“It’s not what’s happening to you now or what has happened in your past that determines who you become. Rather, it’s your decisions about what to focus on, what things mean to you, and what you’re going to do about them that will determine your ultimate destiny.” Anthony Robbins

This is a quote I came across recently that really resonated with me. I admit that over the years I have played the blame game or used justification as a method for anything I could.

What do you focus on??

What am I focused on??? Well at the moment I have 5 main areas to my life. Myself, my daughter, my day job, growing my online business and my friends & family. The order gets changed around depending on the day.

A friend and mentor of mine Krishna Everson from Health Practice Success says Follow One Course Until Successful. I couldn’t agree more, but sometimes we need to deviate a little from the path because of what life throws us. It’s very important to get back on the path asap though.

Each morning I pick one thing from each area that I need to FOCUS on. It may look like this….

  • Myself – go to a class at the gym
  • My daughter – finish organising her birthday party
  • My day job – what 1 big thing needs to be completed today
  • My online business – complete 1 blog post and send any orders
  • Friends and family – call one friend

If I can do anything else on this list – then great, but these are the things I want to FOCUS on for the day. It kind of looks like a To Do List. Well it’s not. My To Do List for each area is much longer, and can be a little overwhelming – so I chunk it down to a really important focus point for the day.