’d be like choosing our favorites and we probably shouldn’t choose favorites.

No no no we’ll go along the line so everyone gets to compliment everybody else.

No but then, but one person So if we choose August, and then we go.

That’s what I’m saying.

Oh, right right right.

No, we choose one person. Then we all give that person a compliment.

Okay let’s do it!.

Okay okay, let’s choose August. You said Bella.

I’ll start. Well, August has been one of my best friends for a very long time. Excuse me! Let me get to the point

And they are so opinionated in the best way. They have, let me know about pretty much everything. All of my education has come from them in terms of world issues, world issues and everything that’s important. And you have just been so enlightening and so caring about the world, and I think that is incredible. And you always stick to your guns. .

August. I really admire how, how much you care for things, when you care for something like you really care either about it or for it and that’s really nice.

Oh my god.

Okay. I feel like you put me in my place when I need to be put in my place, you know? If I’m gone a bit coo-coo, you’re just like “no”, and it’s great because it means that I don’t go super insane. I just go slightly insane. But you add-

It’s a good level.

It’s a good level, you balance me out. You’re like my…



Scales do the balancing. Are you a rock or are you-

Oh, it’s my mother.

Hi! .

Hi Mom.

Hi Cathy.

Okay it’s Elodie’s turn.

Elodie’s turn, we need to say something nice about Elodie.

Elodie you’re always so positive. You just, no you’re not like, you’re so chirpy, you’re really chipper. And I feel like you always, even when you’re upset, you’re always kind of uplifting and you’re kind of so easy-going and going with the flow and you’re absolutely lovely. I love you too.


I really like your energy. You’re just really, you’re always just so happy and positive and like your positivity. It’s just really nice. Like see, she always smiles and that’s just really nice. It’s a nice, and like her laughing is very contagious and whenever you’re with her it’s just a fun time.



It’s Elodie’s turn to compliment herself .

I’m just perfect. .

Elodie always, I’m so sorry.

That is very true Cathy.


Thank you, Cathy. I agree.

Elodie always seems to know what to say, even when you don’t exactly know what you’re saying. It makes sense, do you know what I mean? You can put five words together that do not string a sentence. I’m like “Hmm wise, yes”.

The big brain, comes in handy. Thank you guys for the compliments. I love you.

Okay, Claire, it’s Claire’s turn .

You’re still not in shot.

Okay. I’m still not. I keep drifting out.

You love to go “Um okay so”.

So, yeah. So Claire, you’re so easy going and lovely and you just have such a calm and serene nature and it’s beautiful.

Thank you.

You’re welcome.

You have-your vibe’s immaculate.

You have immaculate vibes. You-you are immaculately vibed.

You are, I don’t know why this is hard. You’re literally just so amazing! No but honestly it’s because with you guys, it’s easy to put into words because I understand what I feel, but I just don’t get it. You’re just, you’re just, the thing is you’re not like this crazy ball of fuzz and energy, like a little bit insane, but you, you’re just like… a nice ball.

Yeah. Like a fuzzy You know in Barbie, you know in Barbie how there’s that little purple fluff-


Bibble. You’re like Bibble. .

I’m complimenting Claire, Elodie. .

Just skip it’s fine.

Okay, Claire. You always seem to- Back on the topic of immaculate vibes, you’re really good at vibe checking the situation and realizing what vibe you should bring into the situation.

Mm-hmm (affirmative) Yes. .

Depending on like who I’m with .

And what’s the situation, like if three of us were sitting there crying, you would not come in with the same vibe as you would certain other people would come into that situation with.

Yeah. And you’re, you’re just so, what’s the earth, grounding?


I’m a grounding, . I’m grounded. I would like to say something. Considering you guys said…what did you guys say?

Guys we have a minute left, we’ve got to compliment Bella.

I just want to say that I also feel like even though I do bring out different parts of my personality with different people, I feel like I can be my true self with you guys. .

Okay, Bella’s turn.

You guys, just, you just, the list is so long. Okay. I’ll start by complimenting myself. Okay. I’m great.

Do I, am I? You have great fashion sense.


You have the best fashion sense, and you are also just so loving and motherly and you just, you always check up on me. Like when I’m least expecting it, there’s a text from you like “how are you doing?” And I’m like “Oh, you care!” You just care so much as well. You’re very loving.

Mother Hen. Can I say, if we didn’t have you in this group, I reckon we would not be doing great like honestly, you literally, you just take care of us and you’re like the glue. Like we’re just like a bunch of random pieces, kind of .

Okay we’ll do yours quickly, we’ll do yours quickly.

Okay so you kind of have to put up with my insanity the most. So thanks for that you also have to, we understand each other on a level that isn’t words.


I will literally just look at you and you will automatically know what I’m thinking. And I’m like, “yes”, because I’m not good at putting things into words. There we go, thank you.

Thank you. Thank you so much. Have a nice night. Hope you have a great weekend.

We, we, we, we love you. .

Wow Bye-bye.

Thanks for watching!

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