Do you need an Emcee or Master of Ceremonies (MC), a Facilitator or an Experiential Host?

Having someone who  keeps your delegates or audience engaged and excited  is crucial for in person, virtual or hybrid events. From smaller networking rooms to larger corporate functions you’re looking for someone who will work closely with your team to tailor content and delivery for your event. Regardless of the title you want someone who is a great communicator, who can remain impartial and is  confident enough to handle any situation. 

A good MC

glues the event together
is professional yet personable
keeps an event agenda on track
won’t need to read a script word for word
creates a connection between the speakers & guests
knows all the housekeeping
can think in the moment
doesn’t make it about them
introduces people and sessions in the tone you want
is authentic, charismatic, energetic, confident, enthusiastic and fast thinking


A great Facilitator

is able to co-ordinate people with the precision of a Girl Guide
works towards the results you require
has a high level of EQ, IQ as well as Social Intelligence
is resilient and positive in any circumstance
tailors content & activities to what you need to achieve your goals
is patient and respectful of everyone in the room
asks questions and designs activities to encourage greater participation
is resourceful and creative
observes body language and is an active listener
is authentic, charismatic, energetic, confident, enthusiastic and fast thinking


An Experiential Host

is MC, Facilitator, Entertainer and Speaker rolled into one
works with you to tailor the whole experience to achieve your goals
can burst into song or use humour at the drop of a hat
focuses on the audience and what they need from the event
is proactive and fearless
can be serious, witty, challenging and empathetic
collaborates with the other speakers to create the best event for everyone
guides interactions and conversations without jargon
is professional, memorable and goes the extra mile
turns an event into an Extraordinary Event

If you want someone to lead your event from the front of the room, or energise through the virtual world, you’re looking for Samantha. Her rapport building skills, intellect and stagecraft give her the tools to handle any audience and event. She will hold the space for your attendees whilst making sure all of the event goals are achieved by being the thread that ties it all together.
  Samantha is available for:   
In person conferences

In person events

In person panels

In person sessions

Virtual conferences

Virtual summits

Virtual panels

Virtual fireside chats

Hi, I’m  Samantha Leith . As an MC, Facilitator or Host, supporting exciting and engaging events is my promise to you with. With the event goals and audience needs in mind, I’ll work with you and your team to create an  Extraordinary Experience . If you’d like find out more about how we can work together, please schedule a time for us to have a chat.

5 Reasons to Hire Samantha


Customised Content For Your Audience

Samantha will work with you to tailor an event with messaging that’s perfect for your audience. The goals for your event, the challenges you’re facing and the atmosphere you want to create are just part of what’s looked at to make it an Extraordinary Experience.


A Thirst For Knowledge

Learning through powerful messages that are built to inspire is key. There’s always something new to learn & exciting to share, so you can be assured that if Samantha finds something that will be fabulous for your industry, event and delegates, it will be included.



Samantha has the ability to create instant connection with people from all walks of life - no matter the size of the room. A communication chameleon, everyone from CEO’s to newby Direct Sellers & event support staff will feel at home and seen by Samantha’s words & presence.



After the event Samantha can spend time with your delegates, including Q & A’s or group exercises where appropriate (karaoke anyone?). Follow up work and support can be part of your tailored event package so the motivation doesn’t end when they get home.



With each keynote, workshop or MC event, Samantha promises it will be a truly Extraordinary Experience. Combining elements of 1on1 coaching, personal development seminars, big stage concerts, intimate cabaret gigs & multimedia wizardry, they’ll be talking about it for ages.

Samantha Leith

MC, Emcee, Facilitator and Experiential Host:

Helping you to create the most Extraordinary event for your organisation and attendees.

Book A Chat with Samantha to discuss your Virtual or On Stage Event

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