Why is it, when you tell some people your plans they just look at you as though you have horns growing out of your head???

Yes, I’m like lots of other people out there in the world that have tried lots of different careers etc and have had a ever changing dream list. Shouldn’t we get bonus points for still having dreams??

I don’t know about you, but I’m happy that I haven’t just accepted who, what and where I am. I want to be a better person in mind, body and pocket.

Yes, I have lost weight before and put it back on. I was the poster girl for failing. It’s funny, usually, I am too scared to try things incase I fail – dieting however, I have tried and tried and tried and failed. Note the key words there ‘diet’ and ‘try’. If my memory serves me correctly I had been to both Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers by the time I was 15. Diets are great if the ONLY reason you are overweight is you are eating the wrong foods. If you are like me and eat for emotional reasons (including boredom), then a diet is never going to work. It’s only taken me 33 years to figure that out. Hey, I know that you need to eat less and exercise more to shed weight – it’s not rocket science……what I’m on a quest to figure out and fix, is how, if I know this, did I end up at 133.5kgs at the beginning of the year!!!!!