I don’t know if you’re going to be able to see me very well?” I’m just going to flip the camera. you have to see this moon. How stunning is that? Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

Had to show you that moon because it’s just so ironic. One of my many roles at the moment, I’m currently EP for a production of Hair, the musical. And today, tonight that incredible full moon in Sydney is known as an Aquarius moon. And of course one of the songs from Hair is Aquarius. And we have an Aquarius moon, which is just so cool.

So I like to say I’m an analytical with a woo-woo rising. So I don’t really get into all the, “I’ll just think about the moon and the stars and life will be great.” But I thought I’m going to have a look about what this whole Aquarius moon thing is.

So apparently, and this is Dr Google telling me, it’s, the sign of the Aquarius is forward looking and growth orientated. So it’s about washing away the past and providing room for fresh starts, which is, I think fricking awesome.

Pinterest - Be free, Be whatever you are, do whatever you want to do,Just so long as you don't hurt anybody - Samantha LeithSo the one tonight is actually good of the Sturgeon moon as well. So it’s about last month being really challenging, and now we’re kind of swimming into our lives to prove that we’re stronger than we realize. And I talk about strength a lot in terms of confidence building. Yes, hello Charlie. No. Charlie wants to play with her toy. That’s not going to happen Charlie. No, we’re not going to do that.

So I thought that was just really cool. So when the moon is in Aquarius, it’s a fresh start and build on our strength, and get over all the struggles we’ve had recently. So on that note, what did I want to talk about tonight? And go outside and look at the moon after you watch this, because I think it’s absolutely spectacular, and my camera clearly, clearly did not do it justice.

And if you get a chance buy ticket to see Hair, because it’s going to be fantastic. Rehearsals are amazing. So one of the things I do with my clients when we’re talking about goal setting, what this live is actually about, is, and it’s in my coaching program, my goal friend, because I like plays on word, and it will also be in my book, which will be out in a couple of months. So one of the exercises I get you to do is work out what your 52 reasons for achieving each goal are.

Now you might go, “What the … 52 reasons! So why do I do that? Well I figure if you can come up with 52 reasons for something, that means your why is big enough to actually do it. Like the dedication, the time, the thought process, the heart, everything that goes into coming up with those 52 reasons. If you can nail that, man you want that goal. You totally do.

So you might go, “Oh, I’m just going to stop at five, five will do me, I can’t be bothered with the 52.” I encourage you, I really, really, really encourage you to do the 52. So say you come up with a goal, any goal, it can be business related, life related, go back to your wheel of life, it can be about anything in that spectrum. And I want you to shift your perspective, and look at the exercise as putting more sticks on the fire, the passion in your life. Okay? That’s what we’re doing.

And when you have a clear and a strong why, that can almost be enough to propel you towards your goal, no matter what the obstacles are. Like it helps you … An obstacle comes, slaps you in the face. And if you’ve got those strong enough reasons, you slap it back and keep going. Okay?

And 52, 52 weeks a year, it kind of made sense to my left, right brain, how I work. And I did it first years ago when someone asks me to come up with 52 reasons for something, I was like, “Why the hell would I do that?” And it absolutely worked. I promise you, I promise you, I promise you.

So another way you could do it is switch it into a gratitude thing. That’s like a double whammy for that exercise. So say the end result is, I can’t think of a goal now, isn’t that tragic? The end result is buying your dream house. Let’s go with that. And remember they’ve got to be smart goals. So by the 1st of November, 2020, I have bought blahdy, blah house.

What are the 52 things that you will be grateful for, for having that goal? So you would be grateful, one of the reasons might be, “I’m so grateful for being able to change the color of paint on a wall. I’m grateful that I get to decide what to do with the garden. I’m grateful that I know that my money is going towards something for the longterm, for my future, or my children’s future.” You can … “I’m happy, I’m happy and grateful that I get to have a place to call my own.”

And by the time you get through everything within that goal that’s going to make you feel good or proud, i promise you, you’ll see that goal in a new light, and your why will be stronger. It absolutely will be stronger. You’ll talk about it in a different way.

Go back to the house idea, by the end of it you’ll probably be wanting to plan the decorations. It’ll be that clear that it’s going to happen, and that’s what you want to happen. So I want to encourage you to do the list, and make sure you’re doing it in the positive, about why you want the goal, how great you’ll feel when you have the goal, the reasons, the things that will make you feel good about achieving that goal, things maybe about your family.

Because this particular exercise, it doesn’t actually all have to be about you. It’s just got to be about the goal and about creating that fire for you. And sometimes it’s the little things that you might just dig your way at and go, “Oh my God, that would be really, really cool.”

And you might think it’s a little thing, but add it to the list, because you need … 52 things is actually quite a lot to come up with. So the little things help, just bam them all down. Just randomly write, write, write, write, write, and they will all come out.

Don’t discount any of the ideas, don’t judge any of the ideas. You came up with it, which means it’s valid. If the thought is in your brain, it’s valid, okay? Sometimes we don’t need those thoughts, and we need to do work about getting rid of thoughts. But in this scenario, everything you’re going to come up with is going to be totally valid.
Well the effect that we’re after is we’re priming your mind for the achievement of this goal, and the attainment of this goal. And sometimes even those, if it’s coming from a place of gratitude, you can start acting on that now, which will help you get towards the goal.

And we don’t do this process at the beginning of goal setting. We do a little way in, because by the time you set a goal, you’re starting on it, hiccups happen. And this will strengthen what you really, really want. It’ll focus you. It’ll identify those really deep reasons and thoughts that may not have actually come out in the beginning. You may have decided to set the goal for what you thought was actually a different reason.

And those sort of reasons are like a little carrot. It’s like, “I can get there, I can get there, I can get there.” Like the host with the thing on its … I don’t even know what it’s called, when they lead a horse with a carrot? That’s exactly what we’re trying to do.

And the point of the goal is there’s the external thing, the physical thing that you get, or you achieve, but more so when you achieve a goal, it’s about all the internal stuff. That sense of achievement builds your confidence, it builds your courage, it develops you so much in life. That’s why I really believe they’re so important.

So pick a goal, any goal, and tonight, tomorrow, anytime over the next couple of days, nut out 52 reasons for achieving that goal. You’ll go wild, it’ll be crazy. So please do it. 52 reasons for achieving a goal. Send me some of them. I want to know what you’re doing, and don’t forget you can go to www.sevendayconfidencechallenge.com and join my free seven day confidence challenge, because that’s fun too, because I like doing fun stuff, and I’d love to see you there. Have a good night.