So you’re in business for yourself.
You sell a service – so you think that’s it. That’s what you sell. Sorry. Wrong.
When you are in a service based business you have to sell yourself!! You see, you are the product.
I had this so very wrong for so long!!!
I thought, I offered a great service so people would just want to but it. Bullshit. It wasn’t till I moved over to more of a personality based offering that my sales improved. I was selling – but it was so much harder.
So why do people buy? Let’s look at a couple of reasons today.
Yes I know I have a thing for ‘p’.
We want that dress and heels so we look and feel fab for our date night. Pleasure all the way.
We want an SEO expert to do everything for us, so we can get rid of that headache – understanding the latest Google changes. Pain all the way.
We want to work with someone that gets us, has walked our road, knows their stuff, can solve our problems, is a pleasure to deal with and comes at a price that works for us. That’s the magic combo. Pleasure, pain and personality all taken care of!!!!
Some people are a little scared to offer up their personality in business….ahh…they might not like me!! Yep, it’s a big bad world, and I can promise you something – not everybody is going to like you!! I’m over that now, it’s only taken me 39 years. Look at it on the good side, by not using up all your energy on people that don’t really like you anyway, by trying to buy, win or laugh your way into their hearts – you open up lots of space for self care and care for those that do like / love / respect and adore you.
Oops, got a little unbusinesslike there.
Imagine a business, where you got to be yourself 100% of the time.
Imagine a business, where you got to work with your ideal clients 100% of the time.
Imagine a business, where you got to work on the products that made your giney tingle.
Imagine a business, where you got to make the money you wanted and deserved.
Imagine a business, oh to hell with it. Imagine your Show Stopping Business and Life.
It is possible.
It’s a simple equation.
You + Product + People
The hard work is the in between.
Before you run away and say ‘Sam said I need to be 100% authentic’ and piss off some people. Take time to actually look at where you do and you don’t use your personality in business.
If it’s completely removed (like mine was), take baby steps. Especially if you already have customers. Start talking more in an authentic voice, start trimming off the products and services that don’t float your boat. Start adding in a little bit here and there. It can be as simple as the clothes you wear when seeing clients.
I can tell you I very very rarely put on a suit these days. It’s usually a Leona Edmiston frock and heels. With lots of makeup. I once had a coach who told me lots of make up was intimidating. Well sorry. I happen to like wearing lots of make up. In fact. I once had my own one woman show called ‘Samantha Leith Made Up’. It toured, and was all about how make up reflects the different parts of our life. Lipstick for example is the ‘ultimate in sexual expression’ to quote myself.
Now I’m not going to tell you to head to your nearest MAC counter and stock up on Viva Glam – that’s not for everyone, but it is for me.
Back to product – I get distracted when make up gets mentioned.
I will do a worksheet for you over the next few weeks on defining what it is you sell, but for the moment, just ask yourself these questions:
1/ What is the pain I take away?
2/ What is the pleasure I give?
3/ What is it about me that would resonate with my ideal client?
Work that out before you get into the nuts and blots of what you offer and pricing etc.