Phew. We have finally done it!!!

It’s the 15th of June, 2013.
I feel amazing now that I have removed 35kgs from my shoulders….actually it was on my shoulders, arse, chins, arms etc. You get the picture.
I feel so proud that I can now walk in to a room and state without hesitation exactly what it is I do for my amazing clients.
I feel humbled by the incredible support I have had from my friends on this entrepreneurial journey.
I feel so FREAKIN EXCITED about what’s going to happen over the next years of our lives.

What a journey this has been…….

A little over a year a go, I did Marie Forleo’s B School. WOW. What an eye opener it was for me. You see I thought my business was doing ok, when really I was chugging along, paying the bills, playing small (hilarious given my 130kg size) and not living life the way I really wanted.

Sales of my first online program 6 Weeks To Smart Systems were ok, but just ok. Then it struck me. I was bored. I was boring myself in business. I had removed all of my personality and was only concentrating on my skills. No wonder sales were just ok….most people start to shut down when you talk systems, strategy and balance sheets!!!

Then I went to RHH Live. Marie’s 3 day workshop in New York, which coincided with a certain hurricane and left me with a terrible first world problem – being stuck in New York. What did I learn there? I learnt that to have the live I wanted to live, I had to stop hiding behind my size and my skills and step up and be me. Show the world everything I have to offer.

So the re-brand of my business, my life and my arse was born.

Now it wasn’t business seminar that made me decide to have a Vertical Gastric Sleeve, it was years of yo yo dieting, being a single mum, finally admitting to myself that I hated my size and seeing my mother’s weight related health issues. So I took the plunge on the 19th of December and had 80% of my stomach removed. For someone that loves to cook, loves to entertain and loves to eat out, it was a hard call. I still find social situations hard, but the benefits far outweigh the pitfalls.

My weight hasn’t held me back much in life. I used to say I always had good jobs (including years of professional singing), always dressed well and always managed to get laid. Wow. I was sososo good at lying to myself.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying you have to be a stick figure to be successful. Not at all. There are some amazing people out there that are overweight. Size should never ever hold you back – if you are ok with it. I truly wasn’t ok with it, so it held me back.

So who am I now? Well I’m still obese, but I have lost over 50% of my excess body weight. I’ll get there by Christmas, and by my 40th next years, I’ll have had a couple of nips and tucks to finish it all off. I will never eat a big plate of food or down a large cocktail ever again….but I will be here to see my daughter have children and I won’t have any of the health issues associated with obesity to slow me down.

Back to business……what do I do?

Hi, I’m Samantha Leith, The Entrepreneurial Diva. I’m a Business Strategist and Systems Superstar – here to help small business owners and entrepreneurs create their own Show Stopping Business and Life!!!

What a great job to be doing!!!

How do I do this? Well, you can work with me in many ways…..sounds ominous. You might want some 1 on 1 time, you might want me to come in and work with your whole team. You could book me to speak at an event, do one of my online programs, or even come to one of my events. Who knows what the future will bring? Well, I do, but I’m not sharing my next 10 years with you right now.

This site is a work in progress. Some pages are ready for their online debut and others are still putting their make up on.

Have a look around. Join the Diva Clique and find me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

Have a great day and don’t miss downloading my Manifesto…..who else is going to encourage you to swim naked in the rain.