Today it was really really really proven to me just how methodical and mechanical my brain is. I had a meeting with a client and one of their financiers. I arrive armed with my perfectly laid out columns and boxes and my client arrived with her version – beautifully typed up in different colours. I could make all the sense in the world of mine, but looking at hers did my head in. I couldn’t focus on the numbers, because I was just looking at the pretty colours. She couldn’t focus on mine, because all the numbers started to look the same.

You see I didn’t think I was a ‘mechanic’ when I originally did the Wealth Dynamics profiling…..I was a STAR!!! I could feel it in my bones. I loved being on stage. I loved people……that’s not someone who is a ‘mechanic’. Then I really read the profile, and then I really thought about my life and work, and then I took a long deep breath and accepted my inner mechanic. That was a couple of years ago now, and since I really embraced who I was, my business and life have grown and improved.

I like things in order. I like systems. I like colours to coordinate. I like menus that make sense. I like charts and lists and my diary.

I know it makes life easier, especially in business when you use systems and processes…..but some people feel physically sick when you say the words ‘To Do List’. Now I know. I know that we all have our own ways of doing things and learning things. The best part about this, is it doesn’t matter how you like something laid out or explained, it’s the end result that matter.

What’s the point of this I hear you say? The point is – find what works for you. The theory is the same. Systems work. Accounts must be in order. Marketing works best when it has a plan. Sales should be customer centric. Customer Service has to be 100% BUT you don’t have to do it they way the ‘experts’ tell you it must be done. Find your voice. Find your style. Find what works for you and make the most of that. Your authenticity will shine and you will work so much more efficiently.

I like lists – you might like post it notes

I like audio – you might like video

If you’re not sure of what works best for you, try some different things and have a go at Wealth Dynamics. It really was a light bulb for me.