Good evening, afternoon, evening, at five, so it’s technically evening. Oh that’s a bit booby. No, I take that back. You can never be too booby, just saying, okay? Boobs are good.

Yes! So, back to what I do once a week is talking about the manifesto, and not… I wanted to talk about giving yourself permission to succeed. Now, you might think you have… So you might have a vision board or you have goal that you’ve set or you might have a idea for your future and you’re like, yeah, “I’m going to do that, I’m going to do that.” And then, all these things happen, you might have sabotage yourself, you might not keep committing and by that I mean you might not get commitments to yourself about what it takes to get to that goal. You might overcompensate on something within that goal.

Day 90 Pinterest - I give myself permission to succeed by making the right choices for the greatest vision I have for myself - Samantha LeithYou might procrastinate a shit load. You might get stuck in a pattern of doing something for other people and not following your dream. You might start talking yourself out of your dream. All these things can pop up as these tools that we use frequently to stop ourselves getting anywhere. Sort of being stuck… It can always be like being stuck in quicksand and you can’t get out and you need someone to hold your hand and yank you and pull you out of that quicksand. And I think self sabotage, I look at it as a little bit like that actually. Yes, I do.

Quicksand. We don’t want to be in quicksand. Well, there’s always ups and downs when you’re going through something. But if it’s just like normal sand, you know you can get yourself out of it. You can walk on the firmer bits, you can put on better shoes or take your shoes off, whatever helps to actually get you go through that sand. But if it’s quicksand, you’re drowning now. So, what I mean when I say give yourself permission to succeed is it’s really acknowledging that your success and your vision of success and what you want to do to be successful, your idea of success or somebody else’s, it’s really important to put that above everything else in your priorities list. So, so, so important. For example, but not to the detriment of others.

So, I’ll give you this example. Client of mine has big dreams, which I love, also has a very, very full time job. So, for her, she was slipping into a bit of doing stuff at work, that kind of thing on following her dreams. But that’s not practical at the moment.

But it would also… So what she needs to do is with her boundaries is focus on her vision of success and her dreams and her stuff as a side hustle, at night, on the weekend, the mornings, et cetera. We’ve all been there, done that, we can all do it. Hard work, but Oh my God, it teaches you the best lessons. And then while she’s at work, she has to focus on their version of success. Otherwise, that’s bad karma and that’s never going to work. But, when you are focusing on your success, whether it be studying something and your business and your relationship, building a house, fitness regime, diet, whatever it is, you have to give yourself permission to succeed in that. And that permission means that you don’t mind if you overtake someone, you may have a fear of “Oh…” You might not even know it’s a fear, but like, “Oh” in back of your mind, “if I get that I get that job, that means I’ve kind of gone past the person I started out that jobs with and I might feel a bit bad.

And you haven’t verbalized that, you haven’t really intellectualize that, but it is there and you have to let that go. So, what you got to do is just focus on your priority and know that the more successful you are, the more people will actually follow you. Not as in Pied Piper follow you, but success gets success, breeds success, whatever… There’s various quotes on that one.

So, the more successful you are, your friends, your coworkers, your children, your family, they will actually see that success and people get swept up in it. It really takes a narcissistic prick to hate someone being successful or to really, really try and tear them down. And you don’t want those people in your life anyway, but you are doing it to yourself by thinking about these things of not overtaking someone or being richer than someone or finner than someone or busier than someone or more famous than someone or…

And you’re not saying, “you know what? No, this is what I want and I’m actually going to go for it.” So, on the manifesto, you can download it from the website, or you can message me, I can send you a real one and yes, give yourself permission to succeed. Ask yourself the question, if you don’t give yourself that permission to succeed, what’s the cost of that? Like really? Staying where you are? Is that where you want to be. Chances are it’s not.
So, give yourself that permission to succeed. Good evening and get on with the people. Happy Saturday, I’ll see you tomorrow.