Thank you for choosing  Samantha Leith  for your event.

You can be assured that Samantha will do everything possible to ensure your job is easy and your event runs smoothly.

Before the event Samantha will connect with you and your team in order to customise  The Experience  to fit the theme and to make sure that the desired outcomes are met for the key stakeholders and attendees.

Samantha is also happy to include unique video content as a pre-event warm up for your audience.

For  virtual events , depending on your requirement, Samantha is able to use a small purpose built studio, office, or a larger commercial studio. From green screens, multiple cameras, large screens, eCamm Live or digital flipcharts, your event will be handled with the latest technology, exceeding your expectations.

Virtual events can be live or pre-recorded and include fireside chats, panel moderation or involvement and the set up and running of breakout rooms & polls as required.

For  on-stage events , Samantha is there for you and the attendees. Her dedication to the smooth running of your event and the engagement of the audience is what sets her apart from many speakers. Depending on the event, this may include q & a’s, intimate gatherings or panel discussions.

Samantha will include where required post event videos, masterclasses or other follow up content to cement the learnings of the attendees and continue the motivation once they leave the room.

Samantha is available for:

★  Virtual Keynotes

★  Virtual Workshops

★  Virtual MC

★  Opening Keynotes

★  Closing Keynotes

★  Speaker

★  MC

★  Breakout Sessions

★  Panel Discussions

★  Fireside Chats

★  Workshop Facilitation

★  Singer

Below you will find everything you may need to work with Samantha on your event.  If there’s something else you require, please don’t hesitate to email