Episode 16: The Power of Affirmations

by | Jan 28, 2023

The Samantha Leith Podcast WEB Episode 16

Episode Description

Unlock the transformative potential of affirmations and discover the power of positive thinking! Understand how to unlock the transformative potential of affirmations, discover the power of positive thinking and learn how to create affirmations for yourself.

Show Notes

“Unlock the transformative potential of affirmations and discover the power of positive thinking!”

You will learn how to unlock the transformative potential of affirmations and discover the power of positive thinking!

I learned about the power of affirmations through listening to the Synthetic Podcast. Affirmations are powerful words that can be used to boost self-esteem, focus, and reduce stress. They should be framed positively, be specific to the goal, personalized to the individual, and repeated regularly. I can incorporate affirmations into my day by journaling, setting them as phone alarms, using them as passwords, and creating positive physical reminders. Affirmations should be tailored to the individual and can be silly, creative, or serious.

“Repetition is the key to things. We can lift ourselves up, we can crush ourselves, and we can do it to other people just with words. If they’re uplifting, it boosts our self esteem.”

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. Discover the Power of Affirmations: Learn How to Create and Incorporate Them into Your Life
  2. Uncover the Secrets of Goal Setting, Affirmations, and Self Talk
  3. Explore How to Utilize Words as a Powerful Weapon to Boost Self Esteem and Reduce Stress.

Chapter Summaries:


This week on The Synthetic Podcast, we talk about the power of affirmations. The word affirmation is a noun. Here are some definitions.


The way we talk to ourselves without actually even consciously recognizing them as affirmations is really important. Affirmations can help us decrease stress, calm our body, regulate our nervous system. How do you actually create an affirmation?


We’ve got to create ways to actually start incorporating affirmations into our life. Affirmations will actually help you in all areas of those and promote positive change in your life. Here are some ways that I suggest you could incorporate them into your day, every day.


There’s no right or wrong affirmations about the positive apart from the tips that I gave you. Create affirmations that really sing to your heart and your soul. Create a yearly affirmation, what I call a power statement. If you want to change them, do it.


Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of The Synthetic Podcast. Goingto make it a little more fun this week because the last couple of weeks havebeen really bit heavy and with lots of things for you to actually do. So Ireally want to talk about the power of affirmations. Now, if you go to theGoogle’s, the interwebs and look up affirmation, you’ll see that it’s a noun.And I’ll give you a couple of definitions here.



The act of an instance of affirming, state of being affirmed, the assertion that something exists or is true, something that is affirmed, a statement or aproposition that is declared to be true, confirmation or ratification of thetruth or validity of the prior judgment, decision, etc. That’s all great. Welove definitions. They kind of give us this, oh, I know what it’s all aboutthing. But what is an affirmation, really?

Well, in my world, this personal development world, and I’m guessing if you’re listening to this podcast, it’s a world that you want to know more about or you’re a part of affirmations of those things that we repeat to ourselves to kind of make real. So we repeat them, we say them out loud,we read them and we hope, fingers crossed, legs crossed, everything crossed, that one day it’ll sink in and the words that we have said will be completely true to ourselves because repetition is the key to things. Sothings that we might say, I am worthy or one of mine, is all relationships in my life loving, harmonious and respectful? Now, areall relationships in my life loving, harmonious and respectful? Hell no.

But I can without a shadow of doubt tell you that the more I’ve repeated that affirmation and had it kind of soak into me, the better I am at recognizing relationships that are really unhealthy and letting them go or having better boundaries around them. So although that end piece affirmation isn’t up in blazing lights going, yay, this is it, it has definitely had an improvement in my life. Okay, so why do we do that? What’s the point of saying something to yourself, really? Because you can sometimes feel like a lunatic doing it.



When I first started doing affirmations, I was like, oh my God, if anyone could see me, they would be like, ugh, that woman has lost her mind. But we all know how powerful words are. Like, words are the most powerful weapon to man. We can lift ourselves up, we can crush ourselves, and we can do it to other people just with words. If they’re uplifting, it boosts our self esteem.

It opens up, gets all these things in our mind, going to make us all feel better, which improves our mindset, our growth mindset, etc., improves our confidence. Affirmations can actually even help you to focus more. They can help us decrease stress, calm our body, regulate our nervous system, all from a few words.

So let’s look at a couple of examples. Invite the positive and the negative because we’re always saying these things to ourselves.

We just haven’t called them affirmations. If you’re running late to a meeting, chances are at some point you’ve said to yourself in your head, I’m always late. Now, is that actually true that you’re always late? Probably not. But by repeating that, those little words in your head, even not out loud, you’re affirming to yourself that you’re always late.

The way we talk to ourselves without actually even consciously recognizing them as affirmations is really important. If we can get a handle on that, feels so good. Let’s look at a couple of common ones, right? I’m so lazy. Now, you might not say that to your best friend, because I promised that to my best friend if I was feeling that way, but a lot of the times, these words we say to ourselves, we wouldn’t let someone else say to us. So why do we say it ourselves?

I’m so lazy. How about thinking, I enjoy exercising more each day? And that might mean a five minute walk around the block. It might mean, okay, while I’m reading the TV, I’m going to do ten sit ups reading the TV. Okay.  Smith do you really have lost the block watching at the TV.

Another one. I know I said to myself quite a lot when I was going through a bit of a phase of not sleeping well. I’d say, oh, such trouble sleeping. And the more I said it to myself, the worse my sleep was. So how about twisting that to I choose sleep, rest, peace and relaxation.

Okay. Doesn’t have to be that complicated either. This is what I used to say to myself all the time. In fact, I used to say to other people that on my tombstone it would say, Here lies the girl that almost. because I had this thing that I never finished, things I would say, I never finished what I start.

I’d say to myself in my head, I’d say it to other people. I was affirming all the time. I never finish what I start. I chose to change it till I finish everything I choose to. Sometimes I add in the with ease or simply or something like that.

So we can just take those negative words that we say to ourselves, that negative self talk, which are, in fact, negative affirmations, and we can make them more positive. So how do you actually create an affirmation?



Well, I’m going to give you five tips for doing just that. Are you ready? And grab a piece of paper to do this if you want.

If you’re driving a car, don’t grab a piece of paper. But you can go into the show notes for this episode and have a look at these points because they will be there for you, nice and neatly wrapped up in a boom. Maybe not the boom.

Tip number one you want to keep them positive. So Affirmation should be framed in a positive light rather than negative, which we’ve just discussed.

So instead of saying I will stop procrastinating, which many of us say that kind of thing, you could say something like I’m motivated to do everything on time. Okay?

Tip number two, you’ve got to make them specific.  It’s a little bit like goal setting, writing affirmations, so they’re going to be specific to a particular goal or something that you want to improve on an area of your life. And you can do affirmations 100% just for a goal. OK, and that’s really important in the goal setting process.

But on this more general affirmation thing, instead of saying I’m happy, like, what exactly is happy? And we’re not all happy all the time, so I wouldn’t use that one. You could say I’m so grateful for the loving relationships in my life, or I’m so grateful for the great time I have with my friends, or something like that. You want to have it a little more specificity. You got to use the present tense again, like goal setting, so it’s like it’s already true.

So you don’t want to say I am working on my success or I will be successful. You want to say I am successful. So you’re putting yourself in that moment right then and there of being successful. Not one day, okay, one day. One day.  Maniana.

Now, before you got to personalize them. So there’s no point because you can go online and there’s probably millions of affirmations worded slightly differently that people have written. And I really encourage you to do that, to get a little bit of inspiration. And hopefully I’ll give you some inspiration at the end of this as well. Not hopefully, I will give you some inspiration at the end of this, but you’ve got to personalize them.

So if you’re writing an affirmation down and then going, okay, I’m going to repeat that to myself. But as you repeat it, you’re thinking, that’s actually really not the value of mine, it’s not going to work. It’s really got to resonate with you and feel genuine, really have to feel genuine.

And number five, you’ve got to repeat them regularly.  Affirmations are not a one and done deal.

And again, I’ll go back to the goal for anything. You don’t set a goal and then sit back in your chair and go, I’ll just wait for that shine to tick and I will have achieved my goal. Now you actually got to do the work, so you do have to actually repeat affirmations regularly. You might do it in all sorts of ways, so we’re going to go through that, but at least once a day, but many, many times a day would be great. And it helps embed them.

That repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition. Okay, so why when you go overseas or you get one of those apps for learning a language, you could repeat things over and over and you think, oh, I’m saying the same thing 53,000 times. I know that it is Gemma Bell Zemata, but that repetition makes it stick in. Got it?

Now you’ve got these tips. You know how to write your own affirmations. You’re thinking, yes, I’m going to stop that self talk. It I’m going to stop it, I’m going to stop it. It’s not going to be negative. It’s not going to be negative. Oh, hang on.

I’m just talking negative self talk while I’m telling myself to stop the negative. See, it’s so easy to slip into. So we’ve got to create ways to actually start incorporating affirmations into our life.



Now, as someone with ADHD, I’m a little not unusual, but we all have different ways of learning and different ways of structuring our days and different ways of doing things. I’m a person that needs organization in order to get stuff done.

I need to feel like my life is somewhat systematized. And that’s why when I first started coaching, I was coaching on business systemization and my very first online course was, are you ready for it? It’s a tongue twister, “Six weeks, The Smart Systems for Solopreneurs” clearly had a thing for alliteration at the time as well.

So it’s important to me to systematize this stuff. It might not be for you. You might pick one of these things and think, yeah, okay, I could work with that. But the rest of them sound like, no thank you. Okay, you do you.

I’m going to say that a thousand times, probably in every single Podcast because that’s what life is about. You doing you in the best possible way. So these are some ways that I suggest you could incorporate them into your day, every day.

Journal them when you’re sitting down to do your journaling in the morning or the evening, write out your information, okay? Have them print it out. Stick them in your wallet, stick them in your phone visor, stick them on. Back of a door is a really good one. I used to have one on the back of my daughter at our house and it said, I give myself permission to be who I am and who I want to be. Because I felt that I was in my house, I was kind of okay to felt okay to be me in my house. And then I would leave the house, and I would go to a meeting or go out with friends or go to the office, any of those things, and I’d start slipping into, okay, I got to just tame down that language or I’ve got to not talk about that goal because I’ll think of a twist or I’m going for something too high or I’ve got to not swear or I’ve got changed just ever so slightly when I walked out the front door. So I would say that affirmation to myself every time I open to the front door. Okay?

You might want to have them written or printed under the bathroom mirror. You might, and I’ve done this in the past and at the moment I’ve got my goals, as I’ve said to you, in my phone alarms. But you might have your affirmations as your phone alarm. So, just randomly, have all of them set up in your alarms. This is the best way to do it.

You want the alarm to go off at a time where you’re not expecting it, like you it’s not going to go off at 10:00 every morning.  So when you set the alarm, just like use your finger and again, there should be a camera. I’m literally sitting here with my phone scrolling it and pick a random time. Okay, another one is your passwords. Again, great for goal setting or Affirmations. So you’re sitting down and you’re looking into something and your password is your affirmation.

It’s going to sink in. As my mother would say, “the penny will drop eventually and when the penny drops, it helps to change your limiting beliefs, increases your confidence just tenfold in every area of your life“.  And if you listen back to any of the episodes or go through this, let’s show about the confidence stack. Affirmations will actually help you in all areas of those and promote just such positive change in your life.

Excuse me, just a quick sip of water.



I said I would give you some common Affirmations to get started. Are you ready?

I am safe and in control.

I serve, I deserve.

I am worthy of what I desire.

I can, I will.

End of story.

I’m in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.

I have everything I need to succeed.

I love myself just the way I am.

This is what a wealthy person, woman, man insert what you’d like to put there, looks like.

I am bold, beautiful and brilliant.

I nourish my mind, body and soul.

So I could just get you started. But I do recommend heading online and having a Google for Affirmations.

And in particular, if there’s something you’re working on in your life, say you want to be more focused on your health, just Google Affirmations for better health or Affirmations for financial success or whatever area you want to work on. I have them in different areas of my life and some of them are repeat often. Some of them I might not repeat for ages because I kind of feel like my the area is going okay at the moment. And one of the things I’ve done in the past and actually should redo it, I haven’t done it for a couple of years with my affirmations is go into Canva, our very best friend Canva, and make little pretty affirmation cards. And I have that actually printed.

If you see any footage in my office, I have that printed next to my passion board. And sometimes my vision board is there as well if it’s not on my diary. So I’m surrounded by those things all the time. And the affirmation I have that courage is a picture of a lion. I’ve got pictures of friends in there. I’ve got, like, things that actually remind me of a visual recharge for that particular affirmation.

What I want you to know about this is there’s no right or wrong affirmations about the positive apart from the tips that I gave you. Positive, negative, etc. You can’t write an affirmation and it feels right to you, and then someone else tells you it’s wrong. That’s just them being judging with judge pants, right? Create these affirmations that really sing to your heart and your soul.

And if you can find one online that does that for you straight away, that is brilliant. That is amazing. Go for it. Okay, that one. This is what a wealthy woman looks like.

My friend Denise stuffy, Thomas says that all the time. Same with I serve, I deserve, and I love both of those, okay? So I’ve borrowed them from her and inverted commas and used them. But there are lots of people that have done great ones. So have a look.

Remember, you’re not writing them for other people. Again, it goes back to the right or wrong thing. You’re writing them for you. So if you want to be silly, do it. If you want to change them, do it.

Have fun with them, okay? I’ve gone through phases where I’ve done things like I’m fit fun and financially flush. I really do like a literature darling. Another one. I’m smart, rich and hot as funk. Okay? You can do it.

Lastly, my last little tip for this is, I create and again, because it’s January, good timing to do this, when I’m doing my goals for the year and my work here, all that kind of thing. I create a yearly affirmation, what I call a power statement, and I write it in my journal every day. I have it printed out, etc., on my vision board. And this is what mine is for this year because my word for the year, was Consistency.

So my yearly affirmation is, I am motivated and disciplined. I show up my goals and dreams with consistency. So on that note, I’m going to love you and leave you. Thank you so much for listening. Please don’t forget to take a screenshot of listening to this episode.  Tag me on the socials. And if you really enjoyed it, good job, sure you will. Head on over to Apple and leave a review. I would really, really appreciate it. Until next time, my friends. Have a great day. Bye.

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