Happy, rainy, Tuesday. Yes, Tuesday. Thank goodness for the rain. It’s fantastic. I hope they’re actually getting some rain in the areas they need. Fingers crossed and touch wood, no leaks at our place. So what I wanted to touch on today was based on a podcast I listened to by an incredible woman by the name of Brooke Castillo, and if you don’t know who she is, have a Google, she owns and runs the Life Coach School. It’s very, very clever woman. And what she was talking about was, the process of when you’re changing big habits, instead of feeling like you’re giving up something, like I’m giving up alcohol, I’m giving up cigarettes, or I’m giving up chocolate, or I’m giving up bread, or I’m giving up, and then that has all these negative, I’m never going to get to eat bread again. Kind of connotations. Turning it into something different and saying, I’m complete.

Like my life with cupcakes is complete. I’ve had enough cupcakes, don’t need any more cupcakes, but they’re Dunsky. And it didn’t resonate for me in terms of happidy stuff, like food, sex, work, all those kinds of things. Where it resonated for me, I went, Oh, there’s so many emotions, I think I’m totally complete with. And it’s not the first time I’ve heard this complete word. Stupid, yet no, of course I’ve heard the word complete before. But I know in relationship advice, you say, well, when a relationship gets to the end of its run. It’s like this relationship’s complete. It’s not that it’s terrible or that you’re bastard or you’re a bitch, or you did this. It’s like that relationship’s just complete. And that kind of feels great to me. So I took it and went, Ah, what are the emotions?
What are those feelings? What are those kind of moods, modes, things that I get in that I think, Yep, hell to the yeah.

I am Dunsky. So I made a little list of mine once, but I thought we could talk about it, a wee bit more. So, I’m done with, are you ready, complaining, I’m accepting. I’ve done enough complaining in my life. Absolutely. I would be happy to never make another complaint in my life and I include bad Optus customer service on that. I’ve just done, not going to talk about it anymore. Don’t know, I’m complete, never. So you know what, if you catch me complaining, why did I slap myself in a video? Let me know, like Sam, don’t do it. No, you said no more complaining. Now, I’m accepting, okay, no more complaining. I’m complete. I no longer want to feel tired, because sometimes, yes, you are physically tired and I’m not talking about that.

Day 93 Pinterest - In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself - Samantha LeithI’m not talking about the tired where for some reason you only get two hours sleep. Sorry. Or maybe being up at 4:45 and gone all day. And you’re a bit physically tired. I’m talking about the tired versus Oh, I’m tired. But it’s just like an apathetic kind of tired, is, more the wording or the feeling for, can’t be, whatever. So I’m done with tired, I’m energized. That’s it. I’m complete. Never going to be tired again.

Another one, I feel like I’m totally, completely, is being stressed. Okay, Dansky, because I’m really working out, that stress just goes weee in my head and achieves absolutely nothing. So I’m relaxed. I’m calm, calm and calm is a good one, because I don’t want to feel anger ever again. Agh, did enough of that for a long time.

Dansky don’t need to do it anymore. I’m calm. So what I’m going to do, I want to hit another one, two more, sorry I had. Confusion. I’ve always said I’m not confused, I’m a Gemini and you know what, that’s just a BS excuse for me saying I was confused and didn’t want to own and accept the fact that I was confused, which meant I didn’t want to make a decision when I really knew what decision to make. So I’m done with that. I’m clear, clarity all the way. I have had my fill of confusion, had enough, don’t need it anymore. And lastly, the last one I wrote down was procrastination. I’m done with procrastination. I am decisive. Like I don’t procrastinate. I just get stuff done, because procrastination is a feeling as, this hesitation. It’s like, no, get on with it.

Get on with it, get on with it, get on with it. So, that’s what I took. So, I loved it. And it’s in the last couple of days since I listened to it, I’m like, ooh, there’s that feeling. I’m don’t like that one anymore. Nope, don’t need that anymore. Done, done, done, done, done, done. How can I flip it? So there’s a few more that I looked at, but I won’t go through them all with you, but I’d love you to do that. So have a think about it. Is there something in your life, that you’re complete with. Like are you complete with that emotion. You don’t need to feel it anymore, because it doesn’t make you feel good. So, all you actually need to do. If you’re not sure of, what is the best emotion for you to have, have a Google. Honestly, the answer to everything is in Google. So they were the ones, that five I went through with you guys, had my fill of complaining, totally complete, I’m accepting now, had my fill of being tired. I’m energized. I’m no longer confused. I’ll still be a Gemini, but I’m no longer confused. I am clear, and I’ve had enough of being angry. I’m now calm, calm.

Okay. So there you go. Had to think about it? Monitor yourself for 24/48 hours, and what are the emotions, What are the feelings that you’ve had enough with and you want to swap them. Let me know. Stay dry.