I hope you can hear me. Hope these things work. I’ll turn this around so you can see. Can you turn around? Yeah. From beautiful, beautiful, stunning, gorgeous Sydney Harbor. Now why am I doing that? Because I had a really bad day, one of those mother of the days. I texted a friend of mine at one point, I went, “Oh, I’m in such a bad mood.” And I was, as we’ve discussed before, doing that to myself. No one does that to you. It was my reactions to things that were going on that made that happen. I’m just going to try and stay out of the wind. By the time I’d finished my day and ready to pack up and get on with the next chapter in my day, I was just Grumpy McGrump Grump. And that’s no way to go home. It’s no way to live. It’s no way to spend the next 12, 15 hours, all wound up like that. What’s the point?

Pinterest - Some days are just bad days, that's all. You have to experience sadness to know happiness - Samantha LeithI wasn’t achieving [inaudible 00:01:21]. So what I wanted to share with you today is it’s really important that when you’re… Because we’re not… Oh, there go my AirPods. It’s so windy. We’re often not [inaudible 00:01:38] anger or how upset we are or anything like that. And we need to get better at it. So, you’ve got to find one of these that can bring you back into being kind of okay. And for me it is water. For me it is unquestionably being somewhere near the water, being reminded of this incredible, incredible city that we live in and I can’t go home to Elodie in a grumpy mood. That’s just awful. Shit that was caught up making me feel bad is all gone and I feel better now. So I’ll get back in my car and out of this hideous wind and go home to Elodie.

So I want you to think about where you is it you can go to let go of shit. Where is it that brings you peace? For some people it’s the bush. For some people it’s a tree. For some people it’s a cafe. For some people it’s a bar. For me it’s water. Years ago it would have been me and a block of chocolate. A few months ago when I was getting really stressed out it would have been me and a bottle of wine. Neither of those things are going to do me or anybody else any good. So I’m really glad that I’m back to being, “Okay. You know what? I feel bad. I’m going to be near water.”

And for me, the water is… it’s a place for creativity, it’s a place for life, it’s a place of gratitude, it’s a place for excitement, for peace. Water to me is everything. And I’m blessed and so lucky that our house has the sound of water near it. Put me on a boat and I go to sleep with the sound of the halyards smashing against the mast or the water splashing against the hull. That is peace to me, complete peace. So, where is your peace? Let me know. Let me know where you need to go to de-stress. I don’t recommend being outside today though in Sydney, because it’s so cold. I’m freezing. Have a great afternoon and yeah, chill out.