Well, this is pretty cool. I’m doing my first live from my laptop instead of my phone because I finally worked out that you can actually do that. So, yeah. [inaudible 00:00:13] 55 live videos to go. Oh, yeah. Okay. I’m smart. Don’t judge me.

Tonight I wanted to talk about the power of momentum. If we want to talk in the terms of physics, the power of momentum is the quantity of reality. The quantity or immersion of moving body measured as a product of its mass and velocity, or the impetus gained by a moving object. Now to me, I kind of think of momentum as you’re swimming along, and you get onto a wave, and then you go down, and you keep going. Something’s kind of carrying you through. To me, that has that … the words that also resonate is when you’re in flow.

In business and in life, if you’re in a phase of absolute momentum where you just keep going, and something happens, and you keep going, and you keep going, and you keep going because what you’re doing is either really important to you at a core level … and you’ve got the tools, and the skills, and the knowledge, and the time, and the energy, and all that stuff to help to make it happen. We might be in a work situation where there’s all … it’s when it’s all the pieces of the puzzle fit, I guess.

Pinterest - He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else - Samantha LeithTo me, that’s one of the big things about momentum. Momentum only happens when all those pieces fit. When it’s happening, the only way you can go is actually forward. Momentum only goes forward. Momentum doesn’t … you’re not on a roll, and then all of a sudden, “Oh shit, I’m going backwards.” Momentum just keeps you going, and keeps you going, and keeps you going. And something happens, and somebody picks you up, and keeps you going. Something bad might happen, and then you get a burst of energy. Or something negative happens when you’re trying to reach your goal, and you figure out a way to solve it, and you keep going, and you keep going. That momentum is just the most awesome, awesomest sauce thing that can happen. It keeps you … That invigorates you. If there’s something going on in your life with a lot of momentum about it, magic happens.

I wanted to talk about the things that I think help keep you in that state of momentum. Firstly, actually what helps you get to the top of that wave … to get to the top of that wave is absolute dedication I guess to what the wave is, and why you want to get to the wave. But what I mean in that context of the wave is generally usually a goal, or a task, or might be a project. It might be something really simple like a party you’re having that weekend. And to ride that wave, how you get there is lots of little steps.

And the things I think you need to get there and then to keep you going … I like being matchy matchy, so I’m going to use ‘C’ words. I could have interjected with other letters, but I thought I’d go for ‘C’ words tonight. I think first and foremost you need clarity. Without clarity, jack shit happens, really. We just wander around going blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Not achieving what we want because we’re not clear. Clarity is like numero uno. When I talk about clarity, I bring a whole lot of things into that. So passion, and talents, and all of those things and skills have to connect to get clarity.

You need clarity of your goal. You need clarity of your mission. You need clarity of your skills. You need clarity on so many things in life. For many people, myself included at many points, we’re in a fog. We’re not clear at all about what we’re doing or where we’re going. When you’ve got that clarity and you know what you need to be doing, it’s consistency in what you need to be doing. Because it’s that consistency that keeps the turbines going. Like, that consistency that keeps all that energy happening under the water. You’ve all seen that fabulous picture about the ducks on the water just swimming along, and everyone thinks the ducks looking just simple, and life’s just going along perfectly. And la, la, la. And underneath the poor little duckling’s going …

Well, that’s momentum. It’s flowing, it’s flowing. But the cogs have to turn and stuff actually has to happen to get that momentum working. And that’s what clarity and consistency help with. Another other one that really helps with the momentum is confidence. I talk to my Tumblr [on the face 00:05:09]. I talk about confidence all the time. Confidence is so important about so many things. But when you’re confident, and you’re in that whirl, and you’re at the top of the wave, and you’re coming down, and you’re going back up the wave, and you’re going back down … if you’re confident, you would just go with that flow. You will just keep going.

If you start doubting yourself and doubting that path you’re on, that’s when you fall off the wave. You get caught in a rip and you end up down the other end of the beach. That confidence to stay there … and that’s supported by consistency helps you stay in momentum. Another thing that you need, another ‘C’ word, is courage. Because getting to the top of that wave … I’m not a surfer. So gosh only knows why I’m using a surfing analogy or a wave analogy. If I’m in the water I like relaxing, or actually actually like [inaudible 00:06:07] scuba diving. That kind of thing. I’d like being under seeing the pretty things. Going up and down a mountain, on a wave, not my jam.

But you need the courage to do all the things that get you to the top of the wave so you’ve got the power of momentum behind you. Because without the courage to actually do the things that need to get you there, you’re struggling. You’re struggling to come up for air. You’re struggling to get to the top of the wave and that momentum never finds you. I think it’s almost when you don’t have enough courage to go for it and get there … it’s almost like the momentum is chasing up the bum. It’s like the momentum’s pushing you, but you’re resisting. So it’s a fighting action.

And that happens in business and life. It happens in relationships. So, yeah. You need that one. Then lastly … how many ‘C’ words? Five? Five ‘C’ words. Five ‘C’ words … is commitment. Commitment to me is a little bit different to consistency. Consistency for me is I have plans. I get up every day and do exactly the same thing. I have my morning Ms, I journal, I have a coffee, I go to the gym. It’s consistency like this exercise. 365 days of Facebook Lives. Absolute consistency.

What do I need to stay consistent? I need an absolute 100% commitment to my goals. I have goals associated with doing these lives. I have goals associated with getting my ass up in the morning and getting to the gym. I have goals associated with a hell of a lot of things. You know me. I’ve got my 52 tips to go for gold. They’re important to me. But I’m committed to the goal and what that goal means to me, which then gives me the power to remain consistent, which helps stay in momentum.

You’ll all know at that point in your life when you have felt completely swept up in momentum. It’s like when all that momentum is going on, it’s almost like that the love drug. You know? You’re madly in love with someone, and you get caught up in all that. It just sweeps you. It sweeps you off your feet. That saying. You just go. You just keep going, and going, and going.

Momentum’s like that but in business and in life. Well, in anything really. What are my five tips for finding momentum and staying in it? The ‘C’ words. I need to work more on other letters. Clarity, consistency, confidence, courage, and commitment. I didn’t like using my thumb. Five, five, five, five.

And with all of those I think you’ll find momentum, and you’ll go with the flow. Flow has different meanings to some people, but for me I work with flow and momentum together.
So, happy Friday night. I hope you’re all finding momentum in something. Tell me about it. I want to hear. I’ve got a great stage of momentum happening at the moment with my new show. Secret, secret. I should turn it around so you can’t see it. Yeah. Momentum is really, really good. Let me know how you’re going with it. If I can help with anything, give me a shout out. And stay tuned because the Confidence Challenge goes live on Monday. I’m so excited! I’ll talk to you soon. Or tomorrow. Bye!