Hello. Good evening, happy Friday night. I forget what was on the side. I’ve got to look at the light over here instead of in the middle. I will eventually get used to this, I’m sure. Actually, I might turn my computer. Just makes it more comfortable. Rotate. Yes.

Better? Yeah, it is just more me this way. Okay, so tonight, apologies for being late. No apologies. I’m late. Busy having rehearsals for my new show tonight, which was lots and lots of fun and it got me thinking, because in Sydney today it is just the foul, like it’s cold and wet and miserable, when I got home and my house was freezing, and I was like, ah. So it got me thinking about us needing to look after ourselves on weekends like this. I’ve spoken to a couple of friends this week and a client also who’ve really been like, “Oh, you know, I just feel like not doing much.”

And we should actually kind of go with that. Like if you feel like not doing much, if you don’t have anything that drastically urgently needs to get done, don’t do much. So I just wanted to give you a few things that you could do this weekend that would, I don’t know, comfort you, nourish your soul, make you feel a bit kind of less stressed and less trying to do a gazillion things all at once, which we all try and do and we try to, especially on the weekends, we try and schedule as much social activity in as possible, that just then get to Monday and you’re like, “Oh my God, I need a weekend. I’m so tired.”

Well don’t do that this weekend, okay. So here are my things that you should do this weekend that will make you feel a bit better. Okay, so it’s Friday night. Take a chill pill, have a bath, throw a crap ton of magnesium in it. Glass of wine if you feel like it. My personal favorite in a bath is a wee nip of Drambuie, but I’m not drinking at the moment, so I won’t be having that. I’ll have a cup of tea. First port of call, bath, face mask, then maybe a movie, but go to bed early if you want with a book.

Tomorrow I want you to make yourself something really nourishing for breakfast. Take a really good walk. Stay away from social media. Give yourself a 24 hour hall pass from social media. Ironic me telling you that while I’m on social media, okay, but go for it. Put on some great tunes. Do like a bluesy kind of Diana Krall, maybe jazzy kind of feel for the weekend. Just like chillax, chillax. Chat to some friends. Good old fashioned phone calls. No FaceTiming, no text message, like actually talk to people.

See if you can meet someone for a coffee. Read a book, read a book, read a book, read a book, read a book. I’ve said that a hundred times. Do it again. Do something creative, whether that be, sing or draw or write or anything like that. Do something. Cook a cake, cook something you’ve never cooked before. Paint a window, paint, do something creative, be great. I know spring starts on Sunday, but I’m not going to recommend spring cleaning because I want you to have a chill for the weekend. Okay?

Another really good thing to do, it’s raining, but if you can, an indoor pool, a swim can be really, really, really therapeutic and great if there’s a pool that also has a sauna attached to it or a spa attached to it. So I quite often, when I get a chance to get into a sauna, I actually do like a meditation in the sauna. It’s like hot and you’re alone with your thoughts and that can be really, really great.

Take yourself to the movies, even by yourself. Take yourself to the movies this weekend you will have a great, great, great time. You can eat what you want. You can choose what you want to see at the movie, the time you want to go to the movie, go do it. Go do it. Go do it. Go do it. Get to bed early again tomorrow night. So 24 hours, I want you to have five, 10, 15, 24 hours for yourself. Then back to the world at eight o’clock tomorrow night, but for 24 hours, whether it be tonight and tomorrow or tomorrow night and Sunday, you’ll just go into Monday and spring with a spring in your step. So do it.

Go to bed early. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Alarm on your phone every hour. You are not a camel. Drink a glass of water. You are not a camel. Drink a glass of water. Go to bed early. Read a book, meditate, bath, movies, something creative. You will thank me. Don’t get caught up in a social weekend. This weather is the perfect time to recharge and start the week afresh next week. So happy Friday night, I’m going to go and put the bath on and practice what I preach.