Goal Setting and iPad, iPod and iPhone Apps

by | Jan 20, 2018 | Archives

I’m a girl that likes technology…..so yes, I have an iPhone, iPod and iPad, and before you ask – yes I use them all.

What I have been trying out is and goal related apps that I come across. So far I have tried the following:

Goal Setting: Ultimate Guide to Setting Goals Successfully

Free eBook: Yes, I Can!

Make It Happen!

PeerPressure for Goals


That’s just touched the surface!!!! There are so many in iTunes, and I’m sure there are lots for Android also. The problem is you need to wade through lost of soccer goal apps to get to them. I guess of the tracking apps I have listed (some are just books) I found Peer Pressure the most detailed, but some people (like me) may not be interested in the fact that you can post your results directly to Facebook. I love the icons in GoalTracker, but I didn’t find it detailed enough. I will keep testing them, till I find one I LOVE to use.
What I like about using tracking tools is that the mere act of having to note something down can sometimes make you do it. There’s that little embarrassment factor when you don’t manage a star that day.
I do like good old fashioned methods too…..I have a sheet on my bathroom wall with all the weight I need to shed, and I give myself crosses and stickers and ticks etc as I go.
What do you use to help keep you on track? I’d love to hear some stories.


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