Let’s get honest here. Selling yourself in business can be hard, and selling yourself in the dating world is…well, just as hard. That’s where great Business Copywriting comes in.
You see these days lots of people head online for business and dating (or even sex if I can be so blunt). That’s all good, you whack up a business page or dating profile and cross your fingers that someone will start beating down your door. It doesn’t happen.
Then reality hits. You get rejected before you’ve even had a chance to be yourself in person. It can be heart breaking.
The truth is though, if the client (or potential match) doesn’t send you a Kiss or a Flirt oops, back to business – a meeting request, it wasn’t meant to be. They are probably not your perfect client, or partner.
Yet we take is so freakin’ personally. Yes, I’ve been there done that. Had the little pity party when I know a potential client has read my words online and gone – next. Then I’ve had the other pity party where you know someone has looked at your online profile, you go ‘mmm I like that’ then nada.
We need to get over ourselves in both scenarios. It’s a big wide world and our ideal client (or partner) is out there. I promise.

In June 2011 there were 2,045,335 trading small businesses in Australia – I’m pretty sure there are some ideal clients in there somewhere. As for partners, well I’m sure there are stats available for that….but doing that kind of research might divert my attention.
Back to how to sell yourself (or have great Business Copywriting skills)…..
Here are my Top 5 Tips for Selling Yourself In Business (and dating):-
1/ Be authentic. The clients you had 30+ years ago are not that relevant (and neither is that high school formal photo).
2/ Use colourful conversational language. I’m not saying drop the F bomb every second word. I mean don’t be bland – even accountants can be colourful (I should know).
3/ Talk about your ideal client (or partner) with honesty and love. If they are ideal to you, your toes should tingle as you write about them (and theirs as they read it).
4/ Pump up the benefits of working with (or dating) you. We all have ego. We all want to know WIIFM (what’s in it for me).
5/ Entice them into doing something, anything to continue the conversation. Sign up for your amazing newsletter, a competition, a coffee (a kiss on RSVP) – whatever. If they are reading your words, you want something to happen.
I’ll stress in all of this that you do not want every Tom, Diana and Harry asking for an introductory session or a cocktail. That’s not the answer to solving the issues of your business profits or your love life!!!
What you want is the people who have really felts something as they read your fabulous copywriting to be inspired to act. When that happens, that when the magic starts.