Planning your Show Stopping Business and Life is crucial, but how do you do it??
I suggest you take yourself away from your business and life for 1 whole day. Scary I know, but so worth it, and as the L’Oreal gals say ‘you’re worth it’.
Go somewhere you will feel inspired yet grounded, motivated yet realistic and somewhere you feel really comfortable. This could be your lounge room, but chances are it won’t be. Me – I need to be looking at or near water. It soothes my soul. I also like to actually ‘go away’. Me, a hotel room, a great view and room service…’s that for inspiring. You’ll know when the place is right.
You could do this day with a friend, team member, mastermind buddy or strategy partner like me.

Tools you will need:
• Financial reports
• Butchers paper (those giant 3M wall stickies are great) or a white board
• Pens, felt tip pens etc
• Music (and anything else that helps put you in the zone)
• Client listing
• Any random notes (hopefully organised in something like Evernote)
• Product plans, details etc
• Calendar

The idea for this day is to brain dump how you want your business to grow. This can be done at any stage of your business too, and I recommend doing this day at least once a year to my clients.

You want to be planning the following:
• Products
• Cash Flow (look at gross income and expenses)
• Marketing Plan
• Ideal Client
• Holidays
• Family Commitments
• 3 year, 1 year, 6 month and 1 month goals
• Seminars and education you want to include
• Tools you need to grow

I could list another 500 things here, but not all need to be looked at for every stage. The idea is that you leave the day with a clear focus for the next 12 months, products, time boundaries set, KPIs set, a cash flow forecast, marketing plan and action plans for you and your team. These are the most vital points to cover.

Here’s how you plan your day:

• Backwards glance (spend 30min – 1hr going over the previous 12 months and what you can learn)
• Product brain dump (ideas, pricing, clients etc)
• Finances
• Time planner
• Goals
• Action steps
• KPIs
• Who you need to add to your team, or what skills you need to acquire to make it happen

When you are doing the calendar for the year, you need to include the following:
• Holidays
• Family commitments
• Product launches
• Marketing (inc Social Media)
• Seminars or education
• Productivity days
• Networking
• Reporting

I suggest getting a HUGE wall calendar to mark it all in, and/or set up multiple online calendars so you can look at each one separately, and they can be shared with the relevant people and you can look at them together as a whole.
When doing a planning day, remember the celebration of what has been is vital for your growth. It’s amazing when you take the time to list out your accomplishments what you can see you have done.
Have fun planning and if you need help, you can always book a strategy day with me, where you will come up with a 12 month plan, product plan, action steps, goals and above all accountability.