Good afternoon.

Well, I like boxing classes, hence why I have gloves just lying around. One of the things I don’t like is when I beat myself up.

It’s like you’ve done something… Oh, dumb mum, what did you do that for? I can’t believe you did that. You’re such an idiot. Why did you eat that chocolate? Why didn’t you make that phone call? You’re hopeless, you’re stupid, your… And the list goes on and on and on, where we just beat ourselves up. So, I want you to flip it and I talk a lot about gratitude…

Actually, I don’t need my scarf on…

I talk a lot about gratitude and I’m grateful for my boxing gloves. But what I want you to do instead of journaling your gratitude for external stuff, when you do your journaling tomorrow, and they can be really, really big things where they can be little things.

Sometimes I’m grateful it’s sunny and my sheets got dry. Tomorrow or tonight, or whenever you want to do it, what I want you to do is grab the big bit of paper.

So I’m going to flip this around so you can see this… Big bit of paper!

Pinterest - Perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order - Samantha LeithAnd I want you to write on the big bit of paper… Actually, I should do it on a little bit, so you can see… Hopeless at this front. See, I just beat myself up again. I’m hopeless at this big paper thing.

I want you to write “I am extraordinary”, and it’s not that hard to spell. And then dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot. And I just want you to list reasons. So I want you to do things like, “I’m extraordinary because I dealt with X, Y, and Z.”

“I’m extraordinary because I’ve been told that I’m a great kisser.”

“I’m extraordinary because, oh my gosh, have you had my dahl?”

Actually, my dahl is not that great, but [Edily 00:01:59] makes a good dahl.

“I am extraordinary because I can see the positive in everything.”

“I’m extraordinary because I maximize my time efficiency to get stuff done when it needs to get done.”

“I’m extraordinary, because I don’t listen to the naysayers.”

“I’m extraordinary because…”

I haven’t been writing while I do that. But you know what I mean, now see if I do…

I am extraordinary because I snog. Is that how you spell snog? Great.

Just an example of something I’m extraordinary at, and no comments from the cheap seats or from the people that have snogged me in the past.

So yeah, I just want you to flip it instead of just being… Because when you acknowledge to the world that you are feeling extraordinary about something, that’s like the best energy ever to put out there.

Thank you. Thank you.

It’s the best energy in the world to put out there. So instead of taking it all externally and being grateful to the universe for the stuff that’s going on around you, show some freaking gratitude for who you are.

Every day that you wake up on this side is an extraordinary day. So, that’s a lot to be grateful for and there’s going to be things in your life… There might be situations that you’ve dealt with that you go, “Man, I handled that like a [mofo 00:00:03:18].”

Why the accent? I don’t know, Sam. So that’s what I want you to do. I want you to take five, 10, 15 minutes and write 10 things, 10 reasons why you think you’re extraordinary. No, scrap that, 10 reasons why you know you are extraordinary. And seriously, it could be as simple as, “making the world’s best cheese-toasty.”

Three types of cheeses, people, three types of cheeses. It’s all in the cheese. And let me know what they are. Shoot me a message. Send me a DM. I love hearing from you guys with what you’ve done and how you’ve taken action on anything I’ve said. So instead of grabbing these and beating yourself up, tell yourself you’re extraordinary. Show it to the world.