Hi guys. Sunday, yes, Sunday afternoon. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about honoring the commitments you make to yourself. We are often the, I’ve heard this a lot recently and I’ve actually just written it on my bathroom mirror. Every week I kind of change what I write in there and I do it in either liquid chalk or a whiteboard marker or something that just comes off. I change the message the following week. I wrote yesterday, I wrote I honor the commitments I make to myself because quite often we are the first person who we break promises to.

Whether that is a promise to go to the gym, I promise to turn up on time, I promise to make our beds, I promise to eat better, sleep better, read a book, do some work, whatever it is. Quite often we will not honor that because we might choose a better option, we might get lazy and … else. Sometimes we’ll not honor a commitment because doing something for someone else is actually more important to us, your children, your partner, your work colleague, something like that.

What we need to realize is, especially if we’re parents that wanting the best for our children and teaching them that they need to turn up somewhere on time and they need to do their homework and they need to, if they’ve joined a netball club, they need to not quit in week three because they don’t like it because they’re letting down the team. They need to honor those commitments. We need to teach our children and I have noticed that I’m not a great example for this. I need to teach her that honoring the commitments I make to myself are like way up high on the list. I don’t often do that.

I’ll schedule something and it’d be like, oh no, so-and-so needs me, so I’ll do that, or you’re sick. Okay that’s not a good example. If your child is sick, that is number one priority, but I don’t teach her that. I don’t walk my talk. I tell her she’s got to honor commitments, but I’m not honoring them myself, so today I honored a couple of commitments that I made to myself, yesterday I did as well. I’ve really, the last few days I’ve gotten better at it and I’ve always been a diary girl and I schedule my life pretty intensely but this week I’m trying something different with that because I have a schedule, I have a to do list.

I used to teach systematization to businesses, so it’s kind of how I work, but this week I’m changing that up a little bit. Instead of just scheduling slots of times for random stuff like content or finances, I’m actually scheduling specific things in those times and I am going to, I, Samantha Mary Leith, do solemnly swear I will honor those commitments to myself this week. Otherwise I have no respect for myself and how can I grow as an individual? How can my business grow? How can I encourage other people to grow as individuals or in their business? How can I encourage my daughter to be the best possible person she can be if I’m not leading by example?

That example is to honor the commitments you make to yourself, so every day, whether you do your diary the night before or in the morning, I want you to really nail out commitments to yourself that you will honor. Don’t think way too pie in the sky and not actually do them, might be only one thing that you really, really, truly commit to every single day. That might be your first baby step, but I challenge you to do it. I really, really do, so grab, if you’ve got a spare bathroom mirror, grab a whiteboard marker and just write on it, I honor the commitments I make to myself every day and see how it goes for a week.

I’m hoping, I think it’s gonna actually feel really good at the end of next week. I’ll update you. Go for it. Honor yourself, respect yourself, respect and honor your time and your choices, which is all about honoring that commitment. Have a great afternoon.