Are you ready to be the  eXtraordinary  person you were born to be?

The life you have always dreamed of is easier than you think.
Having the Clarity, Confidence, Courage and Charisma to achieve it all is one click away.

How to be eXtraordinary is the  life changing personal development course  that’s designed to support you to dream big and take even bigger action.


If you know deep in your heart that you are living your life at a level less than you could be then
How To Be Extraordinary is for you.

Your greatest life is waiting for you. It has been since the moment you were born, and there’s no better time to step into it than now.

 Maybe some of this is familiar…

You remember your childhood dreams and wonder what the F happened.
People say you’ve achieved so much, but they can’t hear the nagging inside your head.
Confused because you were meant for more, but don’t know what ‘it’ is.
You’re frustrated by not being seen, heard & remembered?
People say you have ‘so much talent’ but it doesn’t translate into more sales or opportunities.
You worry that you don’t have an X Factor.
Disappointed in yourself for not living the life you imagined.
You feel guilty for daring to want more out of life.
Scared that you’re running out of time to follow your passions.

You’re not alone.

If any, all or more than that strikes a nerve then How To Be Extraordinary is for you.

Ultimately we ALL want better Physical & Mental Health, Relationships and Wealth, so what stops us? Is there a magic pill we can pick up online and fix it all? Hell to the No. Some would think that’s sad, I don’t. It’s in digging deep and working on ourselves that true growth and magic happen.

Are you ready to transform your life? To go from being a Dreamer taking no action, to being to Doer taking powerful action? From feeling Frustrated to feeling truly Extraordinary?

 How To Be Extraordinary  isn’t about
ticking boxes to be a cookie cutter person.


It’s about YOU being clear on who YOU are. Showing up every single day as only you can.

Living the life YOU want to live starts with you having an Extraordinary relationship with YOURSELF.

By the end of this program you will:

Deepen your

get more done, push through doubt, design your wildest goals, smash confusion and live a passion filled life

Uplevel your

believe in yourself, silence your insecurities, take control of your life, own who you are and propel yourself forward fast

Pump up your

master your emotions to face your fears, take risks, embrace change and move through to what’s possible

Nail your

connect and communicate authentically irresistibly and fast in any situation inspiring others to take action

It’s been designed to take you step-by-step from where you are, to where you really want to be.

Mastering these 4 key elements will make your success inevitable.

How To Be Extraordinary will transform your life and it’s available to you right now at a level that’s perfect for you.

If you prefer to work at a time and pace that works for you and join us for group calls when you can then General Admission is perfect for you.

If you feel the need for 1on1 support, butt kicking and your instant gratification needs mean you want to be Extraordinary yesterday then the Diamond VIP Package is the ticket you need.

If your team could do with an injection of Extraordinary in order to take your business to the next level, then let’s have a chat and discuss the Corporate Box options.

The Details

When you sign up for How To Be Extraordinary you’ll receive immediate access to Module 1. The next modules will become available to you each week over 14 weeks. Why 14 weeks? Great question, thanx for asking. This roadmap has been designed to have you doing the work while you’re living your life. So, you are given a couple of implementation weeks to help action everything you’ve worked on, and not feel overwhelmed!

Once you’re in, you’re in – for life with all future updates and content free of charge.

Inside your Membership Portal you’ll find:
Videos and MP3s
PDF transcripts
Exercises and worksheets
Fortnightly live group coaching and monthly bonus content FOR LIFE!

Some people ❤️ all the nuts and bolts, so here they are:

How to be Xtraordinary

Living a life with less confusion and doubt is all based on Clarity. In these modules you will create the blueprint needed for your Extraordinary life.

Module 1: The Passion Test

Discover your top 5 passions
Learn the 3 step formula for creating anything you want in your life
Discover the ONE SECRET that will ensure that you’ll always live a life that’s aligned with your passions
Come away with 3 tools that you can use immediately to move closer to your passions
Have defined what your life will be like when you are fully living your passions


Module 2: Values

★ Nail your top 10 values
★ Have the tools to be able to use your values to stay on track with your goals
★ Learn the tiny trick to improve your effectiveness dealing with others whilst staying true to your values
★ Discover the ‘How’ that drives you
★ Craft Vision and Mission statements to usher you through life

Module 3: Vision & Mission

Uncover the ‘Why’ that inspires you
Use a simple framework to create your personal vision statement
Understand how to build rapport in a virtual world
Know how to challenge yourself and make an amazing first impression


Imagine never doubting your abilities or worth. These modules are designed to have you showing up owning who you are and being a living example of what’s possible.

Module 4: Goal Setting

★ Learn a simple & proven method for goal setting
★ Nut out your most audacious goal (and believe you’ll do it)
★ Celebrate your past successes
★ Create goals for each area of your life
★ Decide, plan and take action on your 30day, 1year, 3year and 10year goals


Module 5: Daily Habits

★ How to master the daily habits needed for continued momentum
★ Get honest about the habits holding you back and learn how to change them
★ Set yourself up for success by understanding the obstacles you face
★ The sometimes unsexy habits you need to instill for success
★ Get started on 5 new fabulous and achievable habits straight away


Module 6: Confidence Stack

★ Understand my signature 12 piece Confidence Stack
★ Have tools to keep each piece strong even on your worst days
★ Choose the 1 thing you need to work on today that’s sabotaging your success
★ Discover the biggest mistake people make about ‘being confident’
★ Get the process to take you from Blah to Wow in an instant


Your ability to act in spite of fear, with increased mental strength & resilience will take you from feeling like you’ve failed somehow to feeling like you can go after your wildest dreams.


Module 7: Foundations of Courage

★ Understand the 6 types of courage
★ Get clear on the characteristics of courage successful people tap into everyday
★ Complete a courage audit, celebrate your wins and compassionately look at your misses
★ Track your courage for 7 days to develop a courageous mindset
★ Harness your ability to stay quietly courageous in your daily life


Module 8: Fears and Beliefs

★ Create your Fear List and even overcome some during the process
★ Look at the biggest fear holding you back and develop the plan to nail that sucker
★ Take a deep dive into your beliefs and flip the ones that aren’t serving you
★ Develop your own personal Creed, a transformational manifesto for your success
★ Learn the 3 questions you need to ask yourself to go from no action to action on your goals


Module 9: Boundaries

★ Understand the different types of boundaries and why you need them
★ Master the art of creating a boundary you can enforce
★ Uncover where you need better boundaries in your life
★ Get skilled in communicating your boundaries with ease
★ Learn the 6 keys for facing boundary challenges


We need people in both our personal and professional lives, so developing the skill of inspiring and influencing others, to make them ‘feel’ is crucial for success.

Module 10: Charisma Essentials

★ Discover the 4 types of charisma and how to harness yours
★ Understand the requirements you need to nail to be more magnetic
★ Boost your charisma in 7 Days
★ Learn how to be more charismatic in an instant
★ Know how to conquer obstacles and leave a lasting impression


Module 11: Rapport and Communication

★ Learn the Rapport Rumba
★ Use a simple framework to have transformational conversations
★ Get the keys to connect both socially and emotionally to others


Module 12: Your Message

★ Put the pieces together and perfect your personal & professional introduction
★ Discover the art of storytelling with a purpose
★ Write and master your 5 go to stories
★ Get my secret hack for modifying your message and stories for any situation
★ Leave your comfort zone behind and introduce the Extraordinary you to the world

Additional Goodies

★ 100 Interesting Questions
★ Boundary Statements
★ Vulnerability and you
★ Instant Confidence Boosters
★ Traits of Confident People
★ Creating Affirmations for Success
★ Self Love Mirror Exercise
★ Journaling Prompts
★ Design your Perfect Life
★ How to honour your feelings and rapidly change your day
★ Designed to add the finishing touches to the work you are so clearly committed to doing

 Are you ready to be  Extraordinary? 

General Admission


Payment plans available

Diamond VIP Package


Payment plans available


Let’s have a chat to discuss

A Peek Behind The Curtain

  Here’s a reminder of what’s in it for you  

General Admission

12 Modules on Clarity, Confidence, Courage and Charisma
Videos, MP3’s and Transcripts for each module
Printable and fillable worksheets
A clearly laid out roadmap to take you from ordinary to Extraordinary
Fortnightly live coaching
One a month bonus sessions
Access to a growing community of Extraordinary people just like you
Invitations to join Challenges and Events
Lifetime access to everything, including the community, and any updated content

Diamond VIP Package

Everything in General Admission PLUS
Bi-weekly 1on1 coaching sessions for 16 weeks
The Passion Test as a 2 hour, 1on1 process before you start
Emails answered within 24hrs hours during the week
Special goodies delivered by the postman
2hour session to develop your next 90 day plan at the end of the 16 weeks
Final wrap up session after that 90 days.

 The Guarantee 

Not to forget you’ll be backed by a 21 day guarantee, which means you get access to all of the Clarity modules. I understand, sometimes things don’t fit, so if you promise you tried as much as I did, then we can part ways as friends and you will get any money you have paid back.

I want you to feel as confident in the decision to invest in yourself as much as I feel confident in this process, so there will be no questions asked, or homework to hand in.

 dear extraordinary you, 

If you’ve read this far, thank you.

The key to being Extraordinary is to let go of everything in your life that made you ‘feel’ ordinary – because you’re not! Then to create the Clarity, Confidence, Courage and Charisma to go after your wildest dreams. I really believe this is possible for you, and How To Be Extraordinary is the fastest way to do it.

Put yourself in an environment with so much support that success is inevitable.
Commit to doing the work that will make success inevitable.

Don’t battle with that rumble inside you that’s urging you to Be, Do and Have more, and don’t wait around for someone to come and do it for you – news flash, they aren’t coming.

Take the time to do something that’s 100% for you, and watch the trickle effect of you investing in yourself work it’s way out and impact those you love most in the world.

We only get one chance at this thing called life, and as someone who put many years on hold, waiting for the perfect time to be Extraordinary, I can promise you there is no perfect time.

I am a product of How To Be Extraordinary and if you want to, you can read more of my story or yours before you say yes to yourself.

Remember every moment you are not your Extraordinary self you are missing life’s best opportunities.

I don’t want you to look back in 1 or 2 years and beat yourself up even more for asking that dreaded ‘What if’ question, it’s truly not worth the pain.

As Glinda the Good Witch said: You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.

See you on the inside.

Sam xx

So Who Is This For?

You’ve achieved lots by many people’s standards but as the clock is ticking on your life, and as you witness changes in the world around you, you struggle.
You know there is so much more to it.
You’ve read the books and been to the seminars, yet you haven’t transformed those big ideas into tactical & practical steps.


Maybe you want to:
Strengthen your Commitment and inspire your team to work for a common vision.
Strengthen your core Competency and take any audience on a journey with you.
Strengthen your Credibility and share your unique voice, commanding any room.
Strengthen your Conviction and share your inspiring message.


Most importantly you know that your dreams and desires are worth working for.

This is not ideal for you if:
You want someone to do the work for you
You don’t want to be 100% honest to yourself or others
You get easily offended (oops I swear sometimes)
You easily slip into victim mentality and don’t want to change

You can stay where you are or you can say yes to getting the support you need to be Extraordinary.

You can decide that you’re willing to accept this ordinary version of you and never truly know what you are capable of.
You can discover that who you can be is more Extraordinary than you can actually imagine.


Let’s Go!

Join how to be  Extraordinary  Today

General Admission

3 monthly payments of


General Admission

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Diamond VIP Package

4 monthly payments of


Diamond VIP Package

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Corporate Box

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