Close up of a glass jar full of colourful post it notes with questions marks on them
When asking questions (even the ones you ask yourself) here are some suggestions.
  • Avoid asking yes/no questions
  • Take time to think about what you are wanting to know
  • Ask questions without assumptions
  • Recognise any bias you may have
  • Connect with learning styles
  • Ask lateral questions
  • Play devil’s advocate to challenge or reinforce answers

Here are some of my favourite questions to use is situations where a creative solution needs to be found.

  • If we did know what to do next, what would it be?
  • What do we need that we don’t have or doesn’t exist?
  • How can we think about this from another point of view?
  • How do you feel about this?
  • What are we willing to do differently?

These may seem like big picture questions, but as an example, you can ask yourself ‘what am I willing to do differently’ in order to come up with creative solutions to something that is very personal, like bad sleep patterns.


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