Dropped the phone! So a couple of people, actually not a couple of, quite a few people have been sending me a little DMs… It’s a bit of cleavage here… asking how to work with me, and I don’t tend to actually talk about that a lot on these calls because these calls are about getting information out there and helping people and sharing stuff.

So, but I thought I’m just going to do one and then I can refer people to it if they want to know more about working with me. So I work with people in a variety of ways. I’m, as you know, I have a performing background and then I kind of fell into business, got some coaching qualifications and some accounting qualifications. So I’ve got all this info rattling around my brain and a hell of a lot of passion in my heart. So I tend to work with people in a couple of ways.

I help them through the passion test, either personally or in business, and there’s links and things on my website, but I’ll go into a bit more detail. And I love the passion test, it changed my life. So if I can help anyone do that, hands up, want to do it, want to do it, even guys.

Pinterest - Under the spotlight is where the magic happens - Samantha LeithAnother way you can work with me is in my program, My Goal Friend, I know I like plays on words. So I’m like your girlfriend, but not your girlfriend, I’m your goal friend. So I’m like a yeah, partner in crime to help you actually set and achieve goals. And I work with people in 90 day windows on that. So we set goals, get shit done in 90 days. You can go again if you want or off you go on your merry way because you will have learned lots in that time.

Another thing I love to do is VIP days, although I don’t actually do VIP “days” because I don’t think a day is actually enough to get a whole hell of a lot done. So I like to actually kind of do… It’s like 24 hours with me, so we check into a hotel… Don’t look like that, don’t get crazy, it’s not like that. We check into a hotel, we do some work, we have dinner, we might have some fancy treatment in the spa, we might go see a show. We’d get up in the morning, we have breakfast, we might do yoga, go to the gym sometimes and get back cracking into work. So you’ve got 24 hours of really getting into the nitty gritty of what we need to work on. So that changes for everybody because everyone’s needs are different.

But I like the fact that there’s 24 whole hours together and you get downtime, and play time, and work time, and learning time, and crying time, and fun time and all the different times rolled into one. Another thing I’ll do a lot of and I love to do is keynotes and going into businesses, conferences, that kind of thing, and actually sharing my wisdom from a platform. I love, so either on stage or at the front of the room, taking people through something in more of a workshop format or actually just doing it from the stages and more of a presentation style.

My favorite one at the moment is called the Sound of Empowerment, which is kind of part concert, half personal development seminar. So I take a song, I sing it and I break it down lyrically so you can get the meaning behind the lyrics and you can look at how those lyrics can impact you in life and what messages you can take from it rather than just humming along and go, “Oh that actually resonated, that does something to me, that I’ve learnt something, I felt something.”

Everything I do is about entertainment, education and empowerment. So I kind of blend it into all of those things. So while something might be a course or something might be a coaching program per se for the 90 days or for six months, depending on how we decide to work together, is you’re going to get all three.

You’re going to get entertained, you’re going to get empowered and you’re going to get educated because that’s just what I do when I get dressed in the morning, it’s who I am. So if you do want to know any more about it, nothing I need to work on personally as sales because I don’t kind of do a lot of it, but I had been asked so I wanted to share this stuff with you, is you can actually go to… I should’ve put the link in here, I wonder if I can do it.

I’m clever, I’m sure I can add a link. I can add a link. So you go to SamanthaLeith.as.me and in there you can actually schedule a coffee chat with me or some people like to have a champagne chat and I’m all for that… Well not at the moment because I’m not drinking, but ask me on the 16th of December and I’ll probably have a champagne chat and I can tell you more about it. So they’re pretty much the ways you can work with me.

There’s coaching, there’s VIP Days, 24 hours… 24 hours of me, could you cope? And next year I’m actually going to be launching a retreat, which I’m very excited about. Because I think actually going away and being totally absorbed and immersed in something is phenomenal. And it actually will also be my first Limitless conference, which I’m busy planning at the moment, which I’m very excited about.

Love, yeah clapping, lots to tell you on that one. So until then, if you do want to know anymore, as I said, can I type and do this at the same time? It’s Samantha… I can’t even type Samantha. Click on the link and schedule a little chat and I can tell you more about it.

Until then, have a great night. Samantha Leith Dot… Oh, this is tricky, I should’ve thought of this beforehand. See, I’m learning! Wonder if it will actually work if I could do the link this way.

SamanthaLeith.as.me. Who will try it, who knows? Now I’m off to my sister’s birthday dinner, so happy birthday Sarah, and I’ll see you all tomorrow night, bye.