Yes, Spring has sprung, and it’s all a go here at
After weeks of prepping for my daughter’s school fete (‘worse than death’ they say), it was all over. 126 items gift wrapped in my lounge room and sold at the Silent Auction. When people congratulated me on a job well done, I actually took the words in and didn’t respond with my usual ‘it was nothing’ comments.
Yes, if you want something done, give it to a busy person to do.
Once I could see our lounge room floor again, I decided – yes, it’s time for a Spring Clean!!!
So what does Spring Cleaning look like for me? Well it’s starts in the house, moves to the office and car and ends with my mind!!! Ok, so it never really ends – but I promise you, your mind 100% needs a Spring Clean, just as much (if not more) than your wardrobe.
In our lives we collect and accumulate so much stuff.
Do you really need that leopard fur pair of platform shoes that you wore on stage 15 years ago? I don’t think so – so I gave them to The Salvation Army.
Do you really need receipts from 10 years ago? No. Check with your local taxation rules – and dump anything that is not legally required.
Are you ever going to fit in to those red flares again?? Would you want to? If it’s good for the dress up box, go for it. If not – ditch it!
Do you really need to remember how to conjugate a French verb, something that you learnt when you were 12 and haven’t done in 20 years? I think not. Although it’s harder to ‘clean’ stuff from your mind, it can be done. Just starting filling it with more relevant data, this pushes the unnecessary stuff further into the vault. You can probably dredge it up if needed, but it stops popping up every time you you hear a French word.
What’s also helping me with this massive Spring Clean is that I have moved to an office space in Chatswood with the gorgeous Angela Raspass So I’m not taking all the crap. I’ll be doing more in person coaching in the office – and clients do not want to see years of accumulated stuff!!!
I’m also just finishing the negotiations on our next dream house… if it’s still in a box from the last move – it’s going!!!
What does all this Spring Cleaning do? It frees space. Now you all know I’m Sensible Sam with a Woo Woo Rising, but I do believe that as you clear space in your physical and mental world, you allow more to come in. When you add only feeling positive about the movement – you welcome great feelings, objects, clients etc. How great is that!!!!
So for now, I am welcoming 5 new coaching clients to finish off the year, my new Start A Smart Business 4 week program, the Ditch It, Delegate It, Leverage It and Live it webinar, our new house in East Lindfield (and the money to pay for it), space for some romance and my continuing wardrobe shuffle.
What do you want to clear the space for this week?
Would love you to share your cleaning and manifestations with us.