Okay. So it’s Sunday night and I’m home from the last day of UPW and Sydney. And what a blessed and amazing experience. To say I’m tired is an understatement. The work that these guys put in every day is incredible and they’re back up 10 days later in another country. It’s phenomenal. But that’s not about this. What I wanted to talk about was something I noticed this UPW and I had the great, great opportunity today to actually talk to a few people that had brought their kids along and it never occurred to me to take Elody to something like a Tony Robbins event. That dude swears a hell of a lot and can do some things that are really, really quite confronting. But there’s a lot of kids and kids doing Firewalks, young kids doing Firewalks and kids sharing things.

And there was a gorgeous girl on stage today and kids wanting to come up and talk to you about your business or what you do or wanting some help in something. And they do the exercises, but they’re looked after by a youth team who really protects them. And I had this great, great conversation with a woman today with her young daughter and she was encouraging her daughter to explore more of the world and life and maybe go down and pick more of a personal development road before she gets stuck into uni. And it was really great to be hearing a mum encouraging her daughter to find her own feet rather than following the path that had kind of been designated to her cause she got a certain mark and I think that was really, really refreshing. So I’m thinking about it, you know Elody, it’s funny with Elody, I say things and she will go, “yeah here comes a personal development spin from my mother,” but we all do that.

Day 98 Pinterest - To raise a child who is comfortable enough to leave you means you’ve done your job. They are not ours to keep, but to teach how to soar on their own - Samantha LeithWe’ve all done that to our mothers over the years and our fathers I’m sure. Well here we go. They’re going to try and tell us something or teach us something. So that’s why I think these kind of rooms are phenomenal cause it’s someone else sharing stories and talking and imagine like look at this. In 12 months what’s happened with strike for climate change. Kids are brilliant. They’re absolutely brilliant. And I myself have never ever even contemplated doing any work with kids. I just didn’t think it was my thing. But I tell you this weekends really inspired me to do a bit more, especially with teens, which is kind of cool. Yeah, kind of cool. I met a lot of women that actually do work with kids in the personal development world and a couple in the health world and fascinating. And imagine the world it would be if our kids didn’t grow up with limiting beliefs.

Like if we stopped that shit before it actually, we’re 25 or 30 and have to go into therapy or coaching. Don’t take it negatively. Cause I actually believe everybody needs a coach at some point in their life, if not all the time for various reasons. And yet some people, myself included, have needed therapy on and off the years. And I think it’s fucking awesome. As I say in my manifesto, you tune your car, why the hell you don’t tune your brain and your soul is beyond me. But the youth of today, I sound like my mother. The youth of today. If we encourage them and get them to grow up without those bullshit stories that we all have like wow, what an amazing world that’s going to be. So I encourage you, if you’ve got kids, there are some, I’m actually going to list a few programs, not going to promise tonight or tomorrow cause I’ve got to play catch up on a few things.

But I will list a few programs that I’ve kind of found out a bit more about in the youth arena and people that I met because I think it’s awesome. So if you’ve got kids, keep an eye out and encourage them to grab one of those books from your bookcase. They’re probably going to get more out of thinking “grow rich” than some of the standard reading material on a school list. Yeah I’m that tired I’m fumbling sentences.

So thank you for bearing with me over the last few days with my sporadic lives. I still have managed to do them every single day, so I don’t think I’ve ever stuck to anything for so long and we’ve got the big hundred coming up in a few days, so I will do a bit of a celebration post for that one. And that’s going to be really, really good topic. So I’ll keep you posted about what time that is going to be. I might actually stick to a time, which would be pretty cool. And yeah, I encourage you all, get to UPW next year if you can. Honestly, the meditation we did a line today with Master Co was enough.

All you need to do is meet one person. Or people have actually always asked me over the years, why do you go to so many events? Why do you go to so many seminars? Why are we studying [inaudible]. I’d like to point out that the people that usually give me the shit for that kind of thing aren’t doing that great in some areas. But I’ve always set my standard response, I’m not going to justify and I don’t consider it a justification is, all you got to do is meet one person or hear one thing that changes everything for you. So you’ve got nothing to lose being in an environment that’s empowering and uplifting and educational. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain. So I encourage you to get out there and do more. Okay. Night-night. And yes, I am in my pajamas already. Finish.