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by | Jan 3, 2023

The Samantha Leith Podcast WEB Episode 11

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In this episode of The Samantha Leith Podcast we take a look at Creativity. How to get more creative and how it adds so much to our lives. Taken from episodes 45-48 of The Samantha Leith Show.

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Creativity, the use of imagination or original ideas to create something inventiveness, thanks to Google and Oxford languages for that definition. So what does that actually mean for most of us in our real world experience? And why is creativity important for us? This month on the Samantha Leith Show, we’re gonna explore the wonderful world of imagination and come away with our youthful wonder reignited, hopefully. So let’s go.



Well, I’ve given you the definition of creativity and suggested you get creative. Am I done now? Kind of joking, kind of not. How can something that seems so instinctive and a natural born skill be a topic that we actually need to discuss? How can we start our lives filled with a natural curiosity, which is another big topic and creativity, and somewhere along the way, many of us have those juices squished out of us life. You gonna really go up sometimes.

I wanna start this by asking you a question, and it’s a really simple one. Do you think you are creative? Now, you might be tussling with the answer yes, no, me, maybe used to be. Stop, collaborate and listen. Steph, I really need to come up with something better for this stop bit. But anyway, there is no big thinking needed. You are by very nature creative. We just need to dig a little and bring it back out to play. So what does Steve Jobs, Stephen King, Steve Martin, and Steve and Sondheim all have in common. Apart from their name, they’re all very creative people, but in very different ways as our Beyonce, Mary Curie, Frida Carlo, and Betty Graham. Liquid paper if you didn’t know, creativity isn’t a one and done thing. I guess it’s a little like the definition of perfection as unique to us as our DNA.

I love the same creativity as intelligence, having fun. And for some of these people we call creative geniuses. It is. Some of you may not resonate with that whole intelligence thing, but trust me, you’re intelligent. Again, it’s simply a different level for all of us. So try and quash that doubt. Remember, it’s a thought you are having. So if you need some help on creating some ones, go back and watch episodes 40 to 44. In a study by BT and Kennet in 2018, they looked at mapping the connection between three brain networks to examine the creative thinking ability of people. They were shown different objects and asked to come up with creative ideas for use, but that’s not being creative. Yeah, I can hear those clogs ticking. Ah, I’ll get to you later. Some people came up with more creative ways than others, like using a sock for a water filtration system.

And they generally had more creative hobbies and achievements. So while looking at all those brain connections and the FMRI, they could see that the people with stronger connections and what they call the high creative network, default executive control, salience networks were instinctively more creative, suggesting these very creative people are actually wired a little differently. Like other studies of professional artists have shown. Now, I’m not a neuroscientist, so I am totally gonna stop there, but as we know, our brains are these wonderful malleable beasts. So I do believe that by adding more creativity to our daily lives, even appreciating we where we already are, it’ll strengthen these connections within us, leading to you guess it. Greater creativity.

When I was a little kid, I would write little plays and I’d put them on in the backyard. And I remember sitting on our boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean playing the guitar, and I was singing a song I’d written about the rain. Then as the years went by, things happened. An art teacher told me I wasn’t very good at painting, so she told me to use a camera. And all these years later, I still struggle with selfies and a musician and person I admired greatly read some of my songs and told me I wasn’t a good songwriter. I’ve never written another one. And I had dozens, if not hundreds of lyrics written down. I was crushed by other people’s voices not supporting my definition of what creativity was. If I couldn’t draw or write, I must be hopeless in that department. I thought, fuck, I just wanna apologize to that me, I grieve for that girl and that woman that thought she couldn’t. Life kept going, obviously, until about six months ago. And I had this shock realization that I was actually creative. Now you may be watching this and thinking I’m bonkers and well, anyway, it’s true.

I remember calling Rebecca whose studio we are filming this in, and she’s become a great friend of mine. And these things poured out. I was creative, it came flooding outta me. The scripts, the set design, the song choice, the B-roll ideas, the wardrobe, the makeup, I was creative. It all came from inside my brain. Wow. Then my thoughts took over and I felt like a bloody idiot. I’ve been creative all my life and I just didn’t see it. As you can see in this little little montage from theming, Elodie’s birthday parties, to Instagram posts, how I display things at home, shows I’ve put on, and yes, even the way I’ve problem solved my clients and my businesses over the years, it’s all been creative. How can I be so stupid to not see it? It’s not stupid. I’m not stupid. It’s life.



Much like the inherent confidence we all have as we grow and evolve, we don’t work those muscles. They wither or we forget that they’re a part of us. In 1956, Mobley looked at how to teach people to think creatively. And yes, it can be taught. It’s not about traditional teaching or about learning answers. It’s about asking new questions and about unlearning as you will, not sticking with assumptions and things we believe is true. To do this, we must heighten our self knowledge. Bingo. That is something we work on here every single week on this show. Self-knowing is a fundamental part of what I call the confidence stack, and it’s instrumental in us being able to be the best us we can be. Now, your homework for this week is to download the worksheet, samanthaleith.com/freebies and ask yourself these questions. Who are 10 people that you think of as really creative in history? What are some of the traits you think they had? Where have you been creative in your past? And how can you be a little more creative right now?

Hi, I’m Minnie Cooper and I am a drag queen for a living. And the two things I would suggest with creativity, always believe and trust your own instincts, and always try and take a risk. Cause if you take a risk, then great things can happen. Don’t be afraid.

Firstly, I think you’ve gotta look at your prejudices and your thought processes and your limiting beliefs. There’s no point saying, oh, I’m gonna be creative today. When you deep inside still have that teacher from, you know, year three telling you you’re not creative. You’ve got to identify those, those old stories that you have been told by your teachers, by your parents, by yourself. Where are we critics? Write them down. Even get them out and realize for the imposters that they are, for the ridiculousness that they are. And once you, you read the old story, you can start telling a new story and realize that we are creative in, in any way we want to be. And then the next thing you should do is just get started on something that brings you joy. And it might be bringing out the easel and the paint that you decided you wanted to use. Or it might be going to a singing class or it might be going out walking in nature. Just something that connects you back to who you are inside and just give it a red hot go. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And don’t hold onto any expectation. If you are going to draw, if you are going to sing, if you are going to do something, um, creative, don’t think about the end product before you start. Just enjoy that release of creativity.

Creativity, it’s, for me, it’s kind of almost like a, a reflexivity of mind. So it’s, it’s, um, it’s just, yeah, it’s, it’s being prepared to be, um, yeah, mentally and emotionally open. I think, um, getting yourself into a place of just real responsiveness and and being able to, yeah, being able to make the most of inspiration, I guess.



What did you come up with for traits of creative people? I know you may find it hard to believe, but yes, some of the traits of creative people are sparkly, similar to the ones of confident people, and here are a few of them. They’re curious, energetic, introverted and extroverted. Yep. You can be that. At the same time, people, passionate, risk takers, imaginative, they’re interested in people. For some they may actually make creativity a ritual. Take Jerry Seinfeld for example. He wrote a new joke every single day. Some of them would’ve been terrible and we’ll never get to hear them. But by exercising that creative muscle, he came up with some great ones. Now I’ll admit his humor doesn’t do anything for me at all. But you get the idea. If I hadn’t stopped writing my song thoughts on a journal, maybe just, maybe I would’ve come up with gold.

‘ll never know. Well, maybe I will because I’m currently working on a song that says everything I think we need to hear in order to be extraordinary. And hey, it saves me, haven’t it come up with a different song every single month. Anyway, got sidetracked. I don’t know if it’ll ever get done or good enough, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is me working on that muscle, if you’re watching this and thinking it’s totally irrelevant because you have no interest in anything artistic, I want you to stick with me please. Now, Brene Brown says there’s no such thing as creative people and non-creative people. There are only people who use their creativity and people who don’t. Unused creativity isn’t benign. It lives within us until it’s expressed neglected to death or suffocated by resentment and fear. And Elizabeth Gilbert says, a creative life is an amplified life. It’s a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting life.

Living in this manner continually and stubbornly bringing forth the jewels that that are hidden within you as a fine art and of itself. But Sam, they’re both writers. I’m just a insert job title here. Creativity isn’t all of us. You’ve gotta get that. We don’t get to decide if we are or we aren’t. We simply need to let it out. Explore what it means to us. So here are a few things that people do that may not seem creative but actually are. Maybe some of them will resonate with you. You spend time making an Excel spreadsheet a little more colorful. You add a note to your son’s school lunch, maybe you brainstorm ideas and problems with colleagues. You always wear Ric lingeire, you play music while you work, you cut flowers from your garden, pat on your whole table, you send texts randomly to friends with a thought, you watch Crime TV and you solve it before the end. You doodle on scraps of paper as you work, you wiggle your way through traffic to avoid delays. All of these things are creative. Hell deciding exactly how you want your avocado on your toasters creative. I am team smush all the way by the way. Now go back to that list you did last week and do it again. Work that muscle with some new ideas in your head.



How are you creative? Now, if you’ve read the artist way or paid attention to any of my episodes, you’ll know about the power of writing. It’s not about having to write a New York Times bestseller. It’s about getting our thoughts out of our heads and onto paper. This is truly one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself towards well, anything and being more creative. The ideas, the flow, the problems, the feelings, unlocking these opens those pathways to creativity. And if you wanna take it a step further, grab a timer. Physical’s really great, but if you’ve got a phone or something, use that, and then carve out 30 minutes for something creative. I will say every day. And for you to make it a priority in your daily success formula, et cetera. But I’m realistic. So if this is new to you, try once this week. If it’s riding your keenon, do that cooking, do that. Solving your financial walls, do that. I’m not even joking. Everything takes creativity. If you have a problem in your life to solve or there’s a bigger one in the world you want to tackle, take the time to work on it. Don’t wait to have the time or for lightning to strike you with your genius.  Work on it now.

When Elodie was little, there are two things I did that I didn’t really understand why, and now I do. Don’t you wish we got hindsight? Like way back when. Anyway, that’s a tough discussion For another day, I wanted her to love reading. So we read every single night from birth. I wanted to make it interesting. So I had different accents for every character and book. Some of the book she still has. And I used to get in trouble if I read the same book and did a different accent, she could remember it all, you are what you eat. But wonder why didn’t you say, I wanna seven paddles? I recently read to my niece like this, and now when she sees me, she drags me into her playroom and wants me to read her book. That creativity has helped spark another generation of readers.

Then I was getting her dressed in the morning. When she was really little. I could put her in anything. Then she wanted some power over it and it’s a good thing. So I tried to make it fun. Instead of a drama, I would take out a few outfits when she said Fashion parade. This horn song was brought straight to you from the streets of New York, part punk with the buckle on the skirt and a knod to schoolgirl chic in the collared t-shirt. Next we have a trip down a summer lane, soft and flowing with pansies dancing off the cotton. And you’ll be skipping through the day with gelato on your mind. I don’t know how I came up with any of it and some of my accents are absolute shy and they still are, but it worked. She loves to put together outfits and she does it really well. Now, I think maybe it was a bit of a dumb idea because at nearly 17 and a school with no school uniform, sometimes we still have all these fashion parades just without the chatter. What can you do today right now that’s a bit more creative? My challenge for you this week is to take things that you do every single day and add a little flair. Maybe you can even make a face out of those vegetables on the plate for dinner tonight.

When I was growing up, creativity was, are you an artist? Are you an actress or are you musician? And at school I was the artist. Um, I was in every play going and I was singing. So I was the creative kid at school. And I remember thinking, oh, that’s what it means to be creative, being artistic. And that I think is what most people’s, um, experience of what it is to be a creative. And so we get told all these kind of bullshit stories [00:16:30] and that society has told us that maybe a teacher has told us no one means us any harm by telling us these things. But these are the messages that kind of woven into society that become part of our being and our thought process. So as I got older, I realized creativity could be mathematics. And mathematics and music are really closely linked, totally linked. So you can be a design thinker. There’s so many ways to be creative. You can just be a creative thinker and not actually have any physical tangible output. So creativity, as you get older, you realize there are so many layers of creativity. But unfortunately most of us get stunted in our, um, developmental growth at the school age. We’ve grown up in every other part of our lives, but uh, we’ve left our creativity behind, you know, in primary school. And that’s such a pity.



Let’s talk about boredom. Why? Because it helps smart creativity. Most of us these days can’t handle boredom. We grab our phone. We want a distraction because we can’t handle the space of nothing. There’s constant dopamine seeking sucks the creativity out from us. Chances are when you grab your phone or you jump on social media and start, you start looking at other people. Then comparison sets in both the aren’t better than and the I’m not as good as them, and they act like a noose around our neck, preventing any breath of curiosity or creativity from coming up for air. Be like me in that sentence. It’s when we’re in nature sitting peacefully that our minds can wander and engage those connections that help boost the creativity. Try this. Sit and write out a bill you have. Any old bill, invoice number words, blah, blah blah. Chances are by the time you finish during this do boring task, you will have had a myriad of creative thoughts bounce around your mind.

Otherwise, to start incorporating more of this thinking in thus creative space is to walk the dog without your phone. Have your cup of tea without a magazine. Sit on the bus with no podcast. Just be and see what flows. Connor Brady, who’s this incredible man, who crossed Antarctica solo? Well, one of the amazing things he’s done, he’s done so many, found himself struggling during the pandemic. And I recently heard him on a podcast where he discussed how this lower point he’s set off on a 12 hour walk, alone, no distractions, him and his thoughts. Now this has become a movement around the world of people setting off with themselves, off they go, in order to help themselves smash their limiting beliefs. I say, what an incredible way to help boost your creativity. People do it in all sort of ways. I haven’t done it yet, but I will do it.

I love the idea even of smaller chunks of that alone time to get creatively unstuck. Maybe when you were younger you felt you were more creative. Yep. Yeah, probably were. You didn’t have so much tech. Even my daughter didn’t have so much tech and she’s a teenager. We played outside. The TV ended at eight o’clock on a Saturday night when the Kiwi went up the tower and turned it off. We did puzzles with our family. We had scrapbooks. Are there any of those things that you miss? Add them back in. When we were traveling recently, Elodie and I started playing card games, even on the plane we did it. And we chatted as we did it and we had to Google the rule for some games cause I couldn’t remember. But we had fun and we were being creative, problem solving how to get those cards on the right order so we knew which hand we could do. That’s really hard sometimes, but enough about boredom.



Now I wanna talk about fear. Oh, lots of goodies today. What the heck has fear got to do with creativity? Everything. Stop the press. Do you think you’d finish writing that romance novel if you let go of the fear of judgment? Maybe you would use that mindfulness coloring book if you didn’t fear going outside the lines. Yep. Putting my hand up for that one. I truly had those thoughts and I didn’t use the books just bonkers anyway. If anyone wants them, let me know. It wasn’t like I had to hand them into a teacher. One of the most well-known thoughts from Thomas Edison is not that he failed. It was that he found thousands of ways that wouldn’t work. He was willing to fail. That failure kept the spark of creativity going, allowing him to be one of the greatest problem solvers we’ve ever seen. And maybe we ever will. That’s what inventors are. You know, creative problem solvers from light bulbs to penicillin, to restorative eye surgery and food delivery services or creative solutions to problems. If Sarah Blakely, for example, had been afraid to fail, I wouldn’t be wearing spanks today and she wouldn’t be a billionaire.

Fear is paralyzing in our lives. Don’t misunderstand me. Some fear is good. Like that fear I have of jumping out of a plane, it’s never going to happen. Or being afraid to run through traffic. Some fears actually protect us, but the fears we have that present, present, prevent us from showing up as our true selves or putting ourselves out there are not good at all. And getting more creative. Will you guessed it? Help you feel less fearful. There are so many circles in our lives practicing that make you feel more confident.

Get more confident. Do more things that make you feel more confident. Hmm, round and around me. Go take time to be creative. Get more creative, do more things that make you feel more creative. Around and around we go again. Fear stops all of that. I had the idea if the Samantha Leith show ages ago, I was petrified. Nobody would wanna listen to me. I don’t have enough experience on camera Blah blah blah. Then I set myself a goal of doing it. First I said six months, then I said 52 episodes. And this is episode 47. Each month has led to more creativity and less fear. Each episode, more confidence and clarity and less comparison. It’s a practice and you can do it in any area of your life. Here are some statistics. Mozart more than 600 pieces of music. Jamie Oliver, 25 cookbooks, Shakespeare 39 plays, hundreds of sonnets and more The Beatles 13 albums in eight years.  Richard Branson, over a hundred businesses.



Now remember what I said last week about taking 30 minutes a day to do something creative. How’s it going? Keep going. Then this week I want you to look at something you think you’ve failed out. Doesn’t matter if it’s a creative outlet or not, and I want you to share it. No, we need you. No. Okay, you need to share it. A loved one or a friend or share it with me. You can email the office@samanthaleith.com and put that failure out there, so that you know it’s okay. It’s human. It’s not a foreign in who you are. Then you can pick up the pieces and start again. Take that failure, find some space and do it again, again, again. I believe you are creative. So do the work to believe it yourself.

It’s a bit elitist in the sense that you’re creative or you’re not creative is as like a, a section of people that are in a section of people that aren’t. But as humans, we are all creative in different ways. I drew a love heart once, actually. I’ve drawn lots of love hearts, but one day in particular, I drew drew this love heart and showed it to my daughter and she went, looks like a bum. You were like, I was like, <laugh>. I love you too. <laugh>.

There was a, an an artist I I watched one time and he made a really, really great statement about it. And it’s about preparedness, it’s about, um, preparedness for spontaneity. So, ooh, it’s actually having done the work that when you get into the moment, the resources are there and the openness is there and the ideas and the amuse and everything can flow. But it is about preparedness. It’s about having done the work and honing your skill set and being self-aware and, and, and, and connecting really, really important one too.

I think if I try to put it into words, I’d say that I turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Like that’s what I love to do. I look at boring everyday objects and think, how can I make this cooler, better, sexy and more fun? Upgrade it. Make it do more than it needs to. Like that’s creativity for me.

How can we be at the end of the month already when I still have so much to share? <laugh>, here are some things that will help you and your creative mind. Draw. Yep. Doodling is included. Exercise daydream, be curious. Take time for play. Dress ups included and any mindfulness technique. Declutter what the, yep. A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind people. Get amongst creative people and things. Document your life. Brainstorm. Keep a problem or ideas folder. Get in nature. Play music that inspires you. Laugh. Take up a creative hobby journal. Have sex, dance, dance, dance or dance. Eat different cuisines. Honestly, this is could be a hundred or more things long. The reality is to do things that make you feel good, inspire you, connect you with thought or challenge. You do anything and everything that helps yourself knowledge. Do anything and everything that gives you a space for creativity.

Who knows, maybe you could be sitting in a cafe in Paris and come up with a great idea for rideshare. Oh, hang on, Uber already did that. Anyway, now I’m sure you’ve heard about left brain, right brain. Right brain, creative, artistic, emotional, imaginative, non-verbal. Left brain, logical, linear, verbal, analytical, numerical. That’s a lot of ills. This one or the other thing is a myth. We actually need both sides of our brains. Yes, there are some functionalities that are more in one hemisphere and if you have a head injury or stroke or something, it will impact certain region and the corresponding functions like cognition or movement. But as we’ve discussed along so many episodes, we can work on improving these areas in our brain. Thanks to that whole neuroplasticity thing. Wanna get better with languages? Study one. Wanna improve physicality, exercise. Keeping our brains healthy, helps all of it from creativity to memory.

And someone’s gotta remind me, I’ve gotta work on my memory coz mine’s crap. So be mindful. Yes, all puns intended of your brain. Eat well, exercise, sleep, use your mind. Now we don’t actually talk about rest and sleep enough. Seriously, I need eight hours and I can’t nap. I don’t function well without sleep in any area of my life yet I can’t seem to get that pep that other people do from naps. When I try, my mind wanders and next thing you know, I’m trying to solve world problems. Oh my gosh, look at that. The power of imagination.



I’ve always thought, and I think I’ve said this before on the show, if they can think of a way to fake something in a movie, surely it’s just a matter of time before they can do it in real life, we’re like that. Everything is first of thought, then it’s brought into reality. Our goals and our dreams are just that. You can’t dream big without tapping into your creativity. Goal setting needs our creativity. Think about it. First, you need the dream or the goal, then you need the steps to get there. Then you need to be able to deal with the obstacles along the way. And you have to be okay with failure in order to start.

So in the worksheet for the month, there’s a section for your current goals. You can also download the goals worksheet on the freebie section@samanthaleith.com or search goal and watch any of the previous episodes on goal setting on the site. That was a tongue twister, wasn’t it? I want you to find some time and space to do this. Take each goal and look at it with a new, more creative lens. Free write in the most descriptive way you possibly can about the goal.

Use words that make you feel, see, smell that vision. Get it there. Experience it. So it’s already happened. Now, if riding isn’t your thing, maybe you wanna doodle your goal to life, go for it. Whatever. Whatever floats your boat, just please don’t do this electronically. There’s magic in connecting our hands and our brains to this work. Then I want you to go back over the steps you need to take to achieve the goal. You may need to do some more research on this one and gather info from those that have done it before you. But please don’t get lost in the details. That’s like a month there. If there’s a more creative step you could take, maybe you have a fitness goal, could you incorporate a belly dancing class? Maybe you wanna learn a language, take a cooking class in that cuisine and if it’s a promotion at work you’re after, could you do some really creative problem solving in an area and then do a presentation and take that idea to management.

So I want you to think about all these things and I want you to walk away. Literally take a walk, come back maybe today, maybe tomorrow more ideas may flow or you may see a solution to an idea that you’ve already had for that goal. Then I want you to do it. The goal of the fear. Do the work to get to the goal. Maybe you’ll need to assess and modify as you go, but that’s a part of the whole goal process and it’ll help. Guess what? Improve your creativity in every area, for every problem a solution for your magical mind to come up with for every goal. A creative way for you to accomplish it. As Jean Wilder says, want to change the world? There’s nothing to it. There is so much we can take from these lyrics from Willy Wonka and what a magical world that was. Dad, I want, a little oompa loompa and I want it now.



There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination. Living there. You’ll be free if you truly wish to be. It’s all there for us inside us waiting to come out. We simply need to let it be. Let our creativity out to shine. A creative mind is a mind of opposites. So remember this, your sensitive and joyful, conservative and rebellious, energetic and slow, yin and yang. Playful, yet determined, masculine and feminine. Extroverted and introverted. Realistic and imaginative. Experienced. And a novice. There’s no one way. Creativity is yours to have your way. For me, I think of Walt Disney and Steve Jobs as two of the most incredibly creative people for very different reasons. So when in a moment of doubt I think I suck and don’t have a creative bone in my body, I not only wonder what they would think, I immerse myself in something of theirs and challenge myself to take risks needed to be my most creative self. Who could be your someone that you think of like that? Finally, my friends. Don’t wait for creativity to hit you like a bolt of lightning because it may never happen. Create the time and space to practice and grow your creativity. Who knows what you may find?

I dunno if this is true, but it’s the story I’ve totally create, created in my head, <laugh>, is that there was a chef one day and is that cooking away? Cooking away? And he goes, oh shit. I dropped the salt in the caramel, Salted caramel. Oh, I swear Like it. I’m sure it was just like, cause no one’s gonna go. I think if I would insult him that it’s gonna be bad. But a, a chef throwing everything at everything they’re doing and going, oh oops. Oh, I’ll give that a go. Hmm. Tastes good.

And and that’s and and that’s the thing as well, what you forget is the people that you think are really creative, like you said, you always consider me to be really creative. Yeah. And being creative every day. I’m creative every day, but there’s a lot of crap that comes out of my, you know, my pencil sometimes. But I need to get through it and I have no expectation on myself sometimes I just need to do it. So it’s so that same as the chef, cooking, cooking, cooking, serendipity happens and that you’ve allowed the creativity to happen.

What do I do every day? Look at work. We have drinks on a Thursday and we try and make it a little bit more fun rather than just having drinks. Like we’ll do a little place table setting, um, a charcuterie board. Whenever I bring friends together, that’s me trying to create an environment where everyone can talk about dumb shit, fun stuff. Spill their guts. I don’t know, like being creative can be, doesn’t have to be crafty, doesn’t have to be making stuff. Being creative can actually just also be a state of mind, like creating situations for family and friends to come together.

Thank you very much for watching this show. Thank you very much. Thank you very, very, very much. Ah, yep. Creativity and action. In an outro, on a more serious note, please subscribe to the Samantha Leith Show. And this week, please do something wildly creative. Share it on Instagram and tag me at Samantha Leith and I’ll cheer you along. Now go be extraordinary because I know you are.

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