Good evening, happy Friday, yes I do my happy thing. Day two of UPW and yeah, I’m still tired the bags are getting bigger. But what a day. I met lots of people today. Well 7000 people you’re bound to meet if you do lots of different jobs, which was all great.

And one of the special treats we got today was, we got some special sessions with some people that came into the crew room and did stuff with us, which is fantastic. If you’ve heard of Master Co, have a Google, brilliant, this amazing breath work to clear crap. Really, really, really good. And it was one of those sessions where you do things and if you start thinking in your head, you’re like, yeah righto, how’s this going to work? Don’t kind of get it. So you have to just be and do and listen to what he says and not overthink it and do it. And you come out going, Oh wow. I actually, wow. I felt something, which is amazing for me who over analyzes stuff as a hobby. Incredible experience, incredible experience.

Day 96 Pinterest - When the personality comes fully to serve the energy of its soul, that is authentic empowerment - Samantha LeithAnd another session we had was with this amazing woman from the Anthony Robbins, Robbins research and she’s part of one of the bigger teams there. And she did a whole lot of stuff with us based around relationship and expectations and criticism and I got heaps out of it, which was great.

But I’m going to keep tonight really short because I want to go to bed, I’m really tired and if I’m babbling like a lunatic because I’m tired, I’m not doing any good to anybody that’s watching this. So what’s the point? But there was this amazing quote and if you, I was try to read my handwriting before, it’s pretty bad, right? Pretty bad handwriting. So unfortunately one of the words I’m a little bit dodgy on, but I think this is it.

And even if this isn’t quite the right word, you’ll get the meaning of it, which is just magical. And I think there were probably about a hundred of us in the room and when she said it, we all kind of went ah, grabbed our pens and were like furiously writing. So it was “Authentic power truly happens when your personality rises to meet your soul’s assignment.”

How beautiful is that? And I kind of, one of the things I took from that is that our job is to kind of be here to find our soul’s assignment and then to do that, like that’s it. Because when you work that out, that’s the secret sauce and that’s when the magic happens. So authentic power truly happens when your personality rises to meet your soul’s assignment. Now I have had a Google, can’t find it, so I’m not sure who it’s attributed to.

It may, I don’t… Yeah, I’m not sure. So, but if I find out and if I get the perfect quote, I will put it in the notes and in the blog post that goes with this. So you can all have it because it really just was one of those bam. Wow, that’s amazing. So how authentic are you? Have you found your soul’s assignment? You know, I’m 99% sure I’m on the right track, which is great. And I don’t think I’ve ever felt that confident in my assignment for want of a better term, if we’re going to look at it that way. So good night. Let me know how your assignment is going and I’ll see you all tomorrow.