What a week!!!

Seriously, not happy Jan.

Why is it that some people have nothing better to do than hack my sites and create a mess. Removing pages from the site. Sending other pages to porn site. Changing links blah blah blah.

It has caused absolute crazy here at Smart Not Hard International / Samantha Leith.

It has meant I’m looking at changing hosts, working with my tech team and upgrading software etc. All things I wouldn’t be doing this week if it hadn’t happened. I’d be concentrating on stuff that is in my Zone of Genius, like speaking, writing – talking to clients.

I’m not writing this post to have a moan – I’m not that type of gal, I’m writing it, so you might be encouraged to take a look at your sites security (actually get a professional to do it) and check that all is ok.

A friend of mine Helena from DIY Website Coach has written this great post – check it out. She’s the expert, so I’m not going to confuse you with my 2 cents worth.

All I want to say is, don’t assume it’s all ok – then have the shit hit the fan and wake up to emails from people saying….I wanted to buy X, but your page goes to Y……I could cry.