Episode 34: Failing and Celebrating your way to Success

by | Jun 29, 2022


Success is a word that so many of us aspire to, yet many of us never actually take the time to work out what it is, let alone do the work to get there. So let’s fix that now. Hi, I’m Samantha Leith, and welcome to the Samantha Leith Show. This month is all about creating that roadmap that you need and getting the tools required for success. Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Hell to the yes.

If you think success is like a coin, should have had a coin really, shouldn’t I? Anyway, there’s another side. Hello failure my old friend, how the eff can I say that I’m happy about that, because it’s that bloody important that you are okay with failure. As I said, I used to avoid failure like the plague. Not anymore. Even the show, do I know it’s going to succeed? Hell no. I do it because it’s part of the bigger vision I have and I strongly believe in that vision. So here I am, throwing everything I can at it.

Nobody has a crystal ball. If they say they know something is going to succeed, they may feel it in their bones, but they can’t actually know it. We simply need to look at some of the really big businesses that have risen to great heights and fallen to the earth. When something effs up, here’s what you want to do. First things first, you allowed a little pity party, you are human after all. Then you want to ask yourself some questions, and yeah, you may do it with wine or chocolate if you want. You want to take a bird’s eye view of the situation and look at what went wrong.

Actually, it may have gone right but you just don’t know it yet. This may be a big picture idea, but where you can, I’d get detailed. It’s all part of the learning process. What did you actually want to happen? Did you do everything you could to make it happen? That’s a tough one, as we so often don’t want to admit that we actually didn’t do everything we needed to do to get there. Yeah, that’s personal responsibility people, and yep you need that to be successful. What could you have done differently? Where have you succeeded in something before? Yep, you need a boost. So dig into that file you keep with the good stuff. What have you learned from this experience? Do you want to try for this again? Now, forgive yourself. Let it go. And if you want to go again, work out what steps you need to take, make a plan, and start. It’s really important that you do this quickly because, that bounce ability will do you wonders. Then reach out to your support or accountability people and get with them and help you on this.

Remember, failure’s a good thing. Now, if we’re going to talk about failure, we need to mention celebration because I like to celebrate. You want to celebrate every step along the way of your success. Every achievement, big or small, keep a box or a file of those wins and share them. Do not be afraid to be proud of these things. More importantly, celebrate the successes of those around you. Grab a cake. Yes, this one happens to be a French cake called success. Take it over to a friend who’s just done something they were working towards. This is good karma people, and you need to be happy for others success in order to be successful yourself. And if in doubt, champagne usually works. Now my friends, I toast to you and your future success. Let me know via the Interweb what your success plan looks like and I’ll celebrate along the way with you.

I can’t talk about success without reminding you about goals. So just quickly, your most important goals must be tied to the vision of success you’ve just created. Your goals must mean something to you. Your goals, well, I like the smart method. Your goals must be flexible because crap happens. Your goals have got to be challenging, exciting, and change you in the process. And your goal has got to be in alignment with your values, vision, mission, passion, feelings, all of those things. Okay? Your goals must help you balance your wheel of life. And your goals need support and accountability. When you’ve done your goals, yep in the worksheet you can go back over it, take the goals you want to work on. Maybe I wouldn’t do any more than two current, two longer term, maybe three current. And what are the five actions you can take every single day to achieve those goals?

Work it out for each goal, and then some of them might cross over. So you don’t need to double up, which is a great thing. Then build those action steps into your calendar and your daily habits. Back we go around the loop. Thank you so much for watching this week’s episode of the Samantha Leith Show. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any episodes. Grab the worksheets and let a friend who you know, is wanting something more know about this video. It may be the thing they need right now to help them be extraordinary.

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