Up on you every single day. Sorry Madonna was just playing. I posted… there’s a bad light there. I’ll just stand in the way. It’s really late and I am at a petrol station on the side of the road on a freeway. And what do I want to talk about friendship. So I shared a post earlier today with Russell Brand talking about friendship and I commented. That man’s like a seriously good fine wine. The more he ages, the thicker, the wiser, the richer, the more incredible he is. But this is not about Russell Brand. This is about… And he brought up some valid points about friendship. So I wanted to talk about friendship. I am one of those people that has lots of friends in lots of different areas and lots of different kind of parts of my life and that used to freak me out.

I used to think I was a nut job because I had surfy friends over here and drag queen friends over here and scientific friends here and theatrical friends here and, “Oh my God, I’m a freak. I’ve got all these people.” But one of the things I guess I’ve been good at and I think a lot of people are good at and we don’t give ourselves credit for, is for all those different friends showing kind of different parts of our personality. Now I’m not talking about pretending who we are or making up different parts of our personality, but we kind of show different aspects of our personality. And one thing I hope that we all do in friendship is show, whatever part of our personality we’re showing, we show the true part of that personality and we connect with people really, really authentically.

Pinterest - A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked - Samantha LeithAnd we don’t… If someone’s not going to like you or want to be your friend because of something you do or something you say or one of your values, well you don’t want them as your friend. Like you really don’t. Life’s too short and there are billions of people on this planet you know. You don’t need to be hooked and connected to someone just because you went to kindergarten together. And we have friends that come in and out of our lives throughout our lives. We have long distance friends, we have really close friends, we’ve got those friends we talk to every day. We’ve got friends that we might not talk to you for two years and you pick up the phone and it’s like nothing has changed you’re still… the conversation could have literally had a two minute gap.

I’m notoriously bad at not being great at maintaining long distance friendships. I was actually better at it when I was a kid and I had a friend who lived in England for a couple of years and I would record conversations with myself and I would send him a little cassette tape. This is one of my friends, speaking of friends.


My best Divonne doing a road trip with me. It’s really cold.

It’s freezing.

It’s really cold. And I was just like, “I’ve got an hour to do my life. I’ve got to do it.” And I used to send Jason these little cassette tapes with conversations talking about what was going on in life and how everything was in Sydney and how’s it going in England and dah, dah, dah, dah. But even with the explosion of the internet and social media and how we keep connected that way, I think we’re losing other connections with our friends. So over the last few months… you know I like to challenge myself with things. I think I’m up to 80 something of these. Shivers, I can’t remember. There’s an app. I’ll check. And it’s the same number of days… ooh you don’t need to see my boobs do you. Same number of days since I’ve had a drink. And I’ve also been doing this challenge where everyday I just phone a friend and sometimes it’s someone I actually talk to regularly, sometimes it’s someone I haven’t talked to for a while. But I’m not sending them a text message, I’m actually like, “Siri call blah.” And it’s been really nice.

So that’s what I want to encourage you to do tonight. Not at midnight, but you know, over the weekend, pick a couple of friends and just randomly call them, reach out and not if they’re people you think you have to be friends with. We need to remove that shit from our life. You don’t have to be friends with anyone. Okay. Even if you’re related to them, you don’t have to be friends with them. I’ve talked about this before you know. You don’t have to like people and people don’t have to like you, so you don’t need to hang onto friendships for the sake of hanging onto friendships, but connect with people really genuinely when you want to and because you want to and if it’s a true connection, okay. That’s it. Connect with people. Night night. I’m going to take my disco jacket in and get a drink. Bye.