After a fire walk. So it’s I don’t know what the time is because I’m a cook,don’t have a top on my clothes. My top I watch on. So today was day, day one of UPW, which has unleashed the power within if you don’t know what it is. And I did 500 different roles today starting at the crack of dawn and just got home. And what I wanted to touch on tonight was the metaphor that is the fire walk. So, if you’ve done an unleash the power within you’ll understand what it is. But this is my first time crewing at an unleash the power within and which I’ll just call UPW for ease of time.

And can I tell you that what happens when you’re in that crowd and you’re helping hundreds of people, there’s thousands of people at the event, but in your particular fire lane, you’re helping hundreds of people get in the right frame of mind or the right state as Tony calls it to walk across the hot coals and the energy, love and the, this sense family that can happen, a connection that happens instantly with people you’ve never seen before in your life and you might never ever see again is incredible.

And to watch them go over those hot coals, knowing they can do it because they’re supported by the hundreds of amazing Crew that are there is incredible. And then for myself to finish having everybody go through and then to get the opportunity to be able to take our shoes off and go across the hot coals was amazing. I, it was years ago that I did my, went to unleash the power within and did my first fire walk and it makes me sound like a veteran. I’ve only done two and I kind of, I remember being scared because I had ankle surgery, but I remember being really committed to getting it done. I was there, you know, what else do you do when you in front of a lane full of burning hot coals? You walk across them and cause it’s, it makes you feel like you can do anything.

Day 95 Pinterest - It was a powerful experience of the inner strength we have to create the lives we want, not the lives we settle for — an inner strength greater than we often give ourselves credit for - Samantha LeithAnd the reality is it really is like, I totally understood it tonight for the what the metaphor of it was really that when your mind and your thinking and everything is just in a perfect storm of where it needs to be, you are invincible. You are, as I say limitless and I walked across those coals with a totally different perspective tonight. Totally different perspective that yeah, turn off all the noise in your heart mind and make a decision and we are such powerful bands. So it really was, I think tonight was my first understanding of really getting the gift that it is to go back into those environments and where the Crew T-shirt and be there to help facilitate people having incredible journeys. I just to gift. So, I am exhausted. And we got three days to go. But, I did another fire walk, which is so cool and my daughter is going to think I’m a lunatic and that’s okay.

I’ll explain it to her. So I just encourage you just tomorrow to that tomorrow over the weekend when you really think I can’t do it, I can’t do it, I can’t do it, I can’t do it. Just remember that tonight, 7000 something, 7100 and something people walked across hot coals and they probably at some point in their life, no way they thought they were going to be able to do that. I sure as shit never thought I’d be able to do that, and now I’ve done it twice, once as a participant and once as a support person to help other people do it. And then I get to do it as well. Just fricking awesome. So night night and I will see you all at some stage tomorrow. Finished button push that I needed you.