A few years ago I came across Mind Movies. One of the people who started it was a woman I knew many years ago (in my singing days) called Natalie. It’s funny, but you pay more attention to something when there is a personal attachment to it I guess.

Anyway, Mind Movies are a powerful Law Of Attraction tool that sososo many people use. You can do one in lots of ways with lots of different software. I played around with doing one back when I first discovered it. It was a huge failure, partly because I spent ages researching what other people were doing with their Mind Movies…..I now know, who cares what other people are doing – it’s about my vision of my future.

The second thing I had to get over, was actually showing it to anyone. Well I’m over that now. You can see it here or on You Tube.

The words I have chosen are all 100% true as to how I want my future to look. Some of the images may be a little extreme – but who knows, maybe I will own a super yacht like Mirabella one day. I know I will own a yacht, and I guess that’s the important thing.

Anyway, I feel very brave sharing it – so have a look and let me know what you think.